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Creatures of Habit Chapter 24.1

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In the next few days, Jiang Yishan woke up intermittently several times, and his waking hours were getting longer and longer. When he was able to stay awake for a long time, the doctor pulled out his intubation.  However, the impact caused by the car accident was still difficult to recover in a short period of time. Jiang Yishan couldn’t get out of bed yet, and there would be deviations in his memory every time he woke up.

The day before, he thought he was still a star in City A. The day after, he thought he had never been to City A. The memories were in a mess.

When he woke up that day, he saw Qin Shaocheng by his bedside working on the computer. For a while, he couldn’t figure out what year and what month it was. His memory stopped when he broke up with Qin Shaocheng.

Qin Shaocheng was angrily pointing at the door and telling him to go out.

Jiang Yishan’s hand reached out from the quilt, wanting to touch Qin Shaocheng to see whether it was a dream or reality.

Qin Shaocheng caught sight of the quilt moving. He looked up and saw Jiang Yishan was awake. He put down his work and came close to him. “Woke up?”

“I don’t want to break up…” Jiang Yishan said mindlessly. Soon, his brows furrowed and he asked, “I’m in the hospital?” He added: “I was hit by a car. I’m in the hospital.”

The messy memories were all tangled up, and he had a terrible headache.

Qin Shaocheng patiently accompanied him, waiting for him to figure it out.

It took a while for Jiang Yishan’s frown to ease. He anxiously looked at Qin Shaocheng and said, “I don’t want to break up.”

Knowing that he had not fully recovered his memory, Qin Shaocheng asked, “Do you remember why we broke up?”

Jiang Yishan thought for a while. The expression in his eyes changed from hazy to unclouded. Finally, his eyes flickered. “I don’t remember…”

Qin Shaocheng didn’t speak.

Jiang Yishan hurriedly said, “I’ll remember if you kiss me. I want you to kiss me.”

His coquettishness hadn’t changed a bit.

“I won’t kiss you,” Qin Shaocheng said seriously.

He hardly had a memory of such an indifferent Qin Shaocheng before the break-up. Jiang Yishan was stunned, and suddenly, an image of Qin Shaocheng telling him to get lost with his face full of anger came into his mind, of Qin Shaocheng kicking the door angrily and shouting at him.

At the thought of these, Jiang Yishan had no time to cover up the fact that he had recalled his memory. He said, “You are cruel to me… You even kicked the door to scare me…”

Qin Shaocheng said, “That’s because you don’t listen to me.”

He indeed didn’t listen.

Qin Shaocheng wouldn’t let him go down the route of using hyped-up traffic. But he didn’t listen, thinking that making money like that would quickly make him popular. After breaking up with Qin Shaocheng, he went to find Wang Deshun. He did a lot of bad things with Wang Deshun.

Later, Wang Deshun asked him to frame Qin Shaocheng.

Jiang Yishan’s eyes widened. He reached out and grabbed Qin Shaocheng by his clothes and said, “What about the Zhang family? Did the Zhang family harm you?”

Too many memories were pouring out, and he felt so nauseous that he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Qin Shaocheng quickly appeased him. “You close your eyes first and rest for a while.”

Jiang Yishan still tightly clenched onto his clothes.

Qin Shaocheng couldn’t help but kiss the back of his hand and said, “Be good and stop thinking about it.”

When others are coaxed, they would be obedient. When Jiang Yishan was coaxed, he’d reach out for a yard after taking an inch [1]. His pupils were light-colored and he looked like a helpless cub. He just stared at Qin Shaocheng like this, eagerly hoping for him to kiss him and hug him.

“Shaocheng… my head hurts.”

Qin Shaocheng had no power to resist him in the slightest. He lowered his head and kissed Jiang Yishan on the forehead. Jiang Yishan quickly put his hand around Qin Shaocheng’s shoulders, pulling him down to kiss him more, his tongue stretching to pry open Qin Shaocheng’s lips.

He quickly retracted his tongue when he found that his mouth was a little more bitter than Qin Shaocheng’s. “Did I brush my teeth?” he whispered, covering his mouth.


Jiang Yishan’s expression was not wonderful at all.

“I lied to you. I brushed it for you.” Qin Shaocheng smiled. “I fed you medicine when you were asleep.”

“You lied to me.” Jiang Yishan pretended to be angry.

“Drink some water first.” Qin Shaocheng helped him up and gave him a glass of water. “Now, why did we break up?”

Jiang Yishan bowed his head and drank the water without speaking.

Translator’s Notes

1 得寸进尺 – the more one gets, the more one wants. Return ▲

Lizonka: You can brush someone’s teeth while they’re sleeping???

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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