Creatures of Habit Chapter 23.2

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Thinking of Jiang Yishan who was lying on the hospital bed and teetering on the boundary between the gates of hell, for a moment, Mother Qin didn’t know what to say. She had no choice but to recognize this point.

“He’s good and bad. He’s just an ordinary person.”

“But he…”

“He’s too self-willed.” Qin Shaocheng took a deep breath. “His cleverness was in the wrong direction, and I didn’t stop him. I could’ve taught him to get rid of his shortcomings and become a better person, but I didn’t do it.”

Mother Qin frowned. “Where is this your fault?”

“It’s half my fault.” Qin Shaocheng smiled. “If I were a little more mature, I wouldn’t have endlessly satisfied Jiang Yishan with materials. Nor would I have stubbornly1一意孤行 (idiom) – to obstinately cling to one’s course left home. These have always been my faults.”

Mother Qin couldn’t find a way to refute.

“Mom. I realized what I did wrong from Jiang Yishan, and I changed. He is the same. He can change too.” Qin Shaocheng lowered his head before Mother Qin. “Give us one more chance, okay?”

“How do you know he will change? He is–”

“He will.” Qin Shaocheng said with certainty. “As long as I teach him, he will.”

Mother Qin still couldn’t accept it. “You just can’t let him go? I don’t understand how you like this person. So many good people, but you don’t like them. I don’t understand why you…”

Qin Shaocheng didn’t speak.

Mother Qin clutched at her handbag and babbled, “You’ve always been fond of beautiful things ah. We don’t and cannot accept that you like men. How could you pick one so troublesome? Why do you…”

“I’m sorry.” Qin Shaocheng could only bow his head and acknowledge his mistakes.

While the two were talking, the nurse ran from a distance and gasped, “Mr. Qin, Mr. Jiang is awake.”

Qin Shaocheng couldn’t care about anything else any more. He ran back to the ward ahead of the nurse.

The doctor in the ward was examining Jiang Yishan.

Qin Shaocheng went over and saw that Jiang Yishan’s eyes weren’t clear. He whispered, “Xiao Shan?”

Jiang Yishan’s eyes didn’t move.

“Don’t be nervous, Mr. Qin. The patient just woke up and he’s still not clear-headed,” said the doctor after the examination.

After a while, Jiang Yishan turned his eyes to the bedside. He still had a tube2A nasogastric intubation. More info here. up his nose. His pupils clearly saw Qin Shaocheng at the moment his eyes focused, and his tears flowed down.

Qin Shaocheng’s heart was caught.

Jiang Yishan’s lips moved. Qin Shaocheng moved closer to listen to his voice, listened to it several times before he understood what Jiang Yishan was talking about.He then lowered his head and kissed Jiang Yishan’s eyes.

“You didn’t die. You survived.”

Hearing that affirmative reply, Jiang Yishan lost all his strength. He looked at Qin Shaocheng and cried all the time.

“It’s alright. I’ll be here with you.” Qin Shaocheng lowered his voice to coax him. “You can sleep when you are tired. When you wake up again, I’ll still be here. I won’t leave.”

Jiang Yishan’s eyes didn’t wink at all as he stared at him.

Qin Shaocheng stroked his cheek. “You need to rest more and get better soon.” He couldn’t help but bow his head and kiss Jiang Yishan.

Mother Qin walked into the ward at this moment. She looked at Qin Shaocheng complicatedly.

As the doctor said, Jiang Yishan soon fell into a coma again. After he closed his eyes, Qin Shaocheng put his hand in the hollow of Jiang Yishan’s hand where the IV drip was and buried his face on top of it. He stayed in this position for a long time and didn’t move at all.

His hanging heart finally settled down.

Mother Qin stood by and, looking at Qin Shaocheng’s slightly trembling shoulders, she was unable to speak.

After a long time. Qin Shaocheng, relieved from his uncontrollable mood, raised his head, cleared his throat, and put Jiang Yishan’s hand back under the quilt. Then he got up to look at Mother Qin.

“I’m going back today.” Mother Qin felt that Qin Shaocheng wouldn’t let go if they talked about it. She said angrily, “I can’t accept. You say he changed, but I still can’t accept it. I do not like him.”

Qin Shaocheng fell silent and didn’t say anything else to stimulate Mother Qin.

“You come back to rest for two days. Sleeping here everyday is not decent.” Mother Qin kept harping on. “Don’t forget to help your brother. Now, the group is in a mess and your brother is very tired. You can’t just think yourself and should also think of him.”

Qin Shaocheng replied to every single thing she said. He accompanied Mother Qin to the hospital gate and personally sent her to her car. Then he went back to the ward. Jiang Yishan laid quietly on his bed. He went over and flicked Jiang Yishan’s forehead with his fingers.

“You little scoundrel. There are so many things you need to change.”

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