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Creatures of Habit Chapter 23.1

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Jiang Yishan’s condition was really not optimistic. He had been in a coma for four days.

The longer he slept, the less hope there was of him waking up. Qin Shaocheng would go to the hospital everyday to talk to him, even if he couldn’t hear. He didn’t go home this evening and just stayed in the ward to look after him.

Mother Qin couldn’t help but complain at home, and Father Qin was not happy. Both couldn’t help but mix in and raise their voices again. 

Qin Shiyao also had a headache. “Mom, don’t say that Jiang Yishan’s death is for the best. Are you forcing Shaocheng to leave home again?”

Mother Qin froze.

“He offended the Zhang family for Shaocheng and got into an accident in front of him,” said Qin Shiyao. “Now, I actually wish he’d wake up soon. Otherwise, Shaocheng would remember it for all his life.”

Mother Qin thought of his youngest son’s infatuation and was at a loss. “Do we have to approve of them…?”

“If you don’t approve, you should.” Qin Shiyao looked at his parents calmly. “Anyways, I think that if Jiang Yishan wakes up, it will be impossible for Shaocheng to give up.

Qin Shiyao’s words were clear to the two parents, but they still felt aggrieved. In their eyes, Qin Shaocheng was so good, and Jiang Yishan really didn’t deserve him. Even though Jiang Yishan had done so much, they thought it was only as it should be. In their point of view, there was nothing that could be done for them to accept Jiang Yishan.

Mother Qin was unreconciled.”I will go to the hospital tomorrow and have a good talk with Shaocheng.”

Qin Shiyao was afraid that even he couldn’t persuade him despite how many times he tried. 

The second day. Mother Qin came to the hospital just in time when the doctor was changing Jiang Yishan’s medicine.

Qin Shaocheng was helping him from the sides. When he saw Mother Qin coming, he was surprised. “Mom?” He wasn’t good at helping Jiang Yishan, so he let go and said, “Mom, you sit first.”

Mother Qin saw that Qin Shaocheng was in good spirits, and a greater part of her worries settled down. She kept thinking about how Qin Shaocheng couldn’t rest well in the hospital and feared that, in order to take care of Jiang Yishan, he’d be battered out of his senses [1].

The doctors and nurses methodically changed the medicine and untied Jiang Yishan’s wound dressings in order to inspect his body. Mother Qin looked away when she caught sight of the ferocious wound under his left rib.

When the doctors and nurses left, Qin Shaocheng placed the hot water bag [2] in Jiang Yishan’s hand. Then he turned around to ask Mother Qin: “Mom, why are you here?”

Mother Qin came to persuade Qin Shaocheng to go home.

But she had just seen all the kinds of blue and purple bruises on Jiang Yishan’s body. He was dressed in sick clothes and was thin like a sheet of paper. She recalled what Qin Shiyao said last night, hesitated for a long time before finally opening her mouth to speak: “Is he better?”

“Much better.” Qin Shaocheng touched Jiang Yishan’s skinny hand. “Just waiting for him to wake up.”

Mother Qin’s expression when she looked at Jiang Yishan was complicated. Right now, he was hanging by a drip. His hair had been shaved and he was wrapped in gauze. He had a lot of bruises on his face, and the whole person didn’t have the least bit of vitality. It didn’t look like he’d be waking up any soon. She had wanted to persuade Qin Shaocheng to stop being stubborn [3], but then she saw Jiang Yishan, who was lying on the hospital bed and hanging by a breath through different medical instruments. In such an environment, she couldn’t speak a word for a long time.

Qin Shaocheng seemed to have noticed something and said, “Mom, let’s go for a walk.”

Mother Qin hurriedly stood up, and Qin Shaocheng walked out of the ward.

The hallway of the hospital was very quiet. Qin Shaocheng and Mother Qin went to the sky garden at the end of the hallway. The weather was quite good, and there were several patients coming out for rehabilitation, walking around with the help of nurses.

Mother Qin was drafting a thought in her heart on how her youngest son would explain it to her clearly.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” Qin Shaocheng stood before his mother and lowered his head.

Mother Qin panicked at once. “What do you mean by saying sorry? What are you going to do?”

Seeing his mother’s panic, Qin Shaocheng’s heart was upset. “I made you [4] worry. I wasn’t sensible enough and made you worry. I failed my duty as a son.”

Mother Qin was relieved. Qin Shaocheng had also said this when he knelt down in front of her and Father Qin on the day he came back. She said, “Don’t mention the past. Later,” she paused. “You can’t make any more mistakes in the future.”

Qin Shaocheng asked in a soft voice: “Me being with Jiang Yishan is regarded as a mistake?”

“Regarded!” Mother Qin said firmly. “I know he offended the Zhang family for you, but that’s what he owes you. When he’s healed, don’t be entangled with him again. Your father and I will grant him anything he asks for.”

Mother Qin’s attitude was what he expected. He asked, “What if he wants to be with me?”


“Mom. It’s my fault that Jiang Yishan became like this. I used to spoil him too much. My brother warned me, but I didn’t listen…”

“How could it be your fault?” Mother Qin couldn’t accept it. “You like him, so you treat him well. How could it be your fault? It’s because he doesn’t cherish it. In the end, it’s because his mind is not steady–”

“Yes, he’s unsociable and selfish. Vain and insensible. I know all these. But he has some strong points too. He is diligent and talented. He’s straightforward. He never gives up. He’s smart and he’s brave,” Qin Shaocheng earnestly looked at Mother Qin. “He loves me as much as you love me. He can do anything [5] for me.”

Jiang Yishan was too contradictory, but he never changed to Qin Shaocheng.

He wanted a lot, but compared to Qin Shaocheng, he could do nothing.

Translator’s Notes

1 失魂落魄 (idiom) – lose one’s wits; to lose one’s soul; driven to distraction; to be in a dazed. Return ▲


Return ▲

3 执迷不悟 (idiom) – to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way. Return ▲

4 Qin Shaocheng is using the plural form of the character you (你) here, which is 你们 (nǐmen), so he’s actually referring to not just his mother, but also his father and maybe his brother as well. In the next sentence, Shaocheng also uses the plural form. Return ▲

5 不顾一切 – to be reckless or do something regardless of everything. Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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