Chapter 22

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dona6842 says:

Wahh, is MC a spineless fool? How the hell did he fall in love with someone like that? At least ML has matured now but still

Lizonka says:

uummm… you mean the other way around? MC is Jiang Yishan, yknow hahaha

dona6842 says:

Oh really? I thought it was Qi since we got his POV first. Jiang seems like just ML to me.

Lizonka says:

Jiang Yishan is the one mainly driving the plot forward, so yes, he’s the main character. Also, the character whose POV is first shown isn’t always the main character. Like in the story Guardian by Priest, for example, the first chapter was in the POV of a character who was neither the MC nor the ML.

Scrltpimpernel says:

Such a dysfunctional relationship they have. But I can’t stop reading about it!

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