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Creatures of Habit Chapter 22.1

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During the time the two were in an ambiguous relationship, Jiang Yishan suffered from a lot of rumors and slanders.

Some people said he was only with Qin Shaocheng for the money. Others said he was only pretending to be virtuous, aloof from material pursuits. Qin Shaocheng’s former lovers dared not go to Qin Shaocheng to make trouble. Naturally, they’d target Jiang Yishan who had no background. Jiang Yishan wouldn’t speak or explain. On the surface, he didn’t care who Qin Shaocheng loved before, but behind their backs, he’d lose his temper.

At that time, he was already used to acting spoiled. He even dared to get angry at Qin Shaocheng, criticizing him for sleeping with those people before. Regardless of the fact that he didn’t promise Qin Shaocheng, he could kiss and touch him, although he never took the last step. He took advantage of Qin Shaocheng’s infatuation on him to keep his appetite hanging.

He had already regarded Qin Shaocheng as his possession.

When Qin Shaocheng felt he was jealous, he’d sweet talk to him: “I’m a man of sound mind and body, and before, I didn’t know you. I swear I haven’t done anything with anyone since knowing you.”

Jiang Yishan willfully argued about this and had a big fight with Qin Shaocheng.

Qin Shaocheng also got annoyed and suffocated that he gave him the cold shoulder for two days. But then something happened.

Originally, Jiang Yishan was ignored by everyone so it wouldn’t have mattered, but later on, Qin Shaocheng started paying attention to him. The people who’d been lusting after his man inevitably felt aggrieved. When they heard that Qin Shaocheng was cold to him for a time, they immediately acted on their thoughts.

At that time, Jiang Yishan was too young and lacked social experience. What’s more, he had also lost his temper with Qin Shaocheng. In two or three words, he was tricked to indulge [1] at a bar [2]. By the time he noticed something was amiss, he was already locked inside a room and breaking out was useless. The people outside used different tools to jeopardize the door.

For the first time, he realized the means of these young masters. In a fluster, Jiang Yishan called Qin Shaocheng.

The phone was never picked up.

Sitting on the windowsill, Jiang Yishan thought that if Qin Shaocheng wouldn’t come, he would just jump from there.

Qin Shaocheng went home for dinner that day, and he noticed the call late. When he arrived later, Jiang Yishan had just jumped off the windowsill.

It was close to five meters; he was very bold. Fortunately, he fell on some bushes. Aside from a few soft tissue wounds and some scratches, he wasn’t hurt much.

But Qin Shaocheng was so frightened. He didn’t dare give Jiang Yishan the cold shoulder again.

He didn’t even say anything about Jiang Yishan being dumb enough to be tricked. He held Jiang Yishan with his heart in his mouth. Jiang Yishan obviously couldn’t walk without saying that his feet and back hurt. And when he said his hand hurt, Qin Shaocheng would feed him.

But even then, Jiang Yishan was still angry. He’d occasionally give Qin Shaocheng a look. No kissing, no touching.

Qin Shaocheng was at the end of his rope. Holding Jiang Yishan, he said he knew he was wrong and that he’d never dare again. If he could, he would even pick up the stars for Jiang Yishan so long as he’d forgive him.

Jiang Yishan replied with a straight face: “Yeah, if you pick up the stars, then I’ll forgive you.”

Translator’s Notes

1 花天酒地 (idiom) –  to spend one’s time in drinking and pleasure (idiom); to indulge in sensual pleasures; life of debauchery. Return ▲

2 场子 – Actually, it didn’t specify a place in the raws. The characters here refer to a general term for a gathering place or a public venue. Return ▲

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  1. Wahh, is MC a spineless fool? How the hell did he fall in love with someone like that? At least ML has matured now but still


        • Jiang Yishan is the one mainly driving the plot forward, so yes, he’s the main character. Also, the character whose POV is first shown isn’t always the main character. Like in the story Guardian by Priest, for example, the first chapter was in the POV of a character who was neither the MC nor the ML.


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