Creatures of Habit Chapter 21.2

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Qin Shaocheng stayed in the hospital all day and all night. His brother advised him to go home and rest. But he couldn’t sleep well at home, and all he had in bed were nightmares. He was too afraid of suddenly receiving bad news from the hospital. He couldn’t bear the suffering. He got up early to wash and then went to the hospital again.

Jiang Yishan stayed in the ICU for another day. When his vital signs crossed the danger value, he was transferred to a seperate room for special nursing.

But then there was another problem. His injury was immensely severe. He had hurt his head when he was knocked to the ground. It was impossible he’d wake up any time soon. And on top of the current situation, he was even more afraid that Jiang Yishan would just sleep and never wake up.

Qin Shaocheng put on aseptic clothes and went to see him when the medical staff had just cleaned and changed his body. They inserted all kinds of medical intubations into him, and he was quiet without any response. After that, the doctors and nurses left the room for Qin Shaocheng.

The heartbeat monitor at the head of the bed was regularly emitting a rhythmic beeping.

In just two days, Jiang Yishan’s already thin body had become even thinner. His cheeks sunk deeply, and blue veins were showing through. Qin Shaocheng sat by the bedside, not daring to stretch out his hand.

Jiang Yishan’s left hand was exposed, and the back of it had an infusion needle pierced in. His palm was small, but his fingers, ring finger, little finger, and the joints over them had some marks left behind from playing the piano. Qin Shaocheng pinched the joint of his little finger then rubbed it.

Although Jiang Yishan said that he chose to be an artist for the money, he had never been lazy when he practiced in private. Having been with him for a long time, QIn Shaocheng hadn’t touched cigarettes, alcohol, and spicy food. Qin Shaocheng remembered that when he told his friends he would quit smoking, they all said he was crazy.

They’d ask: what was so good about this Jiang Yishan that had a resting bitch face1挂脸色 – Literally means “hanging face.” Refers to that someone obviously looks like they have a lot of opinions or hate towards other people, even when they don’t say it out loud. everyday?

Qin Shaocheng smiled and didn’t explain. How could he let others know how sweet and soft his Xiao Shan was in private?

Jiang Yishan’s parents divorced after he graduated from junior high school, and each now had their own separate families. Jiang Yishan would take turns to live in both families, but he could never integrate in either of them. The unforeseen events in his family made him mature early, but his wisdom became lacking. His parents didn’t teach him how to conduct himself in society. He’d silently observe his surroundings and learned only to use indifference to face the outside world, closing himself up.

It was not until he met Qin Shaocheng that he found out that his originally coquettish nature could also get love and attention, instead of having only people criticizing him and getting fed up with him.

Then he obviously changed.

Jiang Yishan would stick to Qin Shaocheng wherever they go. When they go out to play, Jiang Yishan couldn’t help but stick to Qin Shaocheng all the time. Qin Shaocheng was very kind to him. So long as Jiang Yishan opened his mouth to ask for something, Qin Shaocheng would immediately get it.

Gradually, he would follow Qin Shaocheng wherever he went, but he had always wanted to flaunt his superiority so he never admitted it.

Qin Shaocheng really liked it when the ice-cold Jiang Yishan only opened his soft heart to him. He aggressively took such Jiang Yishan as his own. He gave Jiang Yishan everything he wanted and constantly satisfied him, so that he would never see other people again.

He wanted Jiang Yishan’s change to be only for him.

Six months after the two met, Qin Shaocheng asked Jiang Yishan when he would give him a reply about becoming his lover. Jiang Yishan’s expression then was very interesting. He was obviously stunned by young master Qin bombing him with money and honey that he’d entirely forgotten there was no free lunch in this world2拿人手短吃人嘴短 – The last character here is a typo and it should be 软 instead, directly translating into “The mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened.”

. He had to pay him back.

“I’ve spent so much money on you…” Qin Shaocheng deliberately teased him. “I’ve already kissed you many times, let me eat something else ba.

Jiang Yishan felt the crisis and took two steps back. “What do you want to eat?”

Qin Shaocheng closed in on him and trapped him in the corner. “What do you say I should eat?”

Jiang Yishan was terribly frightened. He looked at Qin Shaocheng, who was taller than him, in fear.

Qin Shaocheng knew he wasn’t bent, so he stopped scaring him. He reached out and held the man in his arms, but his dishonest hands stretched to the inside of Jiang Yishan’s clothes. “I won’t do anything else. Don’t be afraid.”

Jiang Yishan didn’t know where to place his hands. His mind was all on Qin Shaocheng’s hands. “You can’t randomly grope me.”

“Where do you say I should grope?” Qin Shaocheng smiled and rubbed a nipple with his fingers. His other hand reached into Jiang Yishan’s pants and stroked his cock through his underwear. “Or here?”

Jiang Yishan almost jumped up.

Qin Shaocheng pressed on him, one leg wedged between Jiang Yishan’s thighs and lightly rubbed his crotch through the fabric. “Just groping it.”

Jiang Yishan panicked to death. “Don’t grope me!”

“Not groping.” Qin Shaocheng grabbed Jiang Yishan’s struggling hands and locked him between the wall and his body.  He lowered his head to Jiang Yishan’s lips. His voice was low and magnetic: “Let me kiss you first.”

He kissed Jiang Yishan, then soon used the tip of his tongue to pry open Jiang Yishan’s teeth. Qin Shaosheng sucked his tongue and licked the roof of his mouth. Jiang Yishan couldn’t even close his mouth. He could only let Qin Shaocheng do as he pleased. At the same time, Qin Shaocheng was rubbing his leg hard against Jiang Yishan. Then, he once again stealthily reached out to grope him.

“Wu, ah.” Jiang Yishan couldn’t parry at all, let alone handle his own reactions. When Qin Shaocheng felt him trembling, Jiang Yishan had tightly held onto his clothes with a crying yet comfortable expression on his face.

Qin Shaocheng kept placating him with kisses. He gently rubbed his balls, then, wrapping his cock with his palms, he thumbed the area right under the glans. Jiang Yishan felt so good he no longer resisted. He relaxed his legs that had been clamping on Qin Shaocheng’s hand.

Qin Shaocheng smoothly removed Jiang Yishan’s pants. One hand was soothing the cock in front of him, while the other hand was kneading the smooth skin of his thin thighs.

“Ah…” Jiang Yishan’s waist trembled even more.

Qin Shaocheng fondled Jiang Yishan’s inner thigh. “You like being touched here?”

Jiang Yishan didn’t speak, but the sound of his gasps for breath sold him out.

Qin Shaocheng patiently began looking for all of Jiang Yishan’s sensitive spots. He started from the ear, the tip of his tongue licking it from its point to its base. Then he lightly bit on the earlobe. The palm of his hands cruised over Jiang Yishan’s inner thighs, then they ran to the side, towards his ass, pressing his fingertips slowly down the tailbone. Jiang Yishan had a series of red marks on his neck, but Qin Shaocheng was still not satisfied. He lifted Jiang Yishan’s wide t-shirt then poked his head in. He nibbled on his collarbone, licked his nipples, and kissed his chest. The hand holding the cock also began to move up and down.

“Wu…” Jiang Yishan’s entire complexion was flushed pink, and since his skin was white, he looked even more attractive.

Qin Shaocheng was really fascinated by him.

His lower body was painfully hard, and how he wished he could press him down then and there. He coaxed Jiang Yishan to come and touch him too. Jiang Yishan didn’t dare to take off Qin Shaocheng’s pants even after a long time of psychological preparation. He asked bashfully: “Can’t I just touch it through your pants?”

Qin Shaocheng was so annoyed he laughed. One hand zipped his pants open while the other grabbed Jiang Yishan’s hand. He bullied Jiang Yishan and forced him to hold the two cocks with both hands, which were also wrapped in Qin Shaocheng’s hands. Now four hands were joined together as they grasped their hot and hard dicks.

Jiang Yishan was pressed by Qin Shaocheng. His tongue was numb, and the pleasure from his lower body made him yield his waist and his eyes sore. It didn’t take long for him to come. Qin Shaocheng smeared his cum on his nipple and stared at his ashamed and indignant face of having shot out. Jiang Yishan was too shy to look at him. He turned his face away, but Qin Shaocheng leaned to the side and, biting on his neck, he came on his whole body.

Jiang Yishan gasped, and after his breathing turned even, his senses returned. He was so angry, he glared at Qin Shaocheng. “You are so perverted ah!”

Qin Shaocheng pestered him and asked if he felt good.

Jiang Yishan would rather die than speak. Lowering his head, he wiped off the cum off his body with a wet wipe. His face was red and hot.

At that time, Qin Shaocheng was so crazy about his green and pure look that his spirit and soul became upside down3神魂颠倒 (idiom) – The English equivalent would be “to be head over heels in love.”. He took his hand and licked off the cum on his little finger that wasn’t wiped away and said, “Say you felt good, and I’ll give you everything you want in the future.”

Jiang Yishan straightened up his neck. “Really?”

“Yes. Just admit that you felt good.”

Jiang Yishan’s face changed, and finally the tip of his ears turned red. “Good… It felt good. But you can’t shoot on my body next time!”

Qin Shaocheng took him by the waist and lifted him up, smiled, patted his ass and said, “Alright. Next time, it’ll be on a different place.”

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Lizonka (Translator)

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