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Creatures of Habit Chapter 21.1

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Qin Shaocheng looked at the blood on his palm, then turned two or three steps to the guilty [1] driver in front of him. Seeing this, the driver and the lawyer rushed to stop Qin Shaocheng when he was about to hit the man; only when the two of them held him down were they able to constrain Qin Shaocheng from acting out on his fury.

“Second young master! You can’t hit him here!”

“Go away!” Qin Shaocheng’s face was twisted. His chest heaved rapidly and he was seething in anger.

The lawyer spoke quickly: “Go and accompany Jiang Yishan. He is being sent to the hospital. He needs you.”

Qin Shaocheng’s eyes looked like they were about to break out of his sockets with how much he was firmly glaring at the guilty driver.

The driver dragged Qin Shaocheng to the direction of the ambulance. “Second young master, Mr. Jiang would need your signature for the operation.”

In the end, only Jiang Yishan could change his mind.

The lawyer and the driver persuaded Qin Shaocheng into the car, and the driver quickly took Qin Shaocheng to the hospital. Meanwhile, the lawyer stayed behind to handle the guilty driver and the traffic police. She called Qin Shiyao’s phone as she searched the truck for the driver’s identification.

When Qin Shiyao answered the phone, he had just arrived at the hospital, and he saw Jiang Yishan, who was in hemorrhagic shock, being pushed into the emergency room. He had communicated with the hospital in advance, and when Jiang Yishan appeared earlier, he told him that if Qin Shaocheng was present, he must not tell him anything except for good news.

He knew how irrational his brother was when it came to Jiang Yishan’s affairs.

Qin Shaocheng arrived in two minutes.

“Xiao Shan? Is he inside? “

“Operation is still in progress.”

When Qin Shaocheng heard this, he immediately wanted to go into the emergency room.

Qin Shiyao held him back. “Calm down. The doctor will tell you the situation after the operation.”

“Brother. He was right in front of me–” Qin Shaocheng’s hands trembled uncontrollably. “Right in front of me, I…”

“I know. He’ll be alright.” Qin Shiyao saw the blood on his hands. “Just now, the doctor said that his condition is not too bad. You wait patiently. It will be okay.”

Qin Shaocheng stared at the door of the emergency room.

Qin Shiyao knew that, at this time, Qin Shaocheng wouldn’t listen to anything he’d say. He grabbed Qin Shaocheng by the arm and pressed him on a seat by the door. When the driver brought over a hot towel, he passed it to Qin Shaocheng.

Qin Shaocheng deeply buried his face in the towel, the blood on his hands staining the towel. After a while, he calmed down and said, “There’s something suspicious with this car accident. The vehicle immediately went for Xiao Shan and there was no break.”

“Lawyer Wu has told me,” said Qin Shiyao. “Don’t distract yourself with this; I will check it.”

The door opened, and the doctor came out of the emergency room.

Qin Shaocheng threw down the towel and rushed up. “How is he? Where was he injured? He was vomiting blood. Is he a bit better?

“Don’t worry, Mr. Qin. The operation is still in process. We’ll let you know if he’s out of danger.” The doctor said and left in a hurry.

Qin Shaocheng slumped back to his chair, his hands folded on his forehead.

Whether he closed his eyes or opened them, before him, he’d still see Jiang Yishan’s dejected and defeated face. The cold sweat on his back hadn’t subsided yet. He was afraid that the doctor would come out and tell him the worst result. He had no choice but to wait.

Qin Shaocheng’s heart was repeatedly cut by a knife

His Xiao Shan was so delicate and afraid of pain, how could he stand it without him coaxing.

This obviously didn’t have to happen. If he had picked him up himself in the first place, he could’ve protected him. He knew that Jiang Yishan had been spoiled by him. He was willful and impulsive. He shouldn’t have left him in City A.

Qin Shaocheng, full of self-blame, didn’t notice that Qin Shiyao avoided talking with the doctor at the entrance of the passage not far away.

“Mr. Qin, the patient suffered from multiple organ damage and bleeding.” The doctor handed Qin Shiyao the notice of critical illness. “You should be mentally prepared.”

Qin Shiyao frowned. He had underestimated Jiang Yishan’s injury, now he was somewhat at a loss [2]. “Is there any hope?”

“We will do our best.” The doctor hesitated, then said, “To be honest, whether he makes it through or not is all up to him.

“I see. Please help him.” When the doctor left, Qin Shiyao glanced at Qin Shaosheng who was still waiting for news at the door. He hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he walked over and put the notice in front of Qin Shaocheng.

When Qin Shaocheng saw the critical notice in front of him, he stopped breathing for several seconds. His hand receiving the notice kept shaking, and he covered his face when he couldn’t hold his emotions anymore. He choked on a sob. He lowered his head as he held the notice clipped in the medical records folder. He choked on a sob several times.

He regretted it.

He still hadn’t hugged him yet.

Jiang Yishan was sent to the operating room at about 11 a.m., and the rescue operation lasted for seven and a half hours, with two critical notices issued in the middle. After the operation, the patient was transferred to the ICU. Within a few hours, the injury worsened again and he was pushed into the operating room for the second time.

Qin Shaocheng waited all night.

The next day, when Qin Shiyao came in the afternoon, he was just in time for the doctor to tell him that Jiang Yishan’s vital signs were getting stable. He still wasn’t out of danger, but on the whole, it was good news.

Translator’s Notes

1 肇事 (zhào shì) – to cause trouble; to provoke a disturbance. I think 肇事 is being used an adjective to “driver,” so I went with “guilty” instead. Return ▲

2 骑虎难下 (qí hǔ nán xià) – if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off (idiom); fig. impossible to stop halfway.

Tbh, I don’t know why the author used this idiom in this context. I often find this idiom when, like, an MC embarks on a difficult challenge. Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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