Creatures of Habit Chapter 20.2

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After that, Qin Shaocheng came up with many excuses to ask Jiang Yishan out to play. Seeing that Jiang Yishan wasn’t sociable, he didn’t bring along his friends. The two of them would go to the bar to watch the show, or perhaps go to the ranch to play. Qin Shaocheng took Jiang Yishan to see many new things he had never seen before.

When Qin Shaocheng heard Jiang Yishan was upset because others had robbed him of his schedule in the recording studio, he simply rented an independent recording studio for Jiang Yishan. The day he took Jiang Yishan to the studio, he asked him what team he wanted in the industry, and he helped him get in touch with them.

When Jiang Yishan saw the recording studio, he pursed his lips and asked, “Are you courting me?”

Qin Shaocheng was going to be frank sooner or later, so he said, “Yes.”

“I don’t like men,” Jiang Yishan said with a straight face. “Don’t pursue me.”

“Okay.” Qin Shaocheng nodded a bit. “Are you still gonna use the studio?”

Jiang Yishan was stupefied for a moment and hesitated for a long time before he said, “No need.”

His expression that was reluctant but dared not stretch out his hand was so cute that Qin Shaocheng laughed. “I’m teasing you. Courting you is my business. I have already paid the deposit. You can’t let me ask for it back.”

“Big deal, I’ll give you the money.” Jiang Yishan asked how much it was. After Qin Shaocheng said the price, he was obviously frightened by the number, and he asked directly, “You’ve only started courting me, how could you spend so much?”

Qin Shaocheng couldn’t help teasing him: “Shouldn’t you spend money when you court someone? If you let me court you, I can spend more.”

Jiang Yishan muttered in a low voice that if he succeeded in courting him, then he definitely wouldn’t spend anymore.

Qin Shaocheng really loved his inflexible tone. He cozied up to Jiang Yishan, looking him in the eyes. “That’s right. If you become mine, all that I own will also be yours. You can take whatever you want. Naturally, I wouldn’t need to spend then.”

“Oh.” Jiang Yishan deliberately put on a serious look, but the glimmer in his eyes betrayed him.

How did Qin Shaocheng feel when he saw Jiang Yishan’s obvious look of being tempted by the money but just dared not show it? He purposely moved his face beside Jiang Yishan’s: “You can use this studio, but you’ll have to pay the rent.” As he said so, he pointed at his cheek.

Jiang Yishan’s eyes widened. He looked at the studio, then at Qin Shaocheng. Logic and money were shaking him left and right. He finally relented. “Can you change it? I’ve never even kissed a girl.”

As he spoke, his tone was so soft, like a spoiled and pampered child.

When Qin Shaocheng heard him, he couldn’t control it anymore. He grabbed Jiang Yishan by the waist, pressed him against the door, and kissed him thoroughly.

Jiang Yishan’s lips were soft, his tongue smooth, and his waist was slim enough to fit snugly against his body. Jiang Yishan was scared stiff at first, but after a while he didn’t know what to do. His tongue was numb, and his back was soft. His hand gradually slipped from Qin Shaocheng’s shoulder to Qin Shaocheng’s chest. The other person’s temperature was warm and comfortable. 

At the end of the kiss, Jiang Yishan pulled Qin Shaocheng’s collar and kissed him on the cheek.

“Paid it.” Jiang Yishan whispered.

“This is the deposit?” Qin Shaocheng put his hands against the door, locking Jiang Yishan between his arms. “I kissed you for so long, what should I pay?”

“……” It took Jiang Yishan a long time to choke out a sentence. “You can owe it first.”

Qin Shaocheng lifted the hem of his shirt and reached in to touch his waist. “Then let me owe a little more.”

How could Jiang Yishan let Qin Shaocheng know that his body reacted? He pulled Qin Shaocheng away. “That won’t do.”


“You’re courting me, ah.” Jiang Yishan spoke smugly1理直气壮 (lǐ zhí qì zhuàng) – in the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one’s side; to have the courage of one’s convictions; just and forceful.. “You should listen to me.”

He was too outspoken, full of the impulsiveness and capriciousness of youth. His pair of beautiful eyes twinkled like jewels.

But right now, it was all so dark with no hint of light. He was lying on the ground with blood all around, and his breathing was weak.

Qin Shaocheng’s ears were buzzing and his heart was empty.

He rushed over and knelt beside Jiang Yishan, calling his name. He helplessly looked on as the light in Jiang Yishan’s eyes went dim. He opened his mouth and closed it again, unable to say a word as he coughed up blood.

“Xiao Shan! Xiao Shan!”

Jiang Yishan’s lips trembled. His lower body curled into himself and he couldn’t hear a thing.

Qin Shaocheng tightly held Jiang Yishan’s hands, but he dared not touch anywhere else. Yet he couldn’t contain the warmth fleeting away from Jiang Yishan’s palms.

He was so helpless.

The driver dragged the truck driver out. The latter was so drunk that he couldn’t even speak clearly. The lawyer contacted the hospital and doctor right away, and then hurriedly called Qin Shiyao. The ambulance quickly arrived at the scene. While the medical staff put Jiang Yishan on the stretcher, his blood still remained on Qin Shaocheng’s hand.

It was sticky and cold.

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