Creatures of Habit Chapter 20.1

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Many people had asked Qin Shaocheng who he liked, and why he liked Jiang Yishan.

In their eyes, Jiang Yishan was no good. Before he became popular, he was just a little singer from a talent show. Although he was good-looking, his family background wasn’t much and he was indifferent and conceited. He always had a cold face on, as if everyone he was looking at didn’t look right. Capricious in handling things and didn’t understand humility and forbearance. In short, he was useless, not worthy of Qin Shaocheng at all.

Qin Shaocheng remembered the first time he saw Jiang Yishan. He was good-looking, and his singing was pleasant to hear, so Qin Shaocheng asked him to come over and sit down.

Jiang Yishan listened, then raised his chin and asked in reply: “Sit there? So I can’t sit over here?”

People around them laughed, saying Jiang Yishan didn’t even give young master Qin any face.

“I’m a country bumpkin,” he said bluntly. “I don’t know young master Qin.”

At that time, Jiang Yishan was proud and covered with thorns from head to toe.

Qin Shaocheng didn’t know what came over his mind that day either. Taking the initiative, he walked over and introduced himself to Jiang Yishan. He explained that he wasn’t a young master or a gongzi1The “young master” that is used to address Qin Shaocheng is written as 少爷 (shào ye), so QSC is saying that he is not a shaoye or a gongzi (公子), which literally means “son of an official or nobility.” However, I noticed that in historical or cultivation danmei, gongzi is usually translated as “young master” too.. Those titles were merely light shone upon him by his parents and nothing more. The people nearby immediately followed up and told him about the Qin clan.

Jiang Yishan listened carefully, dryly muttered a few words, then stood up. “Let’s go. Where are you taking me?” After he spoke, he was somewhat uneasy. And Qin Shaocheng caught sight of Jiang Yishan’s despair.

He believed Qin Shaocheng was just another man who was addicted to pleasures and luxury2声色犬马 (shēng sè quǎn mǎ) – Literally: song, sex, dog, and horse. And it broadly refers to the erosive lifestyle of the rich. .

But Qing Shaocheng really was fascinated by Jiang Yishan’s beauty. When the other person knit his brows and pursed his lips, it was like rain falling, springtime arriving, peach trees blossoming, and wind blowing upon the lotus flower, making him fall out of place in such a noisy environment.

Jiang Yishan agreed.

That day, it was Fa Xiao’s birthday. While the rest of the people were going crazy in the villa, the two of them ran to the sky garden on the top floor of the villa to watch the moon. Qin Shaocheng asked him what he did. Jiang Yishan said he was a talent show singer.

The two talked for a while, and Jiang Yishan couldn’t help but say that he should’ve won the championship. However, the champion and the runner-up were already predetermined, and the third place winner was chosen because they were too popular. As he said this, his face was wrinkled all up, completely unconvinced.

Qin Shaocheng didn’t know how to cheer him up, so he asked him if he joined the talent show because he liked to sing.

“I sing so I can make money,” Jiang Yishan said simply and frankly. “I like it when people praise me, and so many people like me.”

Qin Shaocheng, who grew up in a rich and powerful family and had always played the central role of the Qin family in interpersonal circles, couldn’t understand Jiang Yishan’s vanity. But he did like the way Jiang Yishan stood on the stage, bursting with life.

Self-confident and flamboyant, and he was really fascinated.

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