Chapter 19

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fishnchips42 says:

I… actually didn’t expect that haha, I mean, something like this, yes, but a literal Truck-kun …ok!

Yaoisensei says:

😭😭😭Can’t say I’m not happy it happened. He deserved at least something along those lines 🤭🤭🤭

This translation is so well done. Thank you so much 🤗🤗

Lizonka says:

You’re welcome! And thanks for all your lovely comments too~ 😘

N says:

Omg I had a bad feeling as I was reading those last lines….

Thank you for translating!!!

Lizonka says:

You’re welcome!

Mona says:

Oh I thought he would be shot or run over by car. And it happened. Truck-sama is pretty popular in rebirt/ transmigration ones, what is it doing here! Lol

Lizonka says:

well, I guess because it’s a “personality rebirth” kind of story haha

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