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Creatures of Habit Chapter 19.2

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The internet exploded in just one or two days.

Jiang Yishan was instigated by Wang Deshun to frame the victim’s personal reputation with the temptation of money. They had planned to take indecent photos. However, Jiang Yishan chose to surrender because he was afraid of using unknown drugs. The whole time, the public opinion did not mention the slightest bit about the Qin family.

Everyone was saying that Jiang Yishan’s character was so low it could reach the Earth’s core. A small number of people said that he didn’t surrender until he learned he was wrong, but more people believed that Jiang Yishan turned himself in because of the uneven distribution of money between him and his associates. And since surrendering would allow him to escape the crime, everyone said that Jiang Yishan had done it on purpose.

Father Qin was afraid that the Zhang family would make another move due to the delay of the case. In spite of Qin Shaocheng’s obstruction, he found someone, and within two days the document was issued.

All media platforms were individually criticizing Jiang Yishan as a public figure for moral corruption, adversely affecting the young fans who followed him. They admonished everyone, saying that people should rationally choose which stars to admire.

After the official media determined the nature of the matter, Jiang Yishan was no longer likely to make another appearance. This document also meant that the media would no longer be allowed to make any marketing hype by using Jiang Yishan’s heat. In the future, it would be impossible to dig other news about him.

Qin Shaocheng was completely kept out of the affair.

Qin Shaocheng knew his father was doing this to avoid future problems, and he also knew that Jiang Yishan could no longer be a star. However, he always felt depressed. On the day Jiang Yishan was bailed out, he didn’t go to pick him up.

He was sitting in the study, waiting for the lawyer to call him and tell him that Jiang Yishan had arrived home safely. However, he didn’t expect that the driver would call.

The lawyer seized the driver’s phone and said, “Jiang Yishan saw you didn’t come. I don’t know where he went, but he took my cell phone.”

Qin Shaocheng rubbed his forehead. “I know. I’ll call him right now.”

As soon as he hung up with the lawyer, Jiang Yishan’s call came in.

Qin Shaocheng picked up the keys on the table, and answered the phone as he walked out of the study. “Where are you?”

“Why didn’t you come?”

“It’s inconvenient for me.”

Qin Shaocheng stepped out of the gate and handed the key to his driver in the garage and got in the car.

“You’re lying, you just don’t want to come. There is no inconvenience. Just hide in the car, no one will see you.” Jiang Yishan sounded extremely wronged. “Didn’t you say you wanted to pick me up? Why didn’t you come?”

“The lawyer and driver picked you up.”

“Do you still blame me? Didn’t you… didn’t you say you wanted to pick me up?” Jiang Yishan said with uncertainty. “If you don’t want to see me, I’ll go back now.”

“Jiang Yishan!” Qin Shaocheng knew that Jiang Yishan’s character was unmanageable, and he would definitely raise a rumpus. He took a deep breath. “Be obedient.”


On the other end of the phone, there was a voice choked with a cry.

Qin Shaocheng felt a headache and he couldn’t help but say: “You go back quickly. You know the consequences of offending the Zhang family. Don’t run around.”

“I know,” said Jiang Yishan. “I knew, so that’s why I did it.”


“Otherwise, you wouldn’t worry and you wouldn’t come over.” Jiang Yishan’s voice rose slightly and Qin Shaocheng could imagine the pride in his eyes. “I heard the noise in your background change. Did you get in the car?”

Qin Shaocheng didn’t want to answer.

“I admit that I did this to soften your heart. I know I made so many mistakes before. I think I did so much this time. Will you treat me… I miss you, and I’m certain you can’t let me go. I’m taking advantage of your soft heart.” Jiang Yishan’s voice gradually subsided. “But I can only use this. You will feel sorry for me and give me a chance, okay. I have no other way. I can only depend on you.”

His voice was obscure, his grief poking at Qin Shaocheng’s heart through the line. 

“I said I wouldn’t lie to you. If you teach me, I’ll change.” Jiang Yishan’s voice was too weak. “I’m so bad, and it may take a long time to change. Don’t rush me, okay?”

Qin Shaocheng’s heart instantly softened. He was anxious that he couldn’t see Jiang Yishan right now. Seeing that the driver was nearing the detention center, he asked, “Where are you? I’m here.”

Then he wanted to open the car door.

“Don’t come down! I see you!” Jiang Yishan’s tone improved in an instant. “I’ll be there.”

Through the window, Qin Shaocheng saw Jiang Yishan running out from a dark place not far away. He was wearing a hoodie and a mask. The call wasn’t hung up yet. Jiang Yishan panted and said, “Shaocheng, can you hug me later?”

Qin Shaocheng had completely lost his temper. He was annoyed that he lost to Jiang Yishan, and he had to say, “You come first.”

Jiang Yishan was extremely happy. He didn’t say anything more. He grabbed his phone and ran across the sidewalk, then across the road.

His heart was about to fly out. Too many pictures flashed in his mind. Finally, he thought of the image that Qin Shaocheng would tightly hold him in his arms again. That was the best reward.

Thinking of him, he ran faster and faster. He didn’t care about his hood being blown down. 

His throbbing heartbeat was catching up with the loud sounds of the cars on the street.

He will see Qin Shaocheng soon.

He would kiss Qin Shaocheng well, and he’d act coquettish in his arms.

But at that moment, a truck suddenly rushed out and hit him. Jiang Yishan thought that he had done so much and had calculated everything. All he wanted was to be with Qin Shaocheng again.

Why was god so against him?

“Xiao Shan!!!”

Lizonka: Buwahahahha, did you think things would be that easy?

And though Jiang Yishan is pitiful, I can’t help but think of Kagerou Project (my first fandom) at that last scene

jiang yishan gets hit by a truck

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    This translation is so well done. Thank you so much 🤗🤗


  2. Oh I thought he would be shot or run over by car. And it happened. Truck-sama is pretty popular in rebirt/ transmigration ones, what is it doing here! Lol

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