Creatures of Habit Chapter 19.1

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Qin Shaocheng, who had rushed home, didn’t even have time to change out of his clothes. “Is there any news?”

“The person was just brought to the hospital to take out the swallowed drug cartridge. The preliminary results came out. It was a hallucinogen.” Qin Shiyao said to Qin Shaocheng while he was orderly organizing the public relations team in controlling public opinion. “The informants at the hotel had also been caught. Their goal really was you.”

After finishing the call with the informant, Father Qin came over and said, “Jiang Yishan’s confession is over. It was the Zhang family who asked Wang Deshun to contact him, telling him to give you the drug, but then Jiang Yishan turned himself in.”

“He wouldn’t do such a thing,” Hearing this, Qin Shaocheng was very firm. “He must be–”

Father Qin said calmly, “He admitted that he was in it for the money, and he insisted that he didn’t know you.” He was looking at his mobile phone as he said so. 

Qin Shaocheng covered his face.

It was obvious that Jiang Yishan had memorized his lines beforehand, so that Qin Shaocheng would come out clean without any criticism.

But now, what was he facing?

He couldn’t hear what his father and elder brother said next. His mind was full of thoughts about what could happen to Jiang Yishan while in the detention center and why he didn’t care about the consequences. Why didn’t he tell him in advance? Why was he so willful?

When will he learn to be more sensible?


QIn Shaocheng raised his head when he heard his father calling him.

Qin Shiyao saw that Qin Shaocheng wasn’t like himself and said, “Jiang Yishan surrendered. He’s the main person who stopped the crime from happening and he didn’t cause any damage. He will be exempted from the penalty.”

Qin Shaocheng calmed down. He nodded and said that he knew.

Qin Shiyao said, “I contacted Zhao Zheng and he gave me the photos. He said that he didn’t want to make things so complicated. At first, he just wanted to take vengeance on Jiang Yishan. He didn’t think he’d be taken advantage of, making things meddlesome. According to him, the Zhang family may have heard you were coming back so they took advantage of Jiang Yishan’s scandal.”

Father Qin frowned. “Jiang Yishan didn’t admit his relationship with Shaocheng. Do they have any more materials against us?”

Qin Shiyao thought of financial transactions. “The things you bought for him before, were there any business formalities?”

“No.” Qin Shaocheng breathed out slowly. “I never transferred any real estate to him, and when we went out to play, we used my own plane. When he went to City A afterwards, he was very careful. And then he had time to take photos. Any money transfers between us didn’t use my card.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I was clean when I left.” Qin Shaocheng was very certain. “The rental house is full of random stuff. Since Jiang Yishan can deny it so confidently, there shouldn’t be any problems. He’s always been very careful.”

“What about phone calls?”

Qin Shaocheng suddenly recalled that Jiang Yishan had texted him during the New Year. “The phone has…”

The phone in his pocket suddenly rang before he had finished speaking. Qin Shaocheng hurriedly took it out and saw it was Wei Feng. As soon as he picked up the call, Wei Feng’s loud voice came in: “Lao Qin! Jiang Yishan’s assistant sent two recordings to my home!”

The two recordings were all recordings from when Jiang Yishan and Wang Deshun met twice. It clearly recorded how the Zhang family took him to City B and how Wang Deshun recounted Zhang family’s plans and intentions.

These recordings mentioned the relationship between Qin Shaocheng and Jiang Yishan, and there was no way they could be announced to the outside world. However, they were the best evidence they could use in internal affairs, especially for the board of directors of the Qin family group and their own family members.

Qin Shaocheng had never stepped out of line in all these years.

With these two recordings, Father Qin immediately contacted the company’s shareholders and the clan manager. He planned to privately release the recordings tomorrow to clear the second child’s name and expose the Zhang family’s dirty deeds. 

Qin Shiyao didn’t have to wait for the recording of Jiang Yishan and Wang Deshun’s conversation in the car. Since Jiang Yishan had thought of recording things in advance, then naturally, he had set up more traps for Wang Deshun and the Zhang family during the time the police called him to report.

Only Qin Shaocheng sat on the sofa silently. He listened to Jiang Yishan’s short speech at the end of the recording.

“The phone number that I used to contact you during the New Year was something that I bought. No one knows about it except for my assistant, and I have already burned it. Assistant Zhang Guang and I have been together for more than three years; he is really dependable. The Zhang family never showed up. It was Wang Deshun who met with me.

“These two recordings are for your family, so they’ll know who is harming you. I know that there are people I can’t bring down with these. I could probably tell you in advance of other solutions, but they will still try to use me to attack you and smear your name.

“I’ll look for a chance to turn myself in before it happens. I will also say that I don’t know you. I partnered with them only for the money. They don’t have direct evidence that you and I have been together, and so you won’t be attacked by the public opinion because of me.

“I can help you, I can do anything for you.”

Jiang Yishan’s voice fluttered in softly, full of a kind of inexplicable joy: “You… Are you getting soft-hearted when you hear this? Are you beginning to want to see me? I knew it, you can’t bear to hold a grudge against me.”

The same familiar tone, and the same scheming mind. Qin Shaocheng felt powerless.

But Jiang Yishan was right. He couldn’t help but love him dearly.

Jiang Yishan’s words at the ends seemed to be said with a smile.

“I can’t learn how to be mature as you said. I’m bad, and I can’t change it.”

Jiang Yishan, who said he couldn’t change it, was not so arrogant in the detention center as he was during recording. When he saw the lawyer arranged for him by the Qin family the next day, he asked, “Do you have anything to say to me? He asked you to tell me something, didn’t he?”

The lawyer was a mature professional woman. She glanced at Jiang Yishan. “I think we should talk about your situation first.”

“My situation doesn’t matter. Everything is up to you.” Jiang Yishan was so excited yesterday that he stayed up all night. His blood was still hot, and he felt like a soldier ready to go to the battlefield at any time, fearless and full of fighting spirit.

“… He told me to tell you: Don’t say too much about the Zhang family. The evidence is too little to be considered a threat. All the crimes are mainly concentrated on Wang Deshun. After you explain clearly, he will try to pick you up.”

Qin Shaocheng was gonna pick him up.

Jiang Yishan covered his mouth and smiled. He knew that his Shaocheng had the softest heart. Everything he did was finally paying off. He had a very nice smile, but the woman lawyer who had a calm mind felt his face was too deceptive.

“Anything else? Anything else?” Jiang Yishan asked. He wanted to hear more.

He was so happy.

The lawyer sighed. “He wants you to be obedient.”

“I’ll be obedient.” Jiang Yishan looked like he was stealing honey, his eyes curved in a smile. “I’ll wait for him to pick me up.”

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