Creatures of Habit Chapter 17.1

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The missing Jiang Yishan was locked up in the house, only watching TV and eating every day. If he wanted to go out, he would be stopped by the guards in the room. Some thugs hired by the Zhang family usually don’t give Jiang Yishan face, let alone chat. It was as if Jiang Yishan was an object and could be discarded when it had finished its role.

On the seventh day of the new year, the thugs informed Jiang Yishan that he was ready to go out.

Jiang Yishan leaned against the sofa and glanced at them. He snorted. “Let Wang Deshun come.”

The thugs frowned.

Jiang Yishan said flatly, “I’m a stranger in a strange place. Who knows what you guys are gonna do to me.”

Seeing Jiang Yishan’s tough attitude, the thugs soon called Wang Deshun. When Wang Deshun came, Jiang Yishan didn’t even say hello.

“What,” Wang Deshun was smiling all the time. “Are you angry?”

“Can you be happy when you’re locked up?! What do you guys take me for? Prisoner or hostage? I’m anxious, I tell you–”

“Tsk, What are you anxious about?” Wang Deshun knew that Jiang Yishan was anxious when he saw the news about him on TV. He was short-tempered indeed. It would have been better if he had no brain. He said, “Don’t be angry, brother.”

Seeing that Jiang Yishan was still stubborn, Wang Deshun laughed out loudly. “Brother, all threats are in vain. Everyone is stepping on you now. If you want to stand up, you can push everything onto Qin Shaocheng. How would you betray me1你怎么反水? (idiom) – Literally, how will you turn back the water? It means to “defect” or “turn against.”? Look for the Qin family? Do they even give a shit about you? It’s not like I ran off.” 

Jiang Yishan’s face was gloomy and his eyes were full of humiliation.

Wang Deshun thought that Qin Shaocheng was also merciless. If such a beautiful person had asked him, he wouldn’t have said no. However, he also thought that Jiang Yishan, who had no eyes, was the only person Qin Shaocheng had ever taken a fancy to and the only one whom he would’ve been willing to bear with.

Ai, we’re all brothers, let’s not fight. You can count on me.” Wang Deshun consoled him again: “Brother, let’s go. It’s the seventh day of the year. No one’s gonna stop you when it’s all over. You’ll love it. You have my word, okay?”

Jiang Yishan stood up from the sofa and said, “Give me my cellphone.”

“What do you want a cellphone for?” asked Wang Deshun. When he saw Jiang Yishan getting mad again, he smiled. “Got it, I know my brother is angry. It’s just a cellphone. Get in the car first, and I’ll get you one.”

When he got to the car, Wang Deshun gave Jiang Yishan a cellphone. Jiang Yishan directly opened Weibo and looked up. Wang Deshun briefly glanced at the screen then went to talk to the driver. He did not believe in Jiang Yishan, but in his established impression that Jiang Yishan, as a person, valued his interests more than anything else. Would he want his reputation to be thoroughly ruined that he’d have to hide for the rest of his life if he didn’t cooperate? Impossible.

Not to mention, he was still young. It was impossible for him to continue with his way of doing things. If his three views2A person’s outlook in life. were right, how could he buy black materials to gain hype? To conclude, he was a short-sighted scumbag3鼠雀之辈 (idiom) – It actually says “a generation of rat sparrow/finch/bird/whatever,” and it’s a derogatory term for someone despicable.. Besides, the Zhang family was generous and straightforward in giving money. Since the money was already there; he’d be a fool not to take it.

Jiang Yishan, this dumb person, what couldn’t he do for money?

Although Wang Deshun thought all these, he still dared not let Jiang Yishan alone in the car for too long. He soon returned to the car. When he opened the door and sat inside, he saw Jiang Yishan throw his cellphone. The phone bounced off the seat and fell on the floor. Jiang Yishan stomped on it.

Wang Deshun had seen this kind of scene many times.

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