Creatures of Habit Chapter 16.2

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In the past days, there had been more and more news, whether true or fake, about Jiang Yishan on the internet. Most of them focus on how he had used capital investment to make a profit for himself in recent years. He hyped up topics to hype up himself. His personal resources were often rotten. Now, the big screen directors won’t ask for him. When other production companies heard about how he had trampled on his peers to rise to fame, they refused to work with him, fearing that Jiang Yishan would also trample on their companies’ artists.

Only the small companies were willing to work with Jiang Yishan, but that was because they wanted to ride on his current notoriety in order to gain benefits. They were all tarred with the same brush1一丘之貉 – In English, it would be like saying “they were all birds of the same feather.”.

Jiang Yishan’s fans were trying to defend him, but there were also some who dared not speak out.

Everyone on the internet were speculating on who was the gold man behind Jiang Yishan. The sharp-tongued people hit their keyboards, saying that Jiang Yishan was being sold. The marketing department sensed the heat. They knew what the public liked best, so they took out some interesting sidelights from Jiang Yishan’s former scene shootings and other news photos to make groundless accusations2捕风捉影 (idiom) – Literally, “chase the wind and clutch at shadows.”.

Jiang Yishan’s private life was said to be messy, and he had many ambiguous male investors. According to the unreliable gossip, Jiang Yishan had rolled in the beds of all the tycoons in the entertainment industry. Then some people argued, “If he could sleep with tycoons, then why are his resources so poor?” So someone jumped out and said that they had seen Jiang Yishan at the duck3Slang for a male prostitute shop. He probably got tired of sleeping with the bosses, so he went to find some ducks to sleep with in order to balance it out.

When the purpose of spreading the news was to entertain and not to inform, the blind audience was easily led around by the media. The more turgid the atmosphere was of ignorance and confusion, the more the bottomline was diminished, and the hotter the news got.

No one questioned, and no one wanted to question. They were all contented in watching this lively scene. If it was true, they’d say they had misjudged Jiang Yishan and they’d pull in other people to watch the news unfold; if it was false, then they’d just say that they couldn’t be blamed since they were only listening to the rumors.

And these marketing media dared to write like this, because they knew that Jiang Yishan only relied on hype in the circle and had no support at all. It was impossible for him to turn over the same-sex scandal, let alone accuse them of spreading rumors.

In these circumstances, everyone should eat his steamed bread and drink his blood4谁都要吃他的馒头喝他的血。– Doing mean things and showing yourself off by stepping down on others..

When Father Qin heard of the situation on the internet, he inevitably scolded Qin Shaocheng for not knowing a person clearly.

This time, Mother Qin defended Qin Shaocheng and refuted Father Qin. “Xiao Cheng just graduated from university that year! What does he know? If you knew, why didn’t you stop him? You let Xiao Cheng alone outside for many years. If it wasn’t for Shiyao’s divorce, Xiao Cheng wouldn’t have come back! What can you do!”

At breakfast, the couple parted unhappily, leaving only the two brothers at the table.

The day after Qin Shaocheng returned, he started helping his brother with some of the company’s day-to-day work. He originally thought of discussing over some matters with his brother after eating, but now he didn’t feel like talking.

Qin Shiyao put down his tablet. “After eating, I will talk to dad. You go talk to mom.”

“Okay,” said Qin Shaocheng.

“What are you going to do with Jiang Yishan?”

Qin Shaocheng knew that Jiang Yishan’s situation right now was like a time bomb. He wasn’t sure what would happen if their relationship was exposed. He thought for a moment and said, “I’ll make arrangements for it.”

Later, after much hesitation, he called Jiang Yishan’s mobile phone. But even after calling him many times, he couldn’t reach him. He didn’t install a telephone in the rented house, so he had to call Wei Feng to ask. Then he got a reply that made his heart sink.

The rented house was turned over and Jiang Yishan had disappeared.

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