Creatures of Habit Chapter 16.1

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Jiang Yishan’s mobile phone was taken away when he got to City B.

All the messages and photos he had with Qin Shaocheng for so many years had been deleted after his appointment with Wang Deshun on the fourth day of the year. Not a single photo remained. He didn’t dare to leave any evidence related to Qin Shaocheng.

The Zhang family arranged a place for him to stay in. When Wang Deshun came to find him, Jiang Yishan was watching “The Eloquent Ji Xiaolan.” 1The Eloquent Ji Xiaolan (Chinese: 铁齿铜牙纪晓岚) is a Chinese television series about the life of Ji Xiaolan. (source)

Wang Deshun ridiculed him. “You are so leisurely and carefree. A lot of things are happening outside.”

Jiang Yishan, with his legs crossed, asked: “What’s going on?”

“You’re the one that’s going on2I changed Jiang Yishan’s and Wang Deshun’s conversation a bit to make it sound better in English. The original convo was something like this:

WD: … There’s a lot of noise outside.
JY: What’s the noise?
WD: You’re the noise.
. So now let’s pour the black water on you and reveal what you’ve done and who you’ve met over the years.”

“Well, say that I’m just a nobody and that there must be a big boss behind all this. Now, how can we involve Qin Shaocheng in all this?”

“We can’t mention Qin Shaocheng. The Qin family is too suspicious,” Wang Deshun chuckled. “But in two days, there will be a party. It’s a reception banquet for young master Qin in the circle. Now you just have to take the drug and sleep with Qin Shaocheng. Paparazzi will be arranged to block the door, and netizens will automatically connect the dots. 

After a long time, Jiang Yishan said, “Take the drug?”

“It’s just a normal stimulant. It won’t hurt your body.”

Jiang Yishan did not react. “When will it be done?”

“Why are you in a hurry?”

Jiang Yishan was impatient. “I can’t surf the internet, I can’t play with my phone, and I can’t go out. When I get things done earlier, the earlier I can relax.”

“Brother, this matter shouldn’t be done in a hurry.” Wang Deshun thought that, since he had come to this point, he would no longer hide anything. “The meeting of the Qin board of directors will be on the eighth day of the year. The reception party is on the night of the seventh. We have arranged everything for that day, so we are sure to succeed.”

“You still don’t trust your brother’s plans?” Wang Deshun was very proud. “I’ve already assessed your black materials, and we’ll let them all explode in one day. We don’t have to pay for publicity.. A little marketing will automatically spread the news.”

Jiang Yishan pointed at the TV and said, “I think you are very much like Heshen.” 3Heshen is a character in “The Eloquent Ji Xiaolan.” In the show, he was Ji Xiaolan’s enemy and was very corrupt, meanwhile Ji Xiaolan was always trying to achieve justice.

“How so?”

“You’re clever! Not like the simpleton Ji Xiaolan. What can people like Ji Xiaolan achieve in society? This sour man doesn’t know how to be flexible,” Jiang Yishan laughed. “He doesn’t have the ability to handle the emperor and make sure that not a single drop leaks out4Tell a story without missing a single circumstance. If I were the emperor, I’d also like Heshen.”

Wang Deshun laughed. “Then who does brother think he is?”

“I’m not like Heshen, but you can use me when you need to?”

Wang Deshun patted Jiang Yishan on the shoulder. “I know brother is afraid of being stained black and never being washed white. But believe me, you’ll absolutely have lots of money to spend after this. With a hundred hearts5 放一百个心 – it literally says “put a hundred hearts” in the raws. Must be WDS saying he has the heart to remember what he and JYS had gone through together., I’ll help my brother stage a comeback.”

Jiang Yishan glanced at Wang Deshun and chuckled. “Then I’ll count on brother Wang.”

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