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7 thoughts on “Chapter 13”

  1. u told me last chapter to brace myself and im already feeling bad ahhh jiang!!! i know u are in love but pls leave qin for ur own good!!! he isnt even treating u right and doesnt deserve u!!! u dont need to suffer any more ://////

  2. Jiang tried to change for the better seriously but Qin doesn’t believe him. Then whose fault is that? Why Qin didn’t try to see if Jiang is really change?

    Should I prepare some tissue for the next chapter?

    1. The next part (13.2) and the succeeding chapters is more plot than drama, so no need for tissues! You’ll also see just what kind of person Jiang Yishan is, so you’ll understand why Qin Shaocheng won’t easily forgive him.

  3. I generally notice people seem to give scum shous a lot of slack, especially scum MC novels. I like this novel because MC is actually facing challenges and the consequences of his actions, chases the ML, develops his character and does not have everything go his way unlike the majority of novels where the shou MC is OP, blows through every conflict so easily, and has no part in working for the relationship.

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