Creatures of Habit Chapter 13.1

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Qin Shaocheng left at noon. He didn’t eat anything for lunch so he could catch up with the private jet that the Qin family helped him contact. Jiang Yishan locked himself in the bedroom before he left and covered himself with the quilt. He was afraid to go out and say goodbye.

If he saw Qin Shaocheng leave with his own eyes, he wouldn’t know what offensive thing he might do.

He didn’t want to leave behind an embarrassing last impression.

He was naive. He wasn’t mature enough to understand Qin Shaocheng’s definition of “maturity,” and he didn’t want to pretend to be a sensible person either.

Qin Shaocheng no longer believed him.

It was useless to do anything.

Hearing the sound of Qin Shaocheng packing, Jiang Yishan logged into Weibo to see how people were criticizing him in order to divert his attention.

The sounds were torturing him.

In fact, he even wanted to see the photos that he had with Qin Shaocheng before, as well as the screenshots of the text messages they had exchanged. These were all hidden and locked in a network disk. He especially liked the photos taken in Iceland. Qin Shaocheng was afraid that would be cold, so he held him in his arms wherever they went.

But now, he was afraid to look at them. He was afraid that he would cry again.

He didn’t want to cry anymore.

Most of the comments on the internet were exploding with negative energy. The black moles1黑子 (slang) – As an Internet slang term, it refers to web users who vilify a celebrity on the Internet. clapped their hands in glee when he had finally lost. His fans said that the stars in his eyes were gone. Others said that he wasn’t very good at his job, while the homophobes said that he had corrupted society.

Qin Shaocheng said a word across the door and left.

Jiang Yishan just buried himself further under the quilt. As he listened to the door closing outside, its sound seemed to climb along the walls and the floor with a dagger in hand, rushing into the gap between the door and its frame and stabbing him straight in the heart.

He died in pain.

Assistant xiao2Not a surname. It simply means “little” Zhang suddenly called him, but Jiang Yishan didn’t want to talk right now so he hung up the phone. Afterwards, the assistant contacted him on WeChat to tell him that boss Wang wanted to talk to Jiang Yishan about Qin Shaocheng.

Jiang Yishan’s eyes narrowed. He called Xiao Zhang: “How does he know about Qin Shaocheng?”

“I don’t know, brother Jiang.” Xiao Zhang was Jiang Yishan’s trusted subordinate this year, but even he didn’t know Qin Shaocheng. Jiang Yishan had never let anyone know. “Boss Wang asked me to tell you this, and he said that you would understand.”

Boss Wang had a partnership with Jiang Yishan and he was the owner of an entertainment company. He had several public relations team and a water army team. Eighty percent of Jiang Yishan’s hype and fame over the years was because of him.

Jiang Yishan frowned for a moment and said, “Go ask him for a time and place to meet up.”

“Okay! By the way, brother Jiang, have you been on Weibo these past two days? Brother Jiang, don’t browse on Weibo for the time being. Right now, it’s full of…” Xiao Zhang paused. “Brother Jiang, are you okay?”

Jiang Yishan said flatly, “I’m fine.”

But in truth, he had been disoriented for a long time. He had no stars in his eyes. Others even discriminated against him for being gay. Everyone said that he should die in a bad way, that he was too self-centered, and that he had no class, unlike what Qin Shaocheng told him from when he stood outside the bedroom.

He really regretted his mistakes.

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