Chapter 12

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anon says:

ty for ur hard work!
i cant help but pity jiang ://////

Lizonka says:

You’re welcome! And yes, Jiang Yishan is so pitiful… and he’s gonna suffer some more in the next chapters :/

Viarana says:

YiShan is just so pitiful. I can’t help but always feel bad for him

Thank you for the translation

Lizonka says:

Thanks too for reading! And there’ll be more pain in the upcoming chapters, so brace yourself!

Shunraiki says:

Auwwww, I feel sad for Yishan, I hope the best for him..

Thank you for the great translation <3

Lizonka says:

aasdfghjkl it really surprises me when someone compliments my translations (〃▽〃)

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