Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.1

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It was sunny on the third day of the year.

Jiang Yishan dreamt that Qin Shaocheng was gone. After waking up, he ran to the living room and found Qin Shaocheng sleeping on the sofa. He picked up the quilt and slept beside him.

This time the dream was sweet.

Qin Shaocheng was taking him out to play. Qin Shaocheng was coaxing him to celebrate his birthday. For the first time, he learned to cook, and he cooked for Qin Shaocheng. The other side happily holds him up and kisses him, saying that he will never go out to eat again.

Jiang Yishan watched the whole movie like an outsider, and the ending was his favorite.

He didn’t come to city A, and Qin Shaocheng accompanied him. He became a little angry singer, but Qin Shaocheng would coax him every day, so he didn’t feel bored. Jiang Yishan was happy in his dreams, but when he woke up, his face was full of tears.

The thick drapes didn’t block out all the sunlight, so a little sunshine leaked in and fell on Qin Shaocheng’s chin. 

The thick sunshades failed to block all the sunshine. A little sunshine leaked in and fell on Qin Shaocheng’s chin. Jiang Yishan gently touched his stubble with the back of his fingers. A familiar touch, familiar temperature. Let him gradually wake up in a world where he never existed.

He was dreaming.

It was so beautiful, he didn’t want to wake up. If he did, he would only cry.

Qin Shaocheng moved, and Jiang Yishan quickly moved away. He thought Qin Shaocheng was tired from going out all day yesterday, so he shouldn’t make any noise. He stared at Qin Shaocheng’s face. The man had broad and thick eyebrows, a straight nose and a handsome face. Jiang Yishan pillowed on his arm and carressed him.

The sunlight shifted to Qin Shaocheng’s eyes; he would wake up soon.

Jiang Yishan stood up and gently held Qin Shaocheng’s upper body as he kissed his dry and soft lips. He couldn’t help but be greedy and lick it with his tongue. Qin Shaocheng’s eyebrows twitched. He stretched out his hand to hold Jiang Yishan’s waist and carried him to his arms, gentle and tolerant

Jiang Yishan’s pupil shrank sharply.

Qin Shaocheng felt the back of Jiang Yishan and woke up. Jiang Yishan kissed him before he could say anything and said, “Good morning. I’ll make breakfast for you.” Then he hurried to the kitchen.

Qin Shaocheng lied back on the sofa and rubbed his eyebrows, his head aching.

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