Creatures of Habit Chapter 10.2

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At eight and a half in the morning, the streets were empty on the second day of the New Year.

Qin Shaocheng went to the supermarket to buy several fruit gift boxes. Wei Feng came late and waited for him at the entrance of the supermarket. He yawned as he took out his cigarette case and handed Qin Shaocheng one cigarette. “Happy New Year, have a smoke.”

“I don’t smoke.” Qin Shaocheng waved his hand.

Wei Feng stared at Qin Shaocheng and pointed to his ear.

Qin Shaocheng raised his hand and felt a scratch by his ear. This must’ve been done by Jiang Yishan last night. Thinking of what happened this morning, he immediately felt upset. “Give me a cigarette.”

Two people stood at the door of the supermarket, smoking and waiting for the supermarket staff to carry the fruit gift box to Qin Shaocheng’s car.

Wei Feng cleared his throat: “Jiang Yishan called me just now and asked where you are going today. I told him I didn’t know.”

Qin Shaocheng lowered his head and didn’t speak.

“Forget about it. Let’s go to Zeng Pingping’s house.” Wei Feng turned over his phone. “I called her this morning.”

Qin Shaocheng exhaled some smoke and then threw the cigarette butt into the trash bin beside him. “Let’s go.”

Every since they started their company, they have been greeting several local executives on the second day of the new year. Zeng Pingping was the only female director. In the past years, they’ve gotten used to stopping by at her place first. If she had to make a New Year’s call first, it would make their group of young men look unsightly.

Wei Feng threw away his two cigarettes.

From Zeng Pingping’s home, Wei Feng laughed and teased Zeng Pingping. “Little sister, do you want to sit on a Cayenne or an Aurora

Zeng Pingping glared at Wei Feng and ran to Qin Shaocheng: “Brother Cheng, I’ll ride in your car.”

Qin Shaocheng opened the door for her.

On the road, Zeng Pingping saw the scratchmarks under Qin Shacsheng’s ear. She didn’t think so much about it. After all, Qin Shaosceng hasn’t had anyone around him in recent years. Otherwise, she wouldn’t pursue him if he wasn’t interested.

She asked with a smile, “Was brother Cheng scratched by a kitten?”

Qin Shaocheng thought for a moment and said, “No.”

Zeng Pingping couldn’t hold her smile for a moment. When she saw Qin Shaocheng’s mobile phone constantly shaking on top of the central navigation system, she stole a glance.

When Qin Shaocheng saw her staring at his mobile phone, he turned it upside down. But Zeng Pingping saw the little “Yi” on the head of the message, and her face turned white. She remembered that there was a Yi character in the name of Qin Shaocheng’s ex after hearing it from Wei Feng’s ramblings while he was drunk.

Zeng Pingping stared at the black mobile phone case and summoned up the courage “I heard boss Wei saying that you’re going to City B after the…”

“Sorry to interrupt you.” Qin Shaocheng looked straight ahead and said, “I think Wei Feng have told you about my sexual orientation.”

Zeng Pingping smiled awkwardly. “Yes.”

“I’m sorry.” Qin Shaocheng said nothing more.

After they visited the second house and was on the way to the next supervisor’s house, Zeng Pingping transferred to Wei Feng’s car.

Finally, they were able to visit all of the supervisor’s houses before dinnertime. A group of people drove to a hotpot shop and gathered around a table.

Someone on the table suggested playing mahjong. After listening to this, Wei Feng threw away his chopsticks in his excitement and was immediately ready to devote himself to the game. Qin Shaocheng declined. A few people tried to convince Qin Shaocheng since he would be leaving soon.

Qin Shaocheng was helpless: “I don’t know how to play mahjong.”

“We’re waiting for you!”

“Not much! Just 100! Boss Qin, look at it!”

All the people were laughing together. They talked about wanting to go to QIn Shaocheng’s house in the afternoon.

Wei Feng quickly stopped them: “Why go to his house? It’s so broken and small. I’ll take you to the chess and card room. It’s very good.”

“Boss Qin’s house is empty. At the same time, we can help him pack up. After the new year, wouldn’t the landlord want him to remove his things before refunding the deposit? “

“You don’t have to worry about this,” Wei Feng laughed. “There’s nothing a little money can’t do.”

In the afternoon, Qin Shaocheng was dragged to the chess and card room.

Qin Shaocheng couldn’t play and he ended up feeling dizzy. He found an excuse to go out to the balcony to breathe. Zeng Pingping took a cup of fruit tea and came out with him.

“I’m sorry for smoking.” Qin Shaocheng took a half step back when he lit the cigarette.

Zeng Pingping was at a loss. “I was rude in the car before.”

“It’s not your fault.” Qin Shaocheng said politely.

Zeng Pingping wanted to ask Qin Shaocheng about his private affairs. She was not willing to lose just because of her gender. She was not willing to be someone who couldn’t make Qin Shaocheng forget his ex. She always felt that such an excellent person as Qin Shaocheng was worth better than being bound by the past. But she didn’t have the qualification to say anything.

Qin Shaocheng went into the house after smoking in silence.

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