Creatures of Habit Chapter 10.1

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Qin Shaocheng lowered his head and said nothing.

Jiang Yishan peeked at Qin Shaocheng’s mobile phone. The other party was looking for Qin Shaocheng to chat, but her words were all boring and meaningless. Yet, Jiang Yishan was jealous that she could send messages and talk to Qin Shaocheng.

Back then, Jiang Yishan would have already knocked the phone off of Qin Shaocheng’s hand as he demanded the man to put all his attention on him. He loved it when Qin Shaocheng pinched his nose, laughed at him as he coaxed and held him.

But now, he can only watch from the sidelines.

Jiang Yishan pursed his lips and lowered his head as he suggested: “How about I cook some eggplant and braised pork rice at noon?”

Qin Shaocheng paused his fingers, but then continued to type on the phone.

“There’s still beef in the fridge. The eggplant can be cooked with the bone stock along with some vegetables. And I can fry eggs with some soy sauce.” 

While Jiang Yishan was speaking, he subconsciously spoke in a coquettish tone. He knew that Qin Shaocheng liked this best.

After all, Qin Shaocheng was a rich young master who was picky with food. After coming to City A, Jiang Yishan cooked. He became very familiar with Qin Shaocheng’s preferences. Only Jiang Yishan knew how much soy sauce and sugar to add in Qin Shaocheng’s fried eggs.

Qin Shaocheng also liked many other things. He loved staying in bed on a rest day, rolling on the sheets with Jiang Yishan in his arms on an idle afternoon as he kissed every inch of him and entering him when it became too hot and unbearable.

Thinking of their past love, Jiang Yishan was ready to make another move. He gently placed his chin on Qin Shaocheng’s shoulder as he stared at him from the side and whispered, “Can I kiss you?”

Before, whenever Qin Shaocheng heard him acting coquettish, he’d hold him in his arms and kiss him carefully.

Jiang Yishan waited.

But Qin Shaocheng pushed him away and stood up from the sofa.

Jiang Yishan raised his head. “Where are you going?”

Seeing Qin Shaocheng go to the door, he blocked in front of him for the first time. “Don’t go? Didn’t you agree? Don’t leave.”

Qin Shaocheng looked at him with cold eyes. “When did I agree?”

Jiang Yishan’s previous self-confidence was all gone. He whispered, “If you’re tired of me, I won’t talk. I can stay in a different room? Just don’t leave.”

Qin Shaocheng lowered his head and changed his shoes. Jiang Yishan beat Qin Shaocheng in grabbing the key on top of the shoe cabinet.

Qin Shaocheng reached out and said, “Give it to me.”

Jiang Yishan subconsciously hid the key behind him. “Don’t leave.”

He was gonna cry again and pretend to be pathetic. He would always be like this and would never change.

Qin Shaocheng kicked the door angrily. The thunderous bang scared Jian Yishan, making his face pale. He had never seen Qin Shaocheng so fierce before.

“Give me the key.” QIn Shaocheng repeated.

Jiang Yishan didn’t dare look at Qin Shaocheng’s angry face. He asked softly, “What will you do outside? Can you take me with you?”

Qin Shaocheng pulled his arm and grabbed the key.

“You’ll be back, won’t you?” Jiang Yishan restrained the idea of forcing Qin Shaocheng to stay. He raised his voice and said, “I’ll be obedient when you come back. I won’t talk, and I won’t bother you. Really.”

He added, “You may not want me, but please don’t leave me.”

Qin Shaocheng, who couldn’t wait to plug his ears, slammed the door angrily.

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