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Creatures of Habit

Jiang Yishan and Qin Shaocheng

Title: Creatures of Habit (江山易改)

Author: 壳中有肉 (Meat in the Shell)

Genre: Drama, Boys Love


Jiang Yishan knew how softhearted his ex-boyfriend Qin Shaocheng was towards him, so when his career as a celebrity plummeted, he shamelessly begged the man to take him back.

Qin Shaocheng didn’t want to have anything do with him anymore, but when Jiang Yishan kept coming at him… He just couldn’t resist.

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The second image is the audio drama cover

audio drama ending song cover

Creatures of Habit Audio Drama Ending Song

Creatures of Habit has an audio drama on Missevans. Please support it by listening to it. There’s only one episode, but it’s 70 mins long. The ending song is also really good!

Table of Contents

Chapters 1-3 by BlackBox TL

Chapters 4 and above are translated by me and are listed below~

Creatures of Habit Chapter 4

In the bathroom, Qin Shaocheng lifted his wet forelocks, revealing his clean forehead. Hot water flowed down his firm muscles. His desire had not completely subsided. When he closed his eyes, he could picture the body of Jiang Yishan and … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 4

Creatures of Habit Chapter 5

It was sunny on the first day of the year. Qin Shaocheng got up and opened the door. He saw Jiang Yishan wrapped in thin clothes and huddled on the sofa. The heating in the living room wasn’t turned on, … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 5

Creatures of Habit Chapter 6

Jiang Yishan’s nose bled more as he talked. He didn’t understand what had happened. He was coughing so hard that he couldn’t stand up. He felt dizzy, so he lowered his head as he wiped his nose, but doing so … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 6

Creatures of Habit Chapter 7

Qin Shaocheng grasped his hand, gritted his teeth and said, “Get off me.” Jiang Yishan saw the hesitation and resistance in Qin Shaocheng’s eyes, so he quickly went for his pajamas. He could already feel Qin Shaocheng’s erection. Qin Shaocheng … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 7

Creatures of Habit Chapter 8

After putting the spray away, Qin Shaocheng laid down wearily. He didn’t sleep well these past two days. Jiang Yishan’s influence was deeper than he thought. He really regretted not changing the lock. The reason for it, at first, was … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 8

Creatures of Habit Chapter 9.1

Qin Shaocheng’s hands held onto Jiang Yishan’s flexible waist as his hips rammed into him. Jiang Yishan let out a few suppressed moans, making the man’s cock inside him as hard as iron. It felt so intense that Qin Shaocheng … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 9.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 9.2

Jiang Yishan’s mouth and nose were both blocked, and the lack of oxygen quickly made him climax. He curled his toes and crumpled the sheets on the sofa. As he did, his ass squeezed Qin Shaocheng’s cock tighter. His upper … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 9.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 10.1

Qin Shaocheng lowered his head and said nothing. Jiang Yishan peeked at Qin Shaocheng’s mobile phone. The other party was looking for Qin Shaocheng to chat, but her words were all boring and meaningless. Yet, Jiang Yishan was jealous that … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 10.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 10.2

At eight and a half in the morning, the streets were empty on the second day of the New Year. Qin Shaocheng went to the supermarket to buy several fruit gift boxes. Wei Feng came late and waited for him … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 10.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 11.1

A group of people played cards and ate noisily until ten o’clock in the evening, and then went to the bar to continue their fun. Seeing that Qin Shaocheng wanted to slip away, Wei Feng hooked his arm around his … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 11.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 11.2

After Qin Shaocheng sent Wei Feng home, he came down and was greeted with the sight of Jiang Yishan using the steering wheel as a pillow Jiang Yishan was very beautiful. Despite wearing a cap so low that only his … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 11.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.1

It was sunny on the third day of the year. Jiang Yishan dreamt that Qin Shaocheng was gone. After waking up, he ran to the living room and found Qin Shaocheng sleeping on the sofa. He picked up the quilt … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.2

Breakfast was rice porridge with dumplings and boiled eggs. Qin Shaocheng would often look at the food’s presentation while he ate. If it was presented well, his chopsticks would move more quickly. All the dishes and cups he bought at … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.3

At noon, Jiang Yishan braised the spaghetti with tomato sauce and beef tenderloin. Since there wasn’t any shredded cucumber, he used lettuce and sliced the hard parts into thin strips instead. As for the leafy parts, they were shredded and … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 12.3

Creatures of Habit Chapter 13.1

Qin Shaocheng left at noon. He didn’t eat anything for lunch so he could catch up with the private jet that the Qin family helped him contact. Jiang Yishan locked himself in the bedroom before he left and covered himself … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 13.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 13.2

The appointment with Boss Wang was at a private restaurant at four o’clock on New Year’s Day. Jiang Yishan took a taxi to arrive on time. When he met Boss Wang in the box, a table of vegetables was already … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 13.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 14.1

“How could that be?” Boss Wang refuted. “What do you think of me? Can a brother hurt you? Look at you, which male star in the circle could compare with you? You’ve never had a sex scandal in all these … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 14.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 14.2

The next day, Boss Wang did introduce some side jobs for Jiang Yishan. On the day of the job, a leak of wind [1] was inevitable. A bunch of paparazzi rushed over when they smelled the incentive that came with … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 14.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 15

Wang Deshun happily contacted the Zhang family, promising to pay thirty percent of the money before they even succeeded. He then put the money into Jiang Yishan’s account in four installments. After confirming that he had received the money, Jiang … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 15

Creatures of Habit Chapter 16.1

Jiang Yishan’s mobile phone was taken away when he got to City B. All the messages and photos he had with Qin Shaocheng for so many years had been deleted after his appointment with Wang Deshun on the fourth day … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 16.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 16.2

In the past days, there had been more and more news, whether true or fake, about Jiang Yishan on the internet. Most of them focus on how he had used capital investment to make a profit for himself in recent … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 16.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 17.1

The missing Jiang Yishan was locked up in the house, only watching TV and eating every day. If he wanted to go out, he would be stopped by the guards in the room. Some thugs hired by the Zhang family … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 17.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 17.2

Jiang Yishan liked to throw things whenever he read something unpleasant on Weibo. Occasionally, while they were in private and discussed their plots against others, chopsticks had been broken. Wang Deshun didn’t like his pettiness and thought he was such … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 17.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 18

Meanwhile, when Qin Shaocheng arrived, Fa Xiao [1] led him by the shoulder into the hotel’s entrance. Qin Shaocheng glanced back at the crowd from afar as he listened to the deafening roar of the sirens. “What are you looking … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 18

Creatures of Habit Chapter 19.1

Qin Shaocheng, who had rushed home, didn’t even have time to change out of his clothes. “Is there any news?” “The person was just brought to the hospital to take out the swallowed drug cartridge. The preliminary results came out. … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 19.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 19.2

The internet exploded in just one or two days. Jiang Yishan was instigated by Wang Deshun to frame the victim’s personal reputation with the temptation of money. They had planned to take indecent photos. However, Jiang Yishan chose to surrender … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 19.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 20.1

Many people had asked Qin Shaocheng who he liked, and why he liked Jiang Yishan. In their eyes, Jiang Yishan was no good. Before he became popular, he was just a little singer from a talent show. Although he was … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 20.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 20.2

After that, Qin Shaocheng came up with many excuses to ask Jiang Yishan out to play. Seeing that Jiang Yishan wasn’t sociable, he didn’t bring along his friends. The two of them would go to the bar to watch the … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 20.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 21.1

Qin Shaocheng looked at the blood on his palm, then turned two or three steps to the guilty [1] driver in front of him. Seeing this, the driver and the lawyer rushed to stop Qin Shaocheng when he was about … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 21.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 21.2

Qin Shaocheng stayed in the hospital all day and all night. His brother advised him to go home and rest. But he couldn’t sleep well at home, and all he had in bed were nightmares. He was too afraid of … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 21.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 22.1

During the time the two were in an ambiguous relationship, Jiang Yishan suffered from a lot of rumors and slanders. Some people said he was only with Qin Shaocheng for the money. Others said he was only pretending to be … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 22.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 22.2

Picking up the stars was impossible, so Qin Shaocheng instead took Jiang Yishan to Bryce Canyon to watch the meteor shower. The two of them boarded Qin Shaocheng’s private plane, and when they arrived, they even had someone especially arrange … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 22.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 23.1

Jiang Yishan’s condition was really not optimistic. He had been in a coma for four days. The longer he slept, the less hope there was of him waking up. Qin Shaocheng would go to the hospital everyday to talk to … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 23.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 23.2

Thinking of Jiang Yishan who was lying on the hospital bed and teetering on the boundary between the gates of hell, for a moment, Mother Qin didn’t know what to say. She had no choice but to recognize this point. … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 23.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 24.1

In the next few days, Jiang Yishan woke up intermittently several times, and his waking hours were getting longer and longer. When he was able to stay awake for a long time, the doctor pulled out his intubation.  However, the … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 24.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 24.2

Qin Shaocheng wasn’t in a hurry either. When Jiang Yishan drank to the last drop, he didn’t say a word. He took the cup and put it aside. “Do you remember that you ignored me when I made you work … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 24.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 25.1

Qin Shaocheng’s kiss was very gentle, light and soft, and his warm breath was quite close. Jiang Yishan was so excited, he was trembling. He’d been waiting for this kiss for so long. This moment felt so unreal, as if … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 25.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 25.2

Some hair on the right half of Jiang Yishan’s head had been shaved off so the wound could be stitched. He was unsightly and had to wear a hat. But Qin Shaocheng didn’t allow him, saying it would only make … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 25.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 26.1

Jiang Yishan looked at Qin Shaocheng incredulously. “I said I’d beat you if you’re not obedient,” Qin Shaocheng said seriously. “Before, you were injured, so I didn’t beat you.” Jiang Yishan hurriedly said, “Right now, my injury is also not … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 26.1

Creatures of Habit Chapter 26.2

Qin Shaocheng actually wanted to laugh at his extremely pitiful look, but he held back. He spanked Jiang Yishan hard on the ass again, then grabbed his butt and kneaded it. “Do you think you’re right if you don’t eat … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 26.2

Creatures of Habit Chapter 27

The memory left in the body from the first time it happened was revived. Jiang Yishan was scared and wanted to run. “Don’t! Don’t try! You can’t hit me anymore.” Qin Shaocheng stopped him with one hand. He bit Jiang … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 27

Creatures of Habit Chapter 28

The cold winter had passed, and the wild flowers outside the house were in full bloom. The weather began to enter into early summer. Old Qin’s condition had also improved, but his body couldn’t keep up with the group’s work. … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Chapter 28

Creatures of Habit Extra 1

T/N: The first part of this chapter is written in a way that imitates comments in a forum. As such, punctuation is often foregone. Moreover, be sure to read the #2 footnote. If you don’t, you’ll be very confused. This … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Extra 1

Creatures of Habit Extra 2.1

The first song Jiang Yishan wrote sold for six thousand. A pseudonym was used, and assistant Xiao Zhang [1] was entrusted in helping him find his former connections and selling them. Although six thousand was not even half the price … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Extra 2.1

Creatures of Habit Extra 2.2

Qin Shaocheng’s handsome and steady appearance made Jiang Yishan like him more and more. He couldn’t help but take the initiative to prop up his upper body and kiss him. “You look like a teacher with your glasses, much more … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Extra 2.2

Creatures of Habit Extra 3

In the early years, the Qin family bought land to build separate estates, which were furnished with all the necessary facilities. They weren’t open to the public, and were made solely for the Qin family members to relax in. They … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Extra 3

Creatures of Habit Extra 4

Jiang Yishan was by no means a magnanimous person. Seeing the table full of people, he had a bellyful of fire. If it weren’t for Qin Shaocheng calling him to sit down, he would have shooed those people away. A … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Extra 4

Creatures of Habit Extra 5

When Jiang Yishan entered the room, he kicked at the shoe rack, turning it over. Thinking of that man’s dirty mind, how he wished he had torn that person off on the spot. He was like a lion whose territory … Continue Reading Creatures of Habit Extra 5