Chapter 67: A Restless Night (Part 1)

Bu Dong had two sons and one daughter.

When Bu Dong left Sea Pearl City to take up his post as City Lord at South Reef City, he had brought his eldest son and daughter with him. Only his youngest son, who was not so capable, was left to keep guard in the royal city. It had been two years since then.

The City Lord left the royal city yet kept some relatives under the King’s nose. Although this matter was not discussed openly, it had become an unspoken rule, and it was started by that old, crafty Bu Dong.

Bu Dong and Ka Zuo were always at loggerheads when they were together. Hua Yi couldn’t stand it and decided to separate the two of them. One became an Elder of the royal city, while the other was sent out to be a City Lord.

Ka Zuo was short-tempered and rebellious, and he was a man who would make waves even if there was no wind. Hua Yi was afraid that he’d cause trouble while out of his sight, so he sent out Bu Dong instead. Bu Dong’s youngest son, however, had always felt that his father left the royal city because of Ka Zuo’s oppression. Thus, every now and then, he would go find trouble with Ka Zuo just to amuse himself.

Now, things had blown up.

From the messenger’s story, it seemed that the man Bu Dong’s youngest son killed was not just any slave, but one of the old subordinates Ka Zuo had brought from Black Eagle tribe.

Hua Yi hesitantly glanced at Chang An.

Although it was he himself who had asked Chang An to be a City Lord under his own nose, in the beginning, Hua Yi was very uneasy about it. After all, Chang An was no longer a teenager who had just come out of the mountains and was confused about everything.

Hua Yi knew that, with Chang An’s ability, the latter could spend his whole life in retreat, never in contact with anyone, just like his master. Chang An had such a firm mind that even if he were to live amidst danger, he could live carefree and happy. And naturally, no one would want to find trouble with him.

Hua Yi went to great lengths to keep Chang An among this pile of people, but it was not to wrong him. The saber could kill, but it could not convince. Chang An must have his own foothold, which was why he reluctantly made him a City Lord.

Who would’ve thought that Hua Yi would be secretly worrying for so long, only to find that all his worries had been for nothing.

Chang An was a living city rule. All those city rules, he had memorized them to the letter. Whenever something happened, he’d deal with it according to the rules, and he was never negligent. After some time, he was able to attain absolute obedience. In Sea Pearl City, his words had become even more effective than Hua Yi’s.

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