Chapter 33: A Natural Disaster

When Shan Xi said “trample,” Hua Yi immediately thought of a lot.

This area they’re in was actually a plain that stretched from the middle of the pass between two mountains before the terrain rose again. Part of it went up, and after digging into a dense forest, it would enter into  a relatively level place—This was where the Giant Mountain tribe was located. The other part of the terrain was on the low side, facing the river valley and a wilderness that ran for thousands of miles.

Hua Yi lowered his head and muttered to himself, but then Suo Laimu grabbed a handful of burnt taro egg fruits from Chang An’s plate and shamelessly stuffed them into his mouth, interrupting his thinking.

“What are you thinking?” He ate in all smiles, but then asked a bit coldly. “You wanted to expand our territory, so are you going to let them join us?”

Hua Yi was cautious, and his city palace1城府颇深 – A city palace is a metaphor for the human mind was quite deep, yet his response wasn’t as fast as that of Suo Laimu’s. He had just figured out the key points of the problem and began to ponder when Suo Laimu spoke quickly, cutting off his line of thought. So Hua Yi simply pretended to be stupid and said, “Yes, is there a problem?”

Suo Laimu said: “You wanna raise wolves in our backyard?”

Hua Yi asked, “The Black Eagles can join, so why can’t they?”

Suo Laimu: “All that’s left of Black Eagles are men and one woman who is yet of age. Their tribe was destroyed, and restoring with such few people would be very difficult. And there’s no way they’d turn into a ghost tribe, robbing other people to survive. They can only rely on other tribes. However, a migrating tribe is different. They have men, women, the old and the young. At any time, they could have strange ideas and want to replace you as the chief!”

Hua Yi frowned.

“Ai, listen to me this time ba!” Suo Laimu sighed for a long time. When he was a mercenary, he had always been the knowledge tank2A smart and resourceful person in Hua Yi’s group. Whenever he warned them of something, he’d say it very harshly. However, it would only last for a moment, and his voice would return to being soft. “One tribe is enough for this forest. It cannot feed too many people. We have just stabilized ourselves; what energy do we have left to manage other people’s life and death? In those days when the river just overflowed, they all knew that the land on both sides of the channel were fertile. Since they have occupied that fertile land for so many years, shouldn’t they bear the corresponding risks brought by it?”

His words sounded very reasonable. Lu Quan and Shan Xi listened, but they said nothing and just looked at Hua Yi, waiting for his judgment.

Hua Yi didn’t answer immediately, but just waved his hand: “I’ll think about it again. Tomorrow morning, tell the hunters not to go out and call all the elders. We’ll talk about it in detail then.”

Suo Laimu rolled his eyes, seeing that he didn’t want to discuss it anymore. He had always been shrewd and knew how to read people. He immediately stopped talking before he went too far.

He swaggered to his feet and went out, taking Chang An’s entire plate as he politely said to him, “I’ll wash it for you and send it back tomorrow.”

“……” Chang An went silent for a moment before he finally said, “I’ll trouble you.”

Suo Laimu shrunk his neck and gnawed away at the remaining taro eggs while puffing and blowing at it.

Lu Quan hummed. “I’m also going.”

On the contrary, Shan Xi curiously looked at Chang An and said, “Xiao xiongdi, if you’ve got nothing to do, don’t shut yourself indoors all the time. Come out and play more with everyone.”

Chang An looked up at him.

Shan Xi was friendly and he said with a smile, “It’s getting colder and colder now, and there will be fewer people going out in the future. At that time, there’ll be horse-riding games and sparring. What’s more, we’ll be chasing and teasing the girls. Then they’ll kick us one by one into the river. It’s a lot of fun.”

Chang An couldn’t imagine what was so fun about watching other people being kicked one by one into the river by the girls. But he felt that he meant well, so he said “en” and nodded his head.

The three people left one after another. Chang An turned around and saw Hua Yi, and what he was thinking obviously showed on his face. Hua Yi immediately understood his question—Why aren’t you leaving?

This was really shooing people away.

Hua Yi laughed, then asked him in a low voice: “How about you? What do you think I should do?”

Chang An was stunned. He knew that these things were the so-called “big things in the tribe.” Although he couldn’t see how they were “big,” others paid great attention to them. No one had ever asked to discuss any “big thing” with him, so Chang An suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart. It was as if someone had handed a crumbling and extremely important porcelain bowl to him.

He couldn’t help but sit up straight.

However, sitting upright wouldn’t help him in thinking. Chang An tried to give him a high opinion3高见 – A wise idea or opinion, but after considering past causes and future effects, he had no choice but to admit that he didn’t even have a “low opinion.” He frowned and pondered for a long time before he finally choked out a sentence. He asked, “Do you want more people? Do you think this place is too small?”

Hua Yi had originally spoken without thinking and had asked on a whim. He didn’t expect that Chang An would hit the mark and what he really thought of in his heart. Taken aback, he asked, “How did you know?”

Chang An said, “Didn’t you say it yourself: ‘Let our warriors tread through the entire northern continent and have no man dare stop them. In this continent, we will have no more enemies’?”

Hua Yi was stunned for a moment. He shook his head and laughed. “Turns out the blind cat has met a dead mouse4  瞎猫碰上了死耗子 – Means the same as “every dog has his day.” People will have luck and reap success at some point in their lives without having to do anything.. Ai, in this kind of situation, you can actually be like a real person. You little simpleton…”

His smile was forced. Whether those words he said at that time were real or not, only Hua Yi himself could tell clearly.

Hua Yi had always felt that Chang An lacked common sense and was a bit unreasonable. It wasn’t until now that it was a little creepy. He had always wanted to mask himself, so he talked of a lot of rubbish everyday. When he talked too much, he would inadvertently expose some clues which he couldn’t hide from other people. What’s more, he couldn’t conceal this kind of stuff from a person who knew only that two points make one line.

Hua Yi was sitting on pins and needles under Chang An’s eyes, so he hastily took out a little toy and stuffed it into Chang An’s hand—It was a small, bright red stone, which had a rope so that one could wear it. The stone was round and smooth, as if a person had rubbed it and turned it over and over in their hand until it formed this shape. Holding it in one’s hand, it felt like the stone was emitting heat, and it was very warm.

“The weather is cold, so play with this.” After Hua Yi said this, he ran away in a panic.

It’s a pity that when something unfortunate happens, it wouldn’t wait for people to prepare for it.

On this day, it was a little stuffier than usual in the morning. If not, Chang An wouldn’t have gone out of the house. In the evening, this stuffy weather was even more difficult to bear. Chang An couldn’t sleep. It was as if someone had pressed down a large hammer weighing several hundred jins on his chest. Without even having to see it, he was certain that his lips were already blue right now.

His head was aching. When he couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly rose and sat at the edge of the bed. His vision flashed back, and he sat for a while before he slowly came over a bit.

Only then did Chang An discover that his little slave Luda had woken up sometime ago and was sitting on the floor, watching him.

“Sleep,” Chang An whispered. “I’ll go out and have a look.”

But as soon as he stepped on the floor, his legs went soft. Chang An had to drag his large blade from the head of the bed. He poked the blade quite firmly on the ground while he grasped its handle. Using it as a crutch, he slowly walked out of the house and then stood in the courtyard for a while

However, it was still stuffy outside. The surroundings seemed to be shrouded in turbidity. There wasn’t a bit of fresh air, and the sky was overcast, as if holding back heavy rain.

Chang An stood there with slightly arched shoulders, pressed on his chest and took a few deep breaths. All of a sudden, he swayed in place from how dizzy he was. Slowly, he crouched down while supporting himself with the blade. He rummaged through the leaves of herbal medicines hung up to dry in the courtyard, and without mashing them, he stuffed them into his mouth.

With a bitter taste in his mouth, Chang An simply leaned against the wall as he slowly fell to his knees. He shut his eyes and then raised his head, waiting for this dizziness to pass. However, at this time, the ground suddenly shook, and Chang An was startled. Before he could figure out what was going on, he had already instinctively held his blade and rolled away from the corner. That small stone wall of the courtyard suddenly collapsed into smaller halves. 

A flash of lightning cut through the gloomy sky. The sullen thunder hadn’t spread yet, but it had already exploded in people’s ears. Swarms of birds shrieked and glided extremely close to the ground.

Chang An knew that this was an earthquake. He had already experienced it once, so he wasn’t flustered. And this time, the shaking wasn’t very violent, so it soon subsided. Apart from that not very sturdy courtyard wall, he could see that there wasn’t any problem with the house.

Like a frightened little animal, Luda rushed out of the house. He was so desperate, he unexpectedly plunged into Chang An’s arms, knocking him two steps back.

Thunder rang out one after another, and lightning struck the ground one after another. Chang An felt the ground tremble slightly. He couldn’t tell whether it was the aftershock of the earthquake or the effect of thunder.

People’s voices began to spread in the night. The beastmen on the night watch knocked on the doors one by one, calling the people out. Knocking finally on Chang An’s door, before the guards could even speak, they all heard a howl which seemed to come from nearby.

The guard’s face changed and he said quickly, “It’s a wolf pack!”

The wolves in the forest weren’t much, but they were very cunning. Every year, it was only when it was coldest and food was scarce do they occasionally steal food from the tribe. That would also be putting their lives at risk. If they were caught by the beastmen guards, they wouldn’t be able to run away without being tortured. Never before would the wolves brazenly approach a human tribe like this.

Chang An suddenly turned around, only to see four or five big-headed wolves with green eyes emerging from the collapsed courtyard wall. Their mouths were slightly open and their steps were in disarray.

The guard turned into a giant beast and roared at the pack of wolves.

 Even the size of the big wolf’s head couldn’t compare with the beastman’s beast form. As expected, when the small group of wolves saw the giant beast, they recoiled a bit. But at this moment, a tiger roar came from the forest in the distance.

The leader of the big wolves suddenly ignored the danger, took large strides toward them, leaped high, but actually leaped high over the courtyard wall, and the other wolves followed it.

When these four or five big wolves came at once, the fur of the orc guards almost exploded. They showed their fangs fiercely, but Chang An didn’t move. He just picked up the little slave and put it under his arm. He quietly leaned on his knife and stood there, watching the wolves pass by them thoughtfully. The beastman guard’s fur nearly exploded. They fiercely revealed their fangs, but Chang An had never moved. He simply picked up the little slave, stood up, and tucked him under his arm. He just stood there quietly, leaning against his blade, thoughtfully watching the wolves as they passed by.

His judgment was right. These animals weren’t here to attack people, but to escape.

The guard who broke out in cold sweat recovered and returned to his human form. He breathed heavily and said, “Chang An-xiongdi, you were calmer than me in this situation. I will go to inform the others. Hurry, take your weapon and find the chief. Something big might happen!”

Strong wind blew from the depths of the forest, and thunder was still breaking out continuously. The stuffy pain of Chang An’s heart and the feeling of numbness became more and more pronounced. He frowned and said to the slave, “Bring me my herbs and follow me.”

Catching the familiar smell of blood from the wind, he stuffed all the herbs that the slave had brought into his arms. And like a ferocious goat, he squeezed all those leaves into his mouth. As he strode out with a blade in one hand and a slave in the other—something came.

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