Bestial Blade Chapter 31.3: Authority

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The Black Eagle’s men had four injured people, including Ka Zuo who had a bloody slash on his shoulder. Elder Bashu’s men had one death, while six were wounded. Elder Bashu’s eye was blinded, and his face was bloody as he lay on the ground, struggling on death’s door1 苟延残喘 – to linger on with one’s last breath of life; to drag out one’s feeble existence, practically unaware of his own fate2死活 – his own life and death.

When Lu Quan received the instructions, the warriors immediately dispersed.

Hua Yi then said, “Bring back the tables and chairs that had just been carried down and ask people to clean up the place. Everyone’s been starving for so long. We better eat first ba—Elder Bashu is seriously injured; carry him out and put a few more tables outside. Then call those young men who have been standing outside for a long time. Let them come over and eat.”

After that, Hua Yi, as if other people’s business didn’t matter, raised the wine bowl that had been warmed again, signalling to everyone to help themselves. In a short while, the roasted deer, which had been suffusing an appealing aroma all around, was divided and placed onto the plates in front of everyone. This meal, where practically not a single voice could be heard3鸦雀无声 – Literally, crows and peacocks make no sound; absolute silence, was so depressing, it hurt the stomach.

It wasn’t until the meal was over that Hua Yi spoke again, “Our Black Eagle brothers live in a small area. I will look to the south and mark two more places for them. In this way, they can find a good enough home and live in the open. And Elder Bashu is already old. Let him go home and live out the rest of his life in retirement. Ask his eldest son to come here instead. Later, he will take over his father’s position. And Xun Xun, if there are some things you’re not clear about, you can ask more from your Senior Elders4长辈 (zhǎng bèi) = One’s Elders / the older generation. In Xun Xun’s case, the Elders who came before him.. As for the Great Elder’s position that has been empty…” 

When he spoke up to here, he paused for a moment, which immediately reminded people of the end of the Great Elder5In case you forgot, the previous Great Elder was the one who colluded with Old Blind to eliminate Hua Yi.. Then Hua Yi, seemingly confused, asked Suo Laimu who was beside him, “Which Elder is second in rank?”

Suo Laimu said, “Elder Bashu.”

“Oh.” Hua Yi nodded. “In that case, ask Elder Bashu’s eldest son to take over the position of Great Elder. In addition, Suo Laimu has contributed much against the Great Elder’s rebellion. I’m asking him to also be part of the Elders. Do you have any objections?”

Without waiting for other people to object, he went on to say, “I don’t think you have any objections.”

Following that, Hua Yi finally took away his usual cordial smile. He stood up and put a hand on his shoulder, no longer covering it, and revealed the sparkling silver beast marks on the back of his hand.

He said in a loud voice: “When Chief Luo Tong handed over the tribe to me, I felt uneasy day and night, for fear that if everyone were to follow me, we won’t be able to live a good life. Now, I would like to swear with my life, swear by my reputation as Silver Fang of the mercenaries, that I, Hua Yi, will make you live a rich and happy life. I will let everyone, regardless if they are a beastman or a sub-beast, all live in peace. I will expand our territory to keep out the dangers of the forest and the enemies from the outside. One day, I will let our warriors tread through the entire northern continent and have no man dare stop them!”

Then his smile became awe-inspiring as he said word-by-word: “I want our enemies to no longer exist on this continent.”

There was a moment of silence all around, then someone shouted out first. The beastmen were all full of war-like terror. Going to war was the only thing that could make them go crazy.

They got on their feet, shouted, raised their hands, and poured the large bowl of wine into the fire. That nearly dying spark was reignited in a moment, and the flames blazed high with a crackling sound.

Ka Zuo stood up, raised his hand, and said loudly, “Alright, Chief, you are tough stuff! We will follow you in the future!”

Hua Yi looked at him from afar, raised a wine bowl to him, and then drank it all in one gulp. The roar of the beastmen was even louder. They stamped their feet together, almost shaking the earth.

Hua Yi incited all this, but his mind was calm.

He knew that this wasn’t enough. He made everyone afraid today, but as a Chief, he couldn’t just play it fierce. There was “awe,” but it was “awe” with dread. There should also be respect.

He had only passed the first hurdle.

Hua Yi subconsciously lowered his head to look at Chang An. Chang An didn’t seem to have eaten his fill just now. At the moment, his butt was glued to the bench. Others were busy making an uproar, but he didn’t lift his head. He was busy stuffing meat into his mouth ‘til it was bulging.

As if feeling Hua Yi’s eyes on him, Chang An looked up just in time to make eye contact.

The young man’s eyes were crystal clear6清澈见底 – Water so clear, you can see the bottom, and from which Hua Yi could see neither praise nor blame. Just now, he even thought that maybe, in Chang An’s eyes, this was just a simple conflict, and it had nothing to do with him—it was all solved now.

What do you want? Hua Yi couldn’t help thinking.

The Elders and Ka Zuo wanted status, wealth, power, and beauties. He intimidated them, but then gave them these things. Suo Laimu wanted stability, so he took him to settle down in Jushan tribe. From then on, he had a foothold, and he could chatter about his gods and squander incense for them everyday.

Hua Yi felt he could give everything, so long as nobody betrayed him.

What about Chang An? What does Chang An want?

He wouldn’t say anything, so now Hua Yi was scared again.

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