Bestial Blade Chapter 31.2: Authority

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Hua Yi was saying this, but his gaze had drifted away from the beastman warrior who was at a complete loss. Hua Yi had deep eyes, making him seem gloomy1 森冷 – Literally, forest-cold, and there seemed to be a heavy smell of rust within them.

Hua Yi looked at these people without expression, smelled the familiar smell of blood, and thought numbly2麻木不仁 – Dead to all feeling; benumbed and unresponsive; petrified: “How many people had Jing Chu3Hua Yi’s second older brother, if you don’t remember. (Actually, I didn’t too, so I had to backread XD), that unfilial son, killed at that time, so that the people in the tribe were delighted to follow him, this person who couldn’t even lift a blade, a sub-beast who couldn’t move a sword? What means did he use to frighten so many warriors? How long did he scheme to turn the tribe where he was born and raised in into rivers of blood?”

For the first time, he had a taste of such authority–what he said became what it was. A word could make a person’s head roll to the ground. A word could turn the common bodyguard into an Elder, a rise and a fall4大起大落 – to change radically. Doing as he pleased was more fascinating5心驰神往 – one’s thoughts fly to a longed-for place or person; to long for; infatuated; fascinated than any kind of strength.

The blood in Hua Yi’s heart was ignited by this authority and by the slaughtering happening in the field. His entire body was raging hot, scalding. However, it didn’t last long, and after a few laps, his blood slowly cooled down again. A kind of desolate sorrow surged from within, breaking through his head, and slowly landing over him, shrouding his entire person. There was no turning back.

At this moment, Lu Quan suddenly came over and said in a muffled voice, “Chief, there is a little servant girl called A’Ye over there, saying she wants to see you.”

Hua Yi gently raised his brows, while Suo Laimu smiled.

Hua Yi glanced at Suo Laimu, thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Let her in.”

A’Ye was soon brought in. Her skirt was very long, and the other girls in the tribe envied her all the time. However, at this moment, she almost tripped over her feet. Chopped limbs had been strewn all over the place, and all around, people’s eyes had gone red from the killing. She didn’t know where to take a step.

Hua Yi stretched his waist and sat up straight. Showing an honest and benevolent smile, he said, “Just speak from over there. What do you want?”

A’Ye knelt down, ramrod straight. Her eyes first fell on Suo Laimu, then, as if instructed, she said lightly but firmly, “Requesting the chief to pardon Ka Zuo.”

Hua Yi didn’t answer. He turned his head to look at Suo Laimu again. However, at this time, Suo Laimu had his eyes down; he could only see his nose, and his nose could only see his mouth6眼观鼻鼻观口 – I’m not sure if I got this right, but it’s implying that SLM is concentrating, adjusting the senses on his body. He seemed very dignified.

“I don’t mean to blame Ka Zuo, but since you guys have conflicts with Elder Bashu’s family, then isn’t it only fair to let you settle it yourselves?”

A’Ye’s face was pale, and her big round eyes were drooping, but she gently pursed her lips and repeated what she had just said: “Requesting the chief to pardon Ka Zuo.”

Hua Yi fell silent for a moment. Even Ka Zuo stopped fighting when he heard A’Ye’s voice. He retreated two steps back despite the slash that the other person’s beast claws had given him. Frowning, he looked at A’Ye and Hua Yi. He grabbed by the shoulder one of his xiongdis, irregardless that this man was still red-eyed from killing, and whispered, “Enough!”

Ka Zuo pressed his injured shoulder and looked at Hua Yi with red eyes. His chest heaved violently. He stood still for a moment, and finally lowered his head. He said in a low voice, “Chief, A’Ye is not sensible. You…”

Unexpectedly, however, Hua Yi interrupted him with a wave of his hand, saying, “A’Ye had spoken to let it be, and so let’s call it quits ba.”

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