Bestial Blade Chapter 31.1: Authority

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Elder Bashu was speechless. He had lived for sixty or seventy years and had never heard of such a method to deal with scoundrels. But unfortunately, when he looked around, there were threatening1 冷森森 – Literally, dreadfully cold blades behind everyone. Now each and everyone’s backs had gone cold. With everybody caught up in having to look after themselves, who would have the time to express their surprise?

Elder Bashu’s face could no longer be hung securely. 2挂不住 – He can’t keep up pretenses anymore. He’s about to lose control of his feelings.

Although he had been known as brave and undaunted, as an Elder, he hadn’t needed to do things himself for a long time. He had long forgotten that he could transform into a huge beast, and that when snapping off the neck of prey, the smell of warm blood would fill his mouth.

He had plenty of properties, and he hadn’t rolled enough in the arms of a beauty, but now he was told to brandish his knife and fight those barbarians to the death in front of everybody?

Wouldn’t this be the biggest joke in the world?

Elder Bashu’s eyes were as wide as copper bells as he turned to Hua Yi and said, “Chief, I…”

Though he thought this matter was absurd and amusing, Ka Zuo, however, did not. When he saw the weapons being wielded, he had no objections. Drawing out his scimitar from the back of his waist, he suddenly took a large step forward and mercilessly swung it towards the unsuspecting Elder Bashu.

Elder Bashu’s words got stuck in his throat. The nearest bodyguard quickly pulled him aside in one step, and using the iron armor on his arm, he blocked the strike of the scimitar. With a crisp sound, the scimitar was knocked away, the tip of the blade narrowly drawing across Elder Bashu’s face. Elder Bashu let out a miserable shriek. A groove of blood was left on his face, like a flower blooming on flogged skin3皮开肉绽 – refers to the flesh lacerated from punishment. Literally, it means to be badly bruised from flogging., and it streaked all the way to one of his eyes.

Elder Bashu covered his eye with one hand. It hurt so bad that he couldn’t wait to roll on the ground. He rolled around like a headless fly4没头苍蝇 – to do things aimlessly, bawling as he craned his neck.

Everyone was alarmed, but only for a moment. Both sides had already gone to the field and chaotically traded blows. Some had transformed into beasts, and some were armed with weapons. Bearing such deep-seated hatred, no one would let anyone go.

A heavy-jowled and pot-bellied5 脑满肠肥 – Refers to the idle rich; one who is fully fed doesn’t use his brain. Literally, the brain is full of fat (oil) Elder was taking up a lot of space, and hence, was easily implicated, even knocking into Elder Bashu with an “Ah!” sound in his mouth. Panting and gasping, he took a big step to retreat to the side. He looked at Hua Yi in terror and cried out, “Chief! Chief!”

Pretending not to hear, Hua Yi bowed his head and fiddled around with his small nine-inch pocket knife. After a while, he wiped the blade and filed his nails. He was very busy.

This fat man had just taken the Elder’s seat from his late father. He was still quite hot-headed, and he attached a lot of importance to himself. Thereupon, he turned to those warriors blocking in front of him and pushed them, sputtering and muttering, “Get out of my way! I am an Elder! You sure have the guts to dare not make way!”

He was so frightened and angry that it thoroughly stirred his brain, which was already stuffed with oil, into a pot of porridge6 一塌糊涂 – muddled and completely collapsing (idiom); in an awful condition; complete shambles; a total mess.  When he said these words, he did not realize at all that the person whose eye was covered in blood, the person whom he had bumped into, was also a genuine7货真价实 – Literally, genuine goods at fair prices Elder.

As a result, he turned into a dead fat man.

It wasn’t until this fat man’s big head rolled on the ground that Hua Yi finally raised his eyes and said in a leisurely manner8 慢条斯理 – very slowly and imperturbed; to drawl out words, “An Elder, how amazing ah–but since he was killed by someone else, the person who killed him must be even more amazing. Does everybody think so too?”

Everyone then felt that there was now a murder weapon at the back of their neck. It chilled them to the bone.

Hua Yi turned to the young beastman warrior who had blood stains on his scimitar, and said with an insincere smile, “Since you killed him, you will be an Elder in the future. You can deal with his family, and all his property now belongs to you. At the beginning of each month, you sit here for him, okay?”

A large piece of pie fell from the sky, and the young beastman warrior was dumbfounded.

Hua Yi asked, “What are you called?”

“Xun…” The beastman warrior’s voice was a little dry. He cleared his throat with great effort, and then said the following words, “Xun Xun.” 9It’s not the same character repeated twice, but actually two different characters: 寻逊. I think it means “to seek modesty.”

Hua Yi gently nodded to him and said, “From this day forth, you are Elder Xun Xun.”

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What to do when you are suddenly appointed as an elder???
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