Bestial Blade Chapter 30.1: Internal Turmoil

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At this time, although the new chief Hua Yi had begun to make a difference, inside the Jushan tribe, the atmosphere was tense from both internal and external conflicts.

On one hand, it was said that several neighboring tribes wanted to send people to congratulate them. However, they didn’t know if they would come in peace.

On the other hand, the newly-joined Black Eagle group was still led by Ka Zuo.

Ka Zuo was a warrior with extraordinary strength. He could fight, but he was extremely arrogant and had a bad temper. Before, when he was in the Black Eagle tribe, he had conflicts with the people of Jushan in the big market three times a year. And now, he was getting into endless troubles with the aborigines.

Right from the start, they would glare at each other, provoke each other with words, would push and shove, and it soon escalated to bloodshed. At this point, the two sides were just trading blows. Everyone was under the impression that it wasn’t a problem, perhaps wanting to have a fight to the end.

Unless they make trouble right in front of him, Hua Yi had made up his mind to feign ignorance about it.

Luo Tong was a person with a mild temperament. This new chief would greet people with a smile even more than the previous one. But even though the needles were hidden, they were still needles behind the silk floss1绵里藏针 – A ruthless character behind a gentle appearance.. He didn’t put on airs2没架子 – literally says “didn’t have a shelf.” for anyone, and in the tribe, he was never seen dealing with anybody. Even his beast marks had never been revealed.

Hua Yi looked on coldly from the sidelines, knowing it was better to straighten out other matters first before getting involved with their troubles. Only when things were finally getting out of hand that Hua Yi, as the chief, would step forward to clean them up in one fell swoop.

According to the rules, on the first day of every month, the chief of the tribe should invite the elders and the best warriors to have a meal together and discuss the major issues of the tribe.

Hua Yi had intended to ask Suo Laimu if he wanted to be an elder, but when he saw such a monkey show, he was so angry that he forgot what he wanted to say.

But then there was Chang An, who was rubbing the tip of his nose, and he asked Suo Laimu, “Where’s the god you were talking about? Why didn’t they3In the raws, this sentence was written in a way that didn’t have to use pronouns, but I can’t do that in English. I don’t know this god’s gender, so I just used “they.” There’s only one god being referred to here though. come?”

Suo Laimu patted his ass and got up. He pointed at Hua Yi and said angrily, “He scared them away!”

Chang An looked at Hua Yi, and Hua Yi broke the fierce look on his face with great effort before meeting his eyes. Who would’ve thought that Chang An’s gaze was not in the least lethal. Chang An wrung out the water from his sleeve, then asked Suo Laimu in confusion: “God can be scared away by him? Then what use does this god still have?”

Hua Yi: “……”

Suo Laimu let out an “aiya” and shook his head, saying, “I really envy you for not understanding anything. Eat a few pieces of meat and bite on a few fruits everyday, and life is very beautiful–Think about it, people already live so well on the ground, so why look for gods? That is because we know nothing4肉眼凡胎 (idiom) – Literally, “the naked eye is a fetus.” Refers to someone utterly ignorant.. We cannot see through anything. Our minds are a mess5纷纷扰扰 (idiom) – Don’t know how to say this literally, but it’s like saying “thoughts come one after another.”, and we are mere humans6庸庸碌碌 – it basically means “mediocre” or “ordinary,” but that doesn’t flow so well, so I took some creative liberties., rushing about all day long. The soul cannot find a place to rest… Little cub, do you understand?”

Chang An obviously didn’t understand, so Suo Laimu felt regret for “having no confidant, although the world was big.” He sighed heavily and was about to rub Chang An’s head with the hand that had just patted his butt when Hua Yi slapped it away with a black face.

“Move your hands and feet7动手动脚 (idiom) – Let one’s hand and foot take too great liberties;  make motions to start a fight. again, and I’ll cripple you,” Hua Yi said angrily. “You stay far away. Your whole body is soaked with foot washing water, and it’s disgusting–The longer good people follow you, the more they’ll end up crooked.”

When he finished, he grabbed Chang An’s shoulder and dragged him away. He didn’t seem to realize that this man had more “foot washing water” than Suo Laimu.

Suo Laimu’s chicken-like feet hung in the air, nowhere to land, so he shrank back, pinched his nose, and blew for a long time.

Hua Yi heard this and thought to himself: How can such an odd beast assume the head of a group of elders? Can he hold his breath longer than others when blowing his nose? I’m so worried about him.

Hua Yi pulled Chang An all the way back to his tent, only to see that Chang An’s “home” was still as bare8家徒四壁 (idiom) – Literally, “with only four bare walls for a home.” as before. His only “property” was that large saber placed at the head of the bed.

Hua Yi was grateful and on intimate terms with him, so he didn’t lack in sending people to give him things. But those betas, pearl stones, leather and some rare treasures were all neatly arranged in the corner of the room to grow mushrooms. It could be seen that the owner didn’t even bother to turn them over.

When Chang An went to dry himself, Hua Yi frowned and looked at his residence. He felt a deep sense of guilt–He had insisted to Chang An on staying, but after the man stayed, Hua Yi had neglected this xiao xiongdi of his.

Chang An was unfamiliar with such a strange tribe, and he was unwilling to talk to others. What fun could he have on his own? Was he abducted by Suo Laimu or did he follow him to hang out?

So Hua Yi softened his voice and asked, “What else do you do besides playing with Suo Laimu?”

Chang An put his back to him as he wiped his hair into a mess. Then after three, set five and remove two9三下五除二 – neat and quick; efficiently. It’s a reference to an abacus calculation. To get an answer of three, you have to put down 5 and then move 2 beads., he took off his wet clothes and said, “I didn’t play with him. Today, he asked me to help him.”

Hua Yi’s eyes fell on him accidentally. The young man’s body was as pale as his face, but his skeleton was upright, with a thin and well-proportioned layer of muscle wrapped around the bone. His motions seemed to embody some implicit sense of power. Going down, there was a slim waist, and tied around his wet pants……

Hua Yi looked at it and felt he shouldn’t be staring at others while they were changing clothes. But on second thought, they were all brothers, what was there to avoid? He didn’t harbor any bad intentions, so he stared again as if to prove just that.

While staring, he unconsciously swallowed, feeling a little hungry

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Thank you for the update, I love to see Hua Yi as a goner for Chang An <3 And please rest your hand if it is hurting, don't over do it!

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