Bestial Blade Chapter 29.2: Inviting God

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Hua Yi took a deep breath. After getting along together for many days, he had already known that this xiongdi’s brain was not quite the same as others. Hence, he couldn’t understand common sense. So Hua Yi slowed down his tone, and patiently1谆谆善诱 – to teach and guide untiringly said, “Isn’t it good here? Isn’t it good to stay here and live with us?”

Chang An thought for a while, then asked back: “Stay here?”

Hua Yi sighed and his tone continued in all earnestness2语重心长 – sincere words and earnest wishes; words that are profound and powerful, and with deep affection; to offer weighty advice. “Xiongdi, I take you as my life’s blood brother, together with Suo Laimu and the others. So long as I’m alive, I will not betray you—Living in the mountains for so long, there are some things you are not quite clear about. People will always want to be with people and live together, even if it’s difficult, even if it’s one troublesome thing after another. If you always avoid the crowd, then you are no different from the beasts in the forest. How would you understand what being human is like?”

Chang An still had such a dispensable expression, but when he listened to this, he thought for a moment, nodded his head, and said. “En.”

Hua Yi was getting ready to have a long talk with him, even making up his mind to trick him into staying, but he was taken aback by this “en” sound. He choked for a while before he asked: “What do you mean by ‘en’?”

Chang An said: “Okay.”

He spoke this word as lightly as a feather. Then he walked around Hua Yi with no hesitation and continued to drag his large blade as he walked into the woods. Hua Yi hurriedly stopped him. “Didn’t you say it’s okay? So why are you leaving again? Why on earth do you want to go?”

Chang An glanced at him and thought that Hua Yi was too forgetful. He had just told him. Was everything he said heard while in the stomach of a dog3The full/original idiom is “reading a book in the stomach of a dog,” which means “to read without understanding.”? However, he only thought of this in his mind. Neither warm nor hot4不温不火 – mild, bland, or moderate, he still told him again: “I am going hunting.”

Hua Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He grabbed him by the collar and said, “Here, there is no lack for food and drinks. It’s the middle of the night, what kind of hunting do you wanna do?”

Chang An seemed surprised that he could eat, wondering: “Eat for free?”

Hua Yi: “……”

Tribal chiefs and elders usually hold most of the wealth. They have the power to control the finances, manage the tribe, and distribute personnel. Other things need not be personally done by them. There were naturally slaves and the sub-beast craftsmen who were of inferior status to do heavy jobs, such as farming and breeding.

Hunting and training were more for raising one’s reputation inside the tribe. Which chief would want to go hunt for their own food?

Not only chiefs and elders, but also these men’s wives, descendants, their sons’ tailors5工布朵 – literally, “flower cloth worker,” and I have no idea what that is, but I’m guessing it’s a tailor or something, guards, and even so far as some of their trusted subordinates don’t have to do manual labor–in large tribes, developing to this extent came very naturally. Only those small tribes hurriedly set up by those in exile or in hiding would be like duckweeds, not even having this kind of basic style.

Right, they called this a “style.” No one had ever referred to it as “eating for free.”

But if it wasn’t eating for free, then what did most of them normally do? For a while, Hua Yi actually couldn’t say anything.

Not knowing how to say it, Hua Yi naturally wanted to dupe him instead, so he said casually: “That’s naturally not the case. The people who don’t usually contribute are the people who do their best when the situation is crucial.”

Saying so, Hua Yi grabbed Chang An’s shoulder and pulled him back by force. He continued: “For example, wars are frequent in the north. Maybe ghost tribes who don’t have long eyes6To have long eyes is to look where one is going; to watch one’s step; to be cautious. would drop by. And in case of calamities, whether natural or man-made, you’ll have to help me carry it…”

Chang An asked, “When will the war and calamities come?”

Hua Yi’s expression was stiff. “… Can’t you hope for something good?”

“Oh.” Chang An nodded when he received the instruction, but how could he figure out what was wrong with it? After a while, he couldn’t help saying, “To hope for good, what else is there to hope for but to be able to eat for free forever?”

Hua Yi slapped the back of his head and forced it down, Chang An’s chin nearly touching his chest. He really did not want to see that ignorant expression again.

A Chang An and a Suo Laimu. One couldn’t understand shit, and the one who’s supposed to understand only understood foolish things. Simply incurable and ought to be neutralized. As Hua Yi thought so, he blurted out a phrase that he would later regret for quite a long time.

He said, “If you feel uncertain, you might as well go and ask Suo Laimu. He claims to be the most intelligent man in the world. You better ask him silly. It can also be counted as helping people get rid of a scourge7为民除害 (idiom) – to do away with the things that are harmful to the people.”

Chang An, this solid-eyed8实心眼 – refers to someone who is honest and has a one-track mind man, then went to look for Suo Laimu as he was told.

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