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Bestial Blade Chapter 29.1: Inviting God

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When one person stood up but died, the rest would naturally be well-behaved–They quietly looked on with a sallow face as the beastman prisoner’s large corpse was carried out. All of them silently agreed that this man was crazy.

And in accordance with tradition, after being lucky enough to survive, they became slaves and were assigned to different people in the tribe. Hua Yi was obviously very experienced in dividing the spoils. No one knew how he divided it, but all the big guys seemed to have no objection.

After the celebration, Chang An returned to his tent and found that there was a little boy with shackles and handcuffs inside.

The child was only seven or eight years old and had not yet grown to Chang An’s waist. He was brushing a straw mat. When he saw Chang An coming in, he silently stopped his movements. His dirty little face had black and bright eyes, and he stared at Chang An as mute as a fish. Then, he said in a tone that was quite rude: “I am your slave.”

Chang An frowned and asked, “What are you called?”


After the child Luda finished speaking, he lifted his heavy hand to wipe the snot on his face. Then he hung his head, and with an indifferent expression, he put his hands to work. After that, he clank, clank, clank, clanked towards the wooden table. He took the water jar on top of the table and poured the water in it into a bowl. Then he tossed back the jar with a “thump,” causing water to splash all over the place. Without saying a word, he lowered his head and continued to do what he had been doing, as if this person Chang An didn’t exist inside the room.

Chang An stood at the door for a while. He didn’t have any sense of territory. He just felt that this person in the room was hard to get along with. He went to the bedside, bent over and picked up his blade, then turned around to leave. But as he passed by the table, he stopped in his steps. Picking up the bowl that had half of its water spilled, he took two gulps and then left.

Carrying his saber, he walked to the edge of the tribe. After the celebration, all the people in Jushan tribe knew him. There were even women in groups of three or five, pointing at him as they whispered to one another. Chang An pretended he didn’t see them. Whenever somebody greeted him, he would give only a brief nod then walk away even faster.

Just as he was about to head into the woods, someone in the distance suddenly shouted, “Chang An!”

The voice seemed a little anxious. Chang An looked back and saw Hua Yi striding towards him. His steps were too hurried, and his forehead was dripping with sweat. He grabbed Chang An’s arm and asked aloud, “What are you going to do?”

Chang An was stunned for a moment and said, “Hunting.”

When Hua Yi heard this, he still wasn’t relieved. He asked again, nearly interrogating: “Then after hunting?”

Chang An looked at him, baffled. “Roast and eat.”

Hua Yi raised his hand and pressed hard on Chang An’s forehead, pushing him back a step. Salive nearly sputtered on Chang An’s face when Hua Yi, fuming in anger, said to him: “Nonsense, who asked you how to eat? Could it be that you want to leave after you finish eating?”

Chang An had been carrying his saber this whole time, and he was rather tired. Not understanding what the other person meant, he stabbed his saber into the ground so it could hold itself. He asked very patiently: “I sent you back, is there anything else?”

Hua Yi was practically frustrated.

He had been busy. Suo Laimu informed him that some people in the tribe used to have animosity with the Black Eagle tribe. Fearing that there would soon be conflict, he told him to pay attention. Hua Yi had just arranged for some good men to watch both sides when he overheard the laomo [1], who was drawing water, mentioning to others that she had seen Chang An: He was walking alone towards the south forest, “carrying a house beam.” He knew at once that it was gonna be bad, so he hurriedly rushed over.

Translator’s Notes

1 老嬷 – old lady / old maid/ grandma. It generally refers to elderly women, but it could also mean “nursing mothers” and “servants.” Return ▲

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