Bestial Blade Chapter 28.1: Forced to Marry

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All the unmarried young ladies happened to flock together in a group of their own. It wasn’t dark yet, so the celebration hadn’t officially started. Except for that young man who was “luckily” caught by girls, the men beside them could only drink some wine and drool over them. Nobody had expected that the young man was actually so shameless.

Then the beastman convict’s sharp claws recklessly grabbed onto the exposed shoulder of a young woman. A person is but flesh and blood, how could one block the talons and fangs of such a beast?

This girl was the daughter of a brave old hunter. Naturally, she wasn’t scared to the point that she didn’t dare open her eyes. Even though she knew the man was behind her, she didn’t panic at all. There was no place for her to hide, so she could only grit her teeth and pull out the small ornamental dagger by the side of her waist. However, perhaps her hand wasn’t fast enough, or maybe because the dagger’s case was too superfluous, the small blade got stuck in the case. In a flash, the huge bloody claws had reached her, cold light reflecting in her dilated eyes. 

At this moment, someone suddenly grabbed her waistband and pushed her back. The girl only felt her back hitting a man’s hard chest, and the dagger at her waist was pulled out very lightly. The blade “kacha”-ed, only half unsheathed. Before she could clearly see what was happening, a finger had just been cut off from the beastman’s paw.

Chang An pushed the woman in his arms towards her companion. At the same time, he was very dissatisfied with the broken dagger–this dagger was obviously not for combat. The edge was rubbed with barbecue oil, and it was as dull as a new blade that was yet to be sharpened. However, his saber was in the tent. He would have to make do with this for now.

Chang An’s palm turned over, the little dagger turning around with it, actually aiming the blade’s handle at the other party. Then he suddenly leaned forward, dodging the beast’s claws, his head knocking into the beastman’s arms. The small dagger in his hand looked like a flower when it was spun so rapidly. Its hilt brutally hit the middle of the beastman’s collarbones. The beastman’s breathing was practically cut off, and he instinctively stepped back. 

The dagger was like a poisonous snake, clinging onto the beastman’s neck with a cold and metallic smell. Not knowing when the blade was once again flipped, it was wiped on the man’s neck, smearing a layer of oil on his throat.

“Chang An!” Suo Laimu suddenly yelled. “Kill him!”

Chang An swept a glance at him from the corner of his eyes, but paid no attention. Yet, he looked at the beastman and said, “Go back.”

Chang An didn’t mean to kill. But then nobody thought that this beastman convict had gone mad, thinking that, since things were like this, he should throw caution to the wind. From the beginning, he didn’t care about his life and death. In addition, he thought that this sub-beast just didn’t dare to kill, so he lifted his claws and aimed to strike at Chang An.

Chang An scrunched his eyebrows, and the edge of the blade was abruptly pushed forward. The dagger somewhat curved inside the throat when it obliquely cut into the beastman’s neck. With a “pu,” blood splattered far away, nearly staining the young woman’s skirt.

When Chang An dodged, the beastman’s claws dropped beside his head as it lost strength. Chang An felt that this man was simply seeking his own death.

Chang An carefully wiped the blood on the dagger with his sleeves. Then gave it back to the girl, saying, “The edge of the knife curved a bit. You can change it ba.”

Nobody knew who cried out first, but a group of men clamored loudly as they stood up and surrounded him one after another, clapping Chang An on the shoulder with their fists. Chang An was completely not accustomed to such an overzealous way of expressing goodwill. And then the girl he saved suddenly announced loudly in public: “Dad, I fancy him! I want to marry him!”

A middle-aged beastman standing nearby sized up Chang An from head to toe, then asked helplessly, “Young man, how old are you?”

“……” Chang An, “Eighteen.”

“Aiyo, the other person is not yet an adult.” The middle-aged beastman glared at his daughter.

“It’s only two years away. I’ll wait for him!” The young lady boldly1理直气壮 (idiom) – bold and confident with justice on one’s side; to have the courage of one’s convictions; just and forceful. argued with her dad.

The crowd roared with laughter, and the middle-aged man’s old face was red. He felt his daughter was a bit shameless—since ancient times, girls had been booked when they reached adulthood, how could they ever hurry to catch a man? How could they not be married off ah?

The girl pushed through the crowd, went to Chang An, and said, “Hello, my name is A’Lan. What’s your name? How about I marry you?”

Everyone once again burst into laughter–without even knowing the other person’s name, she ran up to him and shouted she wanted to marry him. A’Lan’s dad looked like he wanted to find a hole on the ground to stuff her into.

Chang An was so frightened that he slowly took a big step back. Wide round eyes gazed at this girl who was a head shorter than him, yet was more aggressive and daring.

A’Lan asked, “Say, do I look good or not?”

Chang An felt that nodding his head was wrong, and shaking his head was also wrong. The hair on his skin stood up on end. A’Lan was extremely bold and vigorous that she closed in on him step by step. She took a step forward, and Chang An would take a step back, retreating into the crowd, but the rowdy men would push him out. A’Lan’s dad stomped his foot and chided her, “A’Lan, you come over here! Don’t you think you’re making a fool of yourself?”

“No!” said A’Lan.

Some mischievous people deliberately pushed Chang An towards A’Lan. A’Lan, coming over from the enemy side, didn’t mind at all. Dead pigs were not afraid of boiling water2A metaphor which means thick-skinned, domineering and unhesitant.. She’ll just have to wait for him to throw himself into her arms. Unexpectedly, at this time, a hand came in between them. Hua Yi had finally rushed over. Before Chang An could tumble towards the girl, he helped him up. 

Although his face was still smiling, he was a little unhappy in his heart. He said, “What good-looking? Such a big girl could say everything in public and have no sense of shame. Would even openly force someone into marriage.”

A’Lan asked, “New chief, what do you mean?”

A’Lan’s dad hurried forward, intending to bring back his family’s unfortunate girl back by the collar. Pity this warrior who had been gallant his whole life but was not at all good with words. At this moment, he could only jabber incoherently. “Very outrageous… Very outrageous!”

Hua Yi’s temper was tolerant, and like an accommodating person3老好人 – Literally means “good old person,” and it refers to someone who never dares to offend anybody. A people-pleaser., he answered her question: “How come, with so many people here, you only like my xiao xiongdi? Don’t scare him. He’s still young.”

A’Lan raised her chin. “He looks better than you, and he saved my life. In my eyes, he is a first-class hero. Of course I’d marry him!”

Chang An kept his head down and tried to hide himself in the crowd, thinking: I don’t want to marry a girl with such a loud voice. If so, when she’d give birth in the future, the babies will be like her. The big one and the small ones would chatter all day long, blowing up people’s skulls from the noise. How could I live?

… He seemed shy and evasive, but he was actually already worrying about such a distant thing. It could be seen that he was a very far-sighted person.

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Lizonka: Chang An’s thoughts are soooo cuuuute!!! Don’t marry a loud woman so you won’t have loud babies? Lmaaaaoooo, guess he doesn’t know that all babies are loud XD

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