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Bestial Blade Chapter 27.2: Celebration

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Suo Laimu looked at the leaves in the light and suddenly smiled. “Wielding a saber, the lightest one could already weigh up to a hundred jins [1]. It has great power when it swings down, and it can easily behead a huge beast. Wherever it goes, it is brave, fierce, and unmatched. All fowls and beast would retreat. But in the end, however, it is cumbersome and inconvenient to use in close combat. Only you wouldn’t wield it so clumsily. You seem awkward, yet you actually have great skill [2]. I have lived to now and have never seen such a saber before. You are amazing–but ah…”

He deliberately exhaled, leaving Chang An hanging. Sure enough, Chang An was lured in and asked, “But what?”

Suo Laimu said, “But it is not the best blade in the world–the best blade is a jiandao. Do you know what a jiandao is?”

Chang An nodded without hesitation. “The jiandao not only has a cutting edge, but also a sharp tip, and its spine [3] is very narrow. I studied it for a while, but it wasn’t right for me, so I changed it later.”

“That jiandao that was incomparable in all the land under heaven was extremely unusual,” said Suo Laimu. “It was as thin as a cicada’s wings. Your saber weighs a hundred jin, but that one was only a few liang [4]. It was as light as a goose feather that even a child could carry it.”

Chang An frowned. “That’s impossible. That kind of blade would break right away.”

The length of the jiandao’s blade was long and slender, which made it more likely to break than the common blade. Therefore, its spine was made much thicker than the common blade, making it look more like a long thorn than a blade. [5]

Suo Laimu ignored it and said, “It’s made from a divine iron that dropped from the Ninth Heaven. It’s indeed extraordinary, but it’s also really fragile. The person who wields it has to use light strength and the blade cannot be thrown. A little more strength and his own blade would break. His starting force also has to be vertical; else, the blade breaks into two pieces. It’s so fragile, yet so sharp. It can split a strand of hair vertically into three parts and also chop off a human head. However, the person wouldn’t even notice that their head has separated until they’ve walked ten steps away–Believe it or not, this is what the Sword God told me.”

Bei Shi had never told him this. When Chang An heard this, his eyes widened, nearly worshipping Suo Laimu. But then a hand suddenly stretched out from behind and pressed on top of his head. Hua Yi intimately crossed his arm around Chang An’s neck and said, “This silly boy, you also believe in what Suo Laimu says.”

Chang An struggled to turn his neck around in the crook of his firm arm and said, “I’ve never seen the Sword God.”

“What Sword God?” Hua Yi sneered. “What isn’t a god in his eyes? The tree has a Tree God, the flower has a Flower God, the grass has a Grass God, even the mountains and rivers are not godless–God stick, can you tell us something? Does the latrine pit have a god? Doesn’t he mind the shit?”

Suo Laimu cooly brushed him off: “Bullshit!”

Hua Yi: “Aiyo, Shit God [6], spare my life!”

Chang An finally couldn’t hold back from laughing.

Translator’s Notes

1(jīn) – catty; weight equal to 0.5 kg. Return ▲

2 Very long translation of the four-syllable idiom 大巧似拙 (dà qiǎo sì zhuō), and here is its explanation from Baidu:

A truly honest person does not fight for a name, and does not necessarily have a strong reputation. Those who establish reputation everywhere do so just for the sake of greed. A truly smart person does not show off his talents, and those who show off their intelligence and wisdom are actually doing so to hide their stupidity. 

Return ▲

3 The actual term the raws use is 刀背 (literally, the back of the blade) and it refers to the side of the blade that isn’t sharp. 

But I decided to localize the terms to make it easier to understand for English readers so that you won’t make the same mistake as me, thinking that the back of the blade is the blade’s flat surface (which is actually called the “cheek”).

Here’s an illustration from that makes it easy to visualize:

parts of a bladed weapon

Return ▲

4 unit of weight equal to 50 grams or 1⁄16 of a jin. Return ▲

5 尖刀刀背窄小,刀身细长,比普通的刀更容易折,因此刀背会比普通刀厚很多,这使得有些尖刀看起来就与其说是一把刀,更像是一根长刺。

This was very confusing to translate. Ella from the CG server gave me this image to visualize it.

long jiandao
Long “jiandao”

At this point, I no longer have any idea on how long or how short Bei Shi’s jiandao is. Until the story reveals more details, I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Return ▲

6 放屁 (fangpi) literally means “to fart,” but it’s also slang for talking nonsense or bullshit. 屁 (pi) alone just means fart. Hua Yi is actually saying Fart God instead of Shit God, but if I used the former, then Suo Laimu’s “bullshit!” wouldn’t make sense. Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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