Bestial Blade Chapter 26.1: Fear

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Chang An hadn’t dealt with such a situation before. Hua Yi was deadly earnest that he didn’t know how to reply.

Chang An chewed on the fruit for a while and felt that it wasn’t good to ignore Hua Yi. So he racked his brain for a while and said, “You don’t need to die… En, don’t mention it.1不用谢 – can also mean “you’re welcome” or “no thanks.”

But when he finished, he still thought he didn’t speak very well. He obviously couldn’t think of anything better, so he buried his head, going omnomnom, biting off the remaining half of the fruit, and plugging up his mouth so that he couldn’t speak.

Hua Yi towered above Chang An, who was braving the wind and dew. The young man’s hair had long been in a mess. At the end of it, an old white hairband was dangling, meeting neither the head nor the tail, unwilling to let loose.

Chang An lowered his eyes, and in the light from the fire, the side of his face looked particularly delicate, pretty, and soft.

Hua Yi had been through many tribes, met many of the chief’s wives and daughters, as well as various gorgeously dressed2花枝招展 (idiom) – literally, “lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze.” musicians. But at this moment, he felt that none of them were as good-looking as this young man.

The kind of good-looking that was extremely pleasing to the eye.

Hua Yi thought of this, and all of a sudden, he waved to Suo Laimu in the distance. When the “big lantern” saw it, he was indifferent, not at all in a hurry. He first stretched his body that felt as chaotic as the wind. Then he crawled up as if he had no bones and walked over, feeling very pleased with himself3摇头摆尾 (idiom) – literally, “to nod one’s head and wag one’s tail;” to have a lighthearted air.

But the next moment, he caught sight of Hua Yi blocking Chang An. His eyes brightened at once and he rushed forward with his crazy suit. A colorful face4五彩缤纷 (idiom) – a riot of colors; all the colors in profusion; a garish display. was nearly pasted on Chang An.

Chang An was caught off guard by the freak being so close to him and his body instinctively tensed. His hand on the ground grabbed the handle of his saber through its package, and he looked at Suo Laimu in consternation.

Fortunately, Suo Laimu was soon grabbed by the back of his neck by Hua Yi, and he was thrown aside like a chicken. Because of Hua Yi’s hand, Suo Laimu’s thin and slender feet5细脚伶仃 – to have thin and slender feet means your entire body is also thin and slender, and it makes you look lonely and unreliable.

Lizonka: it took me a while to figure out what this means, and I’m not even sure if I got it right. Feel free to check!
walked for about half a circle before finally wobbling to a stop, once again turning to Chang An.

Chang An found that his eyes were quite unusual, as if they weren’t very clear and had a layer of mist floating in them. At first glance, he thought that the focus of his eyes wasn’t right.

Suo Laimu looked at Chang An for a while with his misty eyes and said, “Good sword.”

Chang An’s saber had been wrapped in a parcel and was laid on the ground behind him. Suo Laimu said this, but his eyes were on Chang An.

“Full of nonsense.” Hua Yi sat beside the fire and complained discontentedly. At this time, the young girl A’ye came over and brought a whole deer leg wrapped in a big strange leaf. She gave it to them, then lowered her head slightly and quietly walked away. Hua Yi thanked her on her way and sniffed the large strange leaf wrapper. He said, “This is a Moke leaf6摩 means “to rub,” while 柯 means “stem.” So it’s like… Rubbing Stem leaf haha, a hemostatic–Black Eagle still has doctors left?”

Suo Laimu took out his knife, nimbly sliced the deer leg into thin pieces and skewered enough slices together. Then he held the leaf and wrung it, squeezing out the juice, and said casually, “That girl you rescued was one.”

Hua Yi was surprised and said, “Is that right? Such a young doctor?”

Suo Laimu looked after the roasted meat. He turned over several large meat skewers by himself and, unexpectedly, he was very skillful7游刃有余 (idiom) – to handle a butcher’s cleaver with ease and wasn’t the least bit flustered. One could see that his capability to eat was utterly perfect. Soon, the fragrance of meat wafted out from between his hands. He said very slowly: “The girl’s name is A’Ye, and she turned out to be the daughter of the Black Eagle tribe’s chief. Furthermore, she will come of age in half a year. She is the best doctor in Black Eagle. And their tribe’s number one warrior had agreed with Ka Zuo to be engaged to her. You say she’s precious or not?”

Suo Laimu shook his head and sighed. “You big silly guy actually saved such a person.”

Hua Yi was not polite at all. He pressed him down, slapped him on the face, and turned him upside down.

Doctors were indeed extremely important. Those complicated herbs and medicines must be learned by intelligent people. Not only that, they could only learn from older doctors. If one wanted to learn, they had to find connections.

After a while, Hua Yi suddenly thought of something and said, “Wait, how do you know? You’re a man. When you have nothing to do, you just directly ask about some other family’s girl?”

Suo Laimu gave him a look of extreme contempt and said, “I am an envoy of the gods. I know everything. What do you do? Did you know me on the first day?”

Hua Yi dryly replied to the “envoy of the gods”: “Pei!” 8a spitting sound

“Uncivilized fool, hopelessly stupid.” Suo Laimu snorted from his nose and hit Hua Yi with his elbow. “Take the skewer yourself. Still want me to serve you?”

After that, he quickly changed into a mild look, picked and handed Chang An a bunch of the most tender meat. Like coaxing a child, he said with all smiles, “Come, take it and eat it.”

The scent of meat and herbs hit Chang An in the face, and he immediately firmly believed that this Suo Laimu was a good person.

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