Bestial Blade Chapter 25.4 [Extra 1.2: The Best Blade in the World]

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Since then, the man had stayed in Azure Dragon tribe. His legs gradually got better and he began to move freely. He was no longer covered in thorns. He began to greet people with a smile and got familiar with them. Everybody thought that this man was only good at drinking and talking nonsense, and that the man also had quite a temperament.

In normal times, he’d go out hunting with the warriors or perhaps learn the use of herbal medicine with the doctor. His left hand was still not strong enough to use for eating, and the elder was worried at first. But later, he found out that even though he could only use his non-dominant right hand, he was still the most capable warrior. Everyone admired those who had ability, and he soon integrated into the life of this tribe… Yet, although everyone was familiar with him, they couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

When there were grand celebrations in the tribe, he’d just show his face and then leave after drinking to the last drop. He’d never stay long. Except for the elder, he was merely a nodding acquaintance with everyone, interacting just enough to get by. There were beautiful unmarried girls who secretly liked him, and they would all send someone to probe him, making the other young men jealous for a while. However, he would all push them away lightly1轻描淡写 – to sketch in light shades; to play down; to deemphasize.

He was idle everyday. There were times when he’d ask the elder to sit for a while, listening to him sing some old songs handed down from ancient times. That, or he’d stay alone with his bird–sitting on the small soil mound outside, drinking alcohol and staring blankly in front of him, perhaps silently training his remaining right hand. At this time, this man who loved to talk and laugh would look like he had a lot of things weighing on in his mind. In the past, there was an unspeakable ferocity condensed on his gentle features, resembling a sleeping fierce beast. It was also terrifying when he occasionally opened his eyes into narrow slits.

As for the man’s name, he seemed to have mentioned it, but it had been a while, and everyone just called him “the right-handed man2用右手的那个 – Literal translation would be “The one who uses the right hand,” but that’s so wordy so I just went with “the right-handed man.”.”

After another cycle of spring and summer, the northern continent yet again ushered in a frigid winter.

One day, a group of people found the Azure Dragon tribe. The guard on duty informed the leaders and elders that they didn’t dare to let them in–All the beastmen who came over wore protective metal armors, and each and every one of them looked murderous. Although the words were polite, claiming to be looking for someone, who knew what they’d actually do?

There were only two guards, both barely adults, and they were afraid of causing people’s deaths if the other party would suddenly launch an attack. Unexpectedly, these people were easy to talk to. Not letting in, then not going in. They behaved honestly and didn’t cause trouble, sitting down on the spot as they waited for their chief and elders.

The chief soon came out with a group of elders. It just happened to be that all the warriors of the tribe went out to hunt. The chief didn’t want to start any conflict, so he asked politely, “Come, good sirs, who are you looking for?”

The man who took the lead had a layer of snow above his head, and it looked like white hair. He lowered his head and said in a polite and low voice: “I heard that Bei Shi is here. He is my brother. We’ve been looking for him.”

After hearing this, the leader asked the elder inexplicably, “Bei Shi? Which is Bei Shi?”

The elder whispered, “It’s the ‘right-handed man.’”

These words originally didn’t matter; eight out of ten people would use their right hands. But the complexion of the group of men immediately changed when they heard this. The man who took the lead was even at a loss, and he couldn’t help but raise his voice to ask: “He… What happened to his left hand?”

The great elder said: “There is no cure. He went out hunting today and should be back soon. If you don’t mind, you can wait inside. It’s too cold. I’ll ask someone to boil a pot of hot wine for you.”

That man’s look turned quite ugly. He was stunned for a long time before shaking his head. He declined the elder’s kindness and said: “Thank you very much. We… We are here waiting for him to come back.”

When the chief and elders saw this, they stopped persuading them. In the dead of winter, no one was willing to accompany this group of crazy people who came from afar to suffer the cold. They turned around and went back. But that man who took the lead stopped the great elder and asked, “Elder, his left hand, is it true…”

The elder said, “It cannot be cured.”

The man’s eyes dimmed for a moment and he no longer spoke.

But that day, Bei Shi did not return with the warriors who went out to hunt. He seemed to have gotten the news first. Nobody knew how he got the news. Those men who went out with him only brought back a big bird. The bird seemed to know these men who were about to turn into snowmen. Without waiting for someone to speak, it fluttered its wings and jumped onto the leading man’s shoulder, affectionately nuzzling the man’s frozen blue chin with its face.

The man who went out with him pointed to the bird and said, “Oh, this bird is yours? The right-handed xiongdi left me a message for the owner of the bird. He said he didn’t have the face to see you, so he left. You don’t have to look for him. In the future, if he is needed, use this bird to bring a word. If it’s nothing important, then don’t look for him. Otherwise, you really won’t know where he’ll be… En, what else?”

The young beastman warrior pulled at his hair. He couldn’t remember, so he spread out his hands and said, “No more.”

Those men who came looking for someone before dark were battered out of their senses. The guard watched as the bird was held in the arms of the leader, his solid arms protecting it from the wind and snow, as if it weren’t a bird but a rare treasure. 

The elder never saw that right-handed man again in his life. He’d just occasionally go to the front of the hunt where he lived, looked at the nameless burial mound, and sighed–Later, no one would listen to him sing those old songs with obscure words and unknown sources.

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