Bestial Blade Chapter 25.2: Intersection of Life and Death

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At the same time, the ghost tribe running down the hillside finally reached the valley in a manner that scared people witless1屁滚尿流 (idiom) (pì gǔn niào liú) – to piss in one’s pants in terror.. As expected, they broke into the rebel army crowd of this Jushan tribe, and at that time, men and horses were thrown off their feet2人仰马翻 (idiom) (rén yǎng mǎ fān) – to suffer a crushing defeat; in a pitiful state; in a complete mess.. Everything was in a mess.

Old Blind’s eyes couldn’t see anything. Although he was a beastman, his combat power was basically zero. He was originally astride on the back of a beastman, but he was thrown off unaware and fell to the ground. Then, he heard the sound of a familiar bugle horn coming from a different direction.

That was the horn used by the Jushan Tribe to summon warriors to charge during a battle.

He was a blind man. He couldn’t see the Jushan tribe’s banner fluttering in the wind on the other side of the mountain, couldn’t see Luo Tong, the leader of the army, with the warriors of the Jushan tribe that should’ve been trapped, looking on coldly at this side. Couldn’t see Luo Tong suddenly wielding his machete, and tens and hundreds of sword-wielding half-transformed beastmen came roaring, falling into the formation for a pincer attack3The pincer movement, or double envelopment, is a military maneuver in which forces simultaneously attack both flanks (sides) of an enemy formation. with those who were after the ghost tribe.

But there was only one thought in Old Blind’s mind–they were being sent into a pit.

The battle ended as if the autumn wind was sweeping away the withered leaves4秋风扫落叶 – to wipe out the corrupt and evil in an easy way.. Chang An had never seen such a battle. He was still holding the saber in one hand, and before he thought of withdrawing his wrist, the battle was already settled.

The fierce bandits of the ghost tribe and the rebels of the Jushan tribe were all killed.

The pursuers of the ghost tribe carried several different flags, and it seemed to be an alliance between different tribes. Jushan tribe’s chief, Luo Tong, stepped forward and bowed solemnly as he made a salute5salute to the pursuers, saying: “The traitors from my tribe are like greedy jackals. I don’t know what to say.”

The allied tribe forces looked at each other, and from the middle, a man with a sad expression came forward. He was silent for a moment, then he returned the salute, saying, “We returned late.”

Then he lowered his head, as if he was trying to restrain something. The corners of his mouth were tight. After a long time, he spoke again, “The enemy is dead.”

Everyone understood that this man would not take out their anger on others, for “injustice had a head, and debt had a master.6冤有头,债有主 – For every grievance, someone is responsible; for every debt, there is a debtor (idiom); when settling disputes, one should not involve third parties.

Then, the man walked to Hua Yi.

Chang An then jumped off from Hua Yi’s back, silently backed to one side, raised his hand with a “crack,” resetting his wrist sharply.

Hua Yi turned into a human form. The man suddenly bowed deeply and said, “You saved A’ye. From now on, I, Ka Zuo, will be your friend, and our Black Eagle tribe as well will be your friends. If you have something, tell us. Or find someone to send a letter. We are all ready to die for you.”

Hua Yi looked up and saw a young girl sitting on the back of a giant beast on the hillside far away. It was the one he had saved.

After Ka Zuo spoke, he patted Hua Yi on the shoulder, then turned around to leave.

Just then, a person behind Luo Tong suddenly spoke up. It was a gentle and pleasant male voice, like a cool and refreshing breeze. Completely incompatible with this cruel battlefield. He heard the man say, “Ka Zuo xiongdi, don’t be in a hurry to leave.”

Chang An was idly watching the excitement, going with the flow, then he nearly jumped up.

Who knew what was wrong with that man’s face. It was really round and brightly-colored, like a big colorful parrot. Chang An didn’t know what to think about it. With a hat two feet high on his head, it looked he had a tower on. His lower body was covered with animal hides, while his upper body was completely soft and drooping. When he moved, it would shake left and right, like a walking lantern.

Only then he heard Hua Yi sigh, as if feeling extremely humiliated, and he spoke in a tone that sounded like he was too embarrassed to speak: “Suo Laimu.”

The “big lantern” stepped forward, walked to Luo Tong’s side, and said, “The Black Eagle tribe had suffered greatly. Now, there are only less than twenty beastmen and one underage girl left. How can you go on?”

Ka Zuo stepped in and looked at him without saying a word.

“Big lantern” Suo Laimu bent down and sincerely spoke in his breezy voice: “Join us, and let’s live together ba. You can move to the fertile soil beyond the river and take over the property of the traitors who killed your relatives. Jushan will be as fair and warm to you as to your family.”

Ka Zuo froze for a moment, then he said that he would discuss it first with his tribe.

So that night, several tribes that lived not far away scattered one after another. Meanwhile, Ka Zuo, Luo Tong, and the others stayed in the valley to rest and reorganize.

Hua Yi stretched his body widely after he finally turned over the task to Luo Tong, and he felt that his bones had become somewhat lighter by a few points. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to take over the tribe; rather, he raised his head to look at Chang An. The young man still didn’t join in the crowd, looking quite out of the group. He didn’t know where he got a fruit, but he seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

Hua Yi suddenly smiled and walked to him. 

Chang An was sitting next to a small fire when Hua Yi stood tall in front of him, almost blocking the light. He looked up and heard Hua Yi say: “As with Ka Zuo, I’ll give it to you too.”

Chang An was far from elegant when he was eating. Half of the fruit was bitten off, and his cheek was bulging. He looked at Hua Yi blankly.

“I’ll keep to heart what happened today. From now on, I, Hua Yi, will be your friend. If you have something, tell me. Or find someone to send a message. I am ready to die for you.”

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