Bestial Blade Chapter 25.1: Intersection of Life and Death

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The Jushan elder was taken aback. He didn’t expect Hua Yi would be so difficult to deal with. What was more unexpected was that the young sub-beast who would only foolishly eat, sleep, and won’t even speak was even more troublesome.

The saber’s attack range was very wide. If it weren’t because Chang An was guarding Hua Yi, who had already turned red-eyed from killing, its destructive power among the masses could’ve been even more frightening–Could it be that, with so many people, all the sub-beasts monsters in the world had already been encountered by Silver Fang?

The great elder’s nerves immediately collapsed to the extreme. Hearing the forceful footsteps and the sound of horse hooves closing in, his whole person trembled. There was a “boom” in his head, and he knew that another problem had arisen1节外生枝 (jié wài shēng zhī) (idiom) – a new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising..

However, immediately afterwards, the people here who were in a chaotic mess could see exactly where the men and horses were from afar. Those people were carrying human bone flags. Each and every one of them were burly men. The elder was terrified at first, but soon after he was delighted–The ghost tribe was coming!

The people of the ghost tribe wouldn’t do anything productive. All day long, they were unwilling to do any proper business. They’d just wander around, burning, killing, and pillaging. They were naturally not a good thing, but the great Jushan elder had lowered himself to collude with them. And at that moment, he of course had to condescend and regard them as allies.

The beastmen soldiers who’d kill and hunt all day cannot talk to each other. In the eyes of the elder, they came just in time. These dozens of fierce bandits, even in wheel battles2车轮战 (chē lún zhàn) – the tactic of several persons taking turns in fighting one opponent to wear him down., would be able to block those two people inside.

But before the elder could even have time to rejoice, a spear was launched high into the sky from behind those men. It pierced right into the thigh of a giant creature that was among the fierce bandits in the middle of the ghost tribe.

Only then did the elder notice that the length of the human bone flag was not right. It was half folded.

He pushed aside the guards around him, transformed into his human form, then jumped onto the body of his subordinate who was in beast form. He anxiously looked back from afar, and it was as if a basin of cold water was poured on his head–The elder realized that such a momentum couldn’t have been made by those dozens of people. The fierce bandits of the ghost tribe had been clearly driven away. Behind him, the sounds of shouting and killing abound, and spears and arrows fell like rain.

This pitiful great elder was already of age, but in the blink of an eye, his heart had risen and fallen several times; he couldn’t even tell which way was north.

The elder’s eagerness to stand tall and see far3登高望远 (idiom)(dēng gāo wàng yuǎn) – taking the long and broad view; acute foresight.  made his entire person a live target. Of course, Hua Yi wouldn’t let such an opportunity slip. All of a sudden, he clasped the neck of a frantic sub-beast in the crowd. When the sub-beast fell to his knees, Hua Yi stepped on top of his back, leaped up in the air, and threw out the nine-inch knife at an extremely tricky angle.

Without the least bit of suspense, it went right through the elder’s throat. When Hua Yi landed back on the ground, he no longer had a weapon.

Then the swords and the beastmen’s claws came down one after another from the top of his head. From Hua Yi’s point of view, it was simply all black and no daylight4不见天日 (idiom) (bù jiàn tiān rì) – to suffer from oppression; a world without justice.. If he didn’t move, he’d be chopped into meat and mud. Even if he had been in the form of a beast, he’d still be crushed to the ground.

However, the saber, which had always been closely following him, grasped the gap between the weapons as quick as lightning, passing through the cartilage of a beastman’s claw. Chang An pressed down on the hilt to the extreme. Adding his own weight, he raised the blade high, which made him having to support this blow.

However, this was only a moment of lightning5电光石火 (idiom) – refers to something that happens extremely fast and/or ephemeral things, like lightning.. Chang An had always been “heavily” suppressing his opponents with his saber. This time, he didn’t have a choice but to bear the weight of the saber himself. His hand was shaking as he pressed on the hilt. The upward pressure he had to exert on the blade nearly made him immediately lose strength, and the joints on his right wrist were suddenly staggering.

Chang An was forced to release his hand and the saber’s blade was pressed down again.

But he wasn’t at a loss. One end of the handle that originally touched the ground bounced up. Without looking away from Hua Yi, he leaned back and hit the handle with his shoulder towards one direction. The blade nearly wiped Hua Yi’s hair as it swept past, stabbing into a beastman’s body, then its handle fell right into Hua Yi’s hand.

Hua Yi immediately reached for it, bent over, and swung it over his back, wiping off the necks of several people, while at the same time, knocked away flying the machete coming at him from the back with a clang.

He wasn’t eager to keep fighting, so he turned around, picked up Chang An, and instantly transformed into his beast form. He threw the person and saber together on his back, and within a few steps, he was sticking out of the encirclement.

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