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Bestial Blade Chapter 23.1: Revelry

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Hua Yi heard the even and gentle breathing from the person on his back and thought, “Bastard, don’t drool on my back.” He couldn’t help but lighten his pace.

The elder couldn’t stand seeing Old Blind being so cautious and apprehensive, so he went up and used his gaze to signal him to move aside since he looked so useless. Then he went to Hua Yi, glanced at Chang An, and said softly: “Ghost tribe activities have been rampant recently. The chief couldn’t get away, so he sent me to pick you up. Silver Teeth xiongdi [1], don’t feel that we were being negligent.”

Although Hua Yi was sneering in his heart, his face remained calm. He gently nodded his head and said nothing.

These large, stupid, and crude Northern beastmen were always actively engaging in tricks and conspiracies when they had nothing else to do. They thought they were the smartest in the world, while others were only fools who could only go hunting and work themselves to the bone. These people were truly the ancestors of plots and conspiracies.

Chang An knew nothing about this, so he had to start from the beginning.

The employer of Hua Yi’s mission this time was not just anyone else, but the chief of one of the largest tribes here–the chief of the Jushan Tribe.

The leader of the Jushan tribe was called Luo Tong. This man was in his prime, but in his whole life, he had only ever married one sickly wife, and his feelings were as deep as the ocean.

What a beautiful wife she was, but Hua Yi unluckily hadn’t seen her. He only knew that she had died of illness, leaving Luo Tong with a sub-beast son.

Luo Tong followed his wife, hovering between life and death. He never looked at others anymore as he lived with his young son. It’s a pity that this son was like the dead mother in all aspects. He was born weak, and his temperament and appearance were as weak as a little girl’s. He was spoiled and pampered by his father all day long, yet he’d still fall ill every two or three days. 

Luo Tong’s son was eleven or twelve years old. He couldn’t chop firewood and he couldn’t hunt. He had no skills, and he was really useless at reading and writing. Who knew what went on with him, but he was really fucked up.

Luo Tong was anxious. The doctor said that there was nothing he could do, but he didn’t expect that the child was fated not to die. And at this time, it just so happened to be the flowering season of the Divine Grass.

There was only one Divine Grass in the entire continent, and it grew on top of Holy Snow Mountain. Legends said that the Holy Snow Mountain was a burial mound dug out by the Great God when he came to the earth.

The grass on the Great God’s burial mound was the only one of its kind.and was out of the ordinary. It was extremely precious, for it bloomed only once in a thousand years. 

This flower had no use. But if you press and dry it, it could turn a person who was originally a sub-beast into a beastman possessing the strength of a King of Beasts.

Beastmen had strong self-healing abilities. If one could become a beastman, the minor illnesses brought by the beast from the womb becomes nothing.

The love saint Chief Luo Tong entrusted this matter to “Silver Teeth of the Mercenaries” and other people of the same grade, and offered a costly price for such a task–He promised Hua Yi that if he could save his son’s life, his rich and powerful Jushan Tribe would immediately salute to and give presents to their group of outlaws.

In the face of such a deal, Jushan’s elder was naturally unwilling. For fear that a new leader might delay his interests in the tribe, he was not only unwilling, but also courageous and rebellious. The elder secretly colluded with a ghost tribe, urging them to invade the surrounding small tribes in order to hold back Luo Tong. Then he took the lead in intercepting Hua Yi, preparing to strangle the deal in its infancy.

Seeing Hua Yi follow them unsuspectingly, he was half-relieved as he thought he had captured the enemy so easily.

Although the elder of Jushan couldn’t see where the mercenary Silver Teeth was better than others, except for his white hair, he had heard of his life-threatening ability–if he wasn’t skilled, he wouldn’t have gotten what the entire continent was going after.

The elder decided not to beat the grass and frighten away the snake [2]. It was better to find an opportunity. For example, when this man’s defenses were lowered, he could gain victory with unstained swords [3] by coming at him all of a sudden.

After dealing with Silver Teeth, dealing with his little minions would naturally be easy. He can get rid of them with the hands of the ghost tribe. Let Luo Tong and the ghost tribe kill for a while, and then he’ll pick someone convenient. And in passing, he’d have Luo Tong and his sick son cleaned up, and then make himself the chief.

The elder thought that the plan was perfect, so he ordered a dozen people to observe Hua Yi carefully along the way and wait for him to relax his vigilance.

As for Chang An who was with Hua Yi, the elder wasn’t as cautious as Old Blind, so he didn’t pay attention to him at all.

The elder thought Chang An was just a little toy that who knew where Hua Yi picked up. He was of the same mould as Luo Tong’s sick son. Apart from when he was eating, the amount of time he could see him open his eyes was less than the amount of time he was clear-headed.

But the problem was that Hua Yi, whom he wanted to kill, was always cautious. As they got closer to their destination day by day, the elder got impatient.

He didn’t dare add anything to Hua Yi’s food. Each and every one of these mercenaries had crawled their way out from a pile of corpses to get to where they were now, so no one knew their exact strength. Silver Teeth wouldn’t let his guard down. It wouldn’t be good if he beat the grass and frighten the snake away. 

The elder had no choice but to secretly consult with Old Blind.

The elder asked, “What can I do if I can’t find an opportunity?”

Old Blind whispered: “Don’t panic. Sixty miles ahead, there’ll be level ground [4]. I’ve calculated it. On foot, we can get there just in time for the Autumn Hunting Festival. Get some good wine, and then buy some beautiful women on your way back. We’ll nicely call Silver Teeth over to celebrate the festival, but then we’ll never let him leave the valley.”

The elder frowned for a moment and asked, “Do you think it will work?”

Old Blind sneered: “Young men are all hot-blooded [5], and what is Silver Teeth? I know these mercenaries can put up a life or death struggle in a day, but apart from wine and sex, they have no other comfort.”

The elder supported Old Blind’s golden rule.They secretly dispatched some men to a nearby tribe to gather people they could buy. This was obviously a lot of work, but their subordinates were highly efficient.

Some of them were bought from poor families, and some were beautiful slaves–This was the fate of those who were defeated in tribal wars but were not killed.There were even travelling merchants who’d walk the whole continent and do the business of selling people.

Old Blind was of old age, and as such, he was fond of pondering over past causes and future effects. Seeing Hua Yi who was like form and shadow [6] with the young sub-beast, he went out of his way to investigate him. As a result, he discovered that this boy was very dumb, and his whole personality was basically just doing what he usually did no matter what others said. And he completely had no interest in everything around him. Between the two… at present, there seemed to be no ambiguous sentiments.

Old Blind thought that if Hua Yi did have such an idea, he probably didn’t succeed. Hence, he specifically instructed the elder to not buy only women but also some beautiful young sub-beasts, just in case.

Translator’s Notes

1 Xiongdi means little brother, but not necessarily blood-related. Return ▲

2 打草惊蛇 (idiom) – To act rashly and alert the enemy. Return ▲

3 兵不血刃 (idiom) – An effortless victory. Return ▲

4 山坳 – A col; level pass between mountains; a mountain depression. Return ▲

5 血气方刚 (idiom) – to be impetuous and easily give in to passion; young and vigorous. Return ▲

6 形影不离 – inseparable Return ▲

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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