Bestial Blade Chapter 22.2: Can't Distinguish Friend from Foe

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Hua Yi successfully diverted Chang An away from the awkward topic. He thought proudly that this xiao xiongdi was really strange–he was so gullible.

He was so pleased with himself that he subconsciously started humming the little song of the winged race even though he didn’t know what it meant and strode ahead. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that traveling with Chang An was better than with his previous companions–he can assist during fights, and when Hua Yi was free, he can amuse himself with him. In this way, Hua Yi could forgive him for his abominable behavior of just standing by and watching from the sidelines.

As a result, before Hua Yi could be completely satisfied, he heard Chang An suddenly ask from behind him, “But what does this have to do with what I just asked you?”

Hua Yi tripped over the root of a large tree and fell down in a bad position.

He rolled on the spot and fell flat on his back. He looked up and saw Chang An inexplicably looking down on him.

The young man was against the light, and he looked so beautiful that Hua Yi was in a trance. Hua Yi knew he was a lecherous man, but at the sight of this, he felt soft at first. He thought, Beauties ah, even if this guy were to hold a wooden club1A wooden club is used for beating clothes when washing them, he’d still look so beautiful. You can’t bear to scold him. In the end, he paused for a while, only to bemoan and cover his face with his hand.

However, at this moment, a vibration came from the ground in the distance. Hua Yi’s movements stopped. Under his palm, his eyes had emitted a cold light–From the shaking, he could judge the number and speed of his opponents. This was obviously a group of beastmen with more than a hundred people. It was menacing. At this speed, they were definitely not a group of travelling merchants.

Hua Yi was about to give a warning, but when he looked up, Chang An was no longer there. He was stunned for a moment and found that he hadn’t noticed when and where the young man hid.

Hua Yi frowned. He looked around and finally found Chang An in a big tree. The other side deliberately exposed a hand, apparently indicating his own hiding place.

Was this “beauty” a monster? He must be a monster?

With boundless frustration, Hua Yi quickly followed and jumped up the tree.

Soon, the group of people arrived with great strength and vigor. Hua Yi saw the familiar tribal flag and was instantly shocked. It was his employer’s flag, and in the crowd, he saw a familiar person.

His eyes were blind, half his face was animal-like, and long hair was growing near his nose. He wasn’t a man but also wasn’t a beast. Suddenly, he waved his hand and the fast-moving beastmen stopped at once.

The blind man’s nose tipped gently then soon locked on Hua Yi’s position. He turned his head in the direction of his hiding place.

Hua Yi was familiar with this person. He was aware of his unique skill of walking all over the world by his nose. The blind man had probably already noticed his scent earlier, so Hua Yi no longer hid. He jumped down from the tree and stopped in front of the blind old man. Hesitantly, he asked, “Old Blind? Why are you here? What about Suo Laimu?”

Old Blind smiled at him with his weird face and said in a hoarse voice, “He’s a sub-beast, what do you want with him? And rest assured, they’re all in Luo Tong’s place now. Both Shan Xi and Lu Quan have already arrived, but they’re not as capable as you, who is still alive and kicking. The others are still on their way. Chief Luo Tong has sent me and an elder to pick you up.”

As his voice fell, an old beastman came out from the crowd. Pressing one hand against his chest, he slightly leaned his body toward Hua Yi.

Hua Yi returned the courtesy, though it could not be seen in his expression. With one hand behind him, he slightly signalled to Chang An who was still hidden in the big tree.

The elder said to Hua Yi: “Please.”

As soon as Hua Yi raised his leg, Old Blind’s nose shook a bit. He frowned, turning his face again to the direction of the big tree, and asked, “You’re… you’re with a friend?”

The scent of a sub-beast was lighter than a beastman, yet Old Blind unexpectedly still noticed him.

Hua Yi’s face didn’t change as he responded, “He’s a child I ran into along the way, but we were brought together by fate. I brought him back with me, but because of these sudden changes, he’s a little unwilling to meet people. Don’t take offense–Chang An, come down.”

Chang An came down from the tree and he swept his eyes over their faces.

The elder was surprised as he sized up Chang An. He wondered: “A… a sub-beast?”

Chang An just looked down at his toes and didn’t say a word. He didn’t know what these people were doing, so he dared not speak rashly. Hua Yi said that “he was unwilling to meet people,” so Chang An pushed the boat along the current2To make use of the current situation to achieve one’s end and put on the appearance of being “unwilling to meet people.” Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult. It could be said that he was quite an actor.

Hua Yi lightly grabbed Chang An by the shoulder and said, “I’ll take him with me, don’t worry.”

The elder’s eyes were like daggers as he swept them over Chang An. He saw that he was well-dressed and didn’t look unkempt at all, very unlike someone who had been travelling. He also looked good, so the elder immediately understood what he was. He nodded and said to Hua Yi: “Please.”

Hua Yi turned to Chang An and said, “Sit on my back.” Then he transformed into a giant beast and bent down.

Chang An didn’t bother to be polite either. He sat on Hua Yi.

Beastmen were born with great strength; Chang An’s weight was nothing. However, when he picked up the large package from the ground, this was not the case.

Hua Yi had spun a cocoon around himself3作茧自缚 (idiom) – to get caught in a trap you made… or falling into a pit you dug. He didn’t expect that this guy’s large saber wasn’t corrupted with inferior substances at all. It was completely genuine. Carrying this guy’s saber on his back was like carrying a large wild boar that could knock down a house.

However, in front of other people, Hua Yi couldn’t show it, so he gritted his teeth and carried him on his back. He thought that, in case he got into another fight, this little bastard would have to show up and work harder, for Hua Yi had suffered all the way.

Old Blind hesitated for a while. He knew of a more peculiar sub-beast, so he thought that this sub-beast was either a complete waste or perhaps some kind of monster.

Old Blind had dealt with Hua Yi several times before. He knew that Silver Fang was a person who’d think things through. It was absolutely impossible that he’d give into lust and pick up a shady person along the way. He was afraid that Hua Yi would pick up another Suo Laimu, so he’d often rub a few words, intentionally or not, towards this youngster throughout the journey.

However, Old Blind soon found that the young man seemed to be mute. No matter how much he spoke, the other person had no response. His eyelids were drooping and he said nothing.

The elder looked at him coldly and saw that the face of the young sub-beast was pale. He seemed to have some deficiency or illness. The young man kept his head down and played around with the excessively large package in his hand. Then he sat for a while; he seemed to be uncomfortable. He was breathing a little fast and he subconsciously reached out and pressed on his chest.

He suddenly fell ill?4还是个病鬼?– I’m really confused with this one. It originally says something like “He’s [still] a sick ghost/demon?” and I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, but I assume the old man is just surprised Chang An seemed to be sick.

Old Blind paid attention to the wrong person5对牛弹琴 (idiom) – Literally, “to play the lute to a cow.” It’s to offer a treat to an unappreciative audience. Same meaning as “pearls before swine,” if you’re more familiar with that. for a long time and his mouth was getting dry. He never got a response, so he retreated to one side.

Chang An lowered his eyes, took out a few slices of herbs, and chewed them in his mouth.

He could feel that Old Blind was guarding against him, seemingly afraid of him. He spoke with flattery, but amidst it his words were closed off, as if on a watch for something dangerous. Chang An couldn’t understand what danger and fear were. Growing up, he seldom felt “fear.” After thinking about it for a while, he was still confused. He seemed to have finally understood what Bei Shi meant when he told him to go down the mountain and meet other people.

There were so many things down the mountain.

The bitterness of the herbal medicine slowly spread throughout his body, and the chest pain caused by the rush of the journey made him tired. Bored, Chang An curled up with his saber on Hua Yi’s back then fearlessly went to sleep once again.

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