Bestial Blade Chapter 21.2: Contradictions

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Just then, a woman suddenly appeared in front of them… Maybe she was too young, so one could only consider her as a girl. She was naked, and there were all kinds of scars on her exposed skin. Her black hair braids were spread out, and the ends of the hair were stained with a lot of blood. Embarrassed, she tripped and fell directly before Hua Yi’s feet.

Hua Yi instinctively took a step back. Right after, a huge beast transformed from a beastman came out of the forest. He was going to pounce on the woman, but when he saw Hua Yi, he paused. He couldn’t figure out whether this man who suddenly appeared was friend or foe.

Hua Yi stood still, facing the beast.

The woman at his feet stretched out a blood-stained hand and gripped the corner of his garments imploringly.

Her hands were very beautiful and her skin was tender. Aside from her new injuries, she didn’t have any calluses. In normal times, she probably doesn’t work. She can be said to be very beautiful. The torn skirt had an intricate lace. It would take months for the most skilled woman to weave such a delicate and complicated lace. Looking at it like this, if she wasn’t from the tribal leader’s family, she was most likely a daughter from an elder’s family. 

Hua Yi looked at her sympathetically–the nobles of these tribes enjoyed the best things and the flattery of others in their daily life. During this time, they will have to come out to plead guilty for the entire tribe, so it was only fair.

The giant beast opened its mouth, bared its ugly and bloody teeth, and looked at Hua Yi ferociously with a threatening face.

After a while, Hua Yi slightly lowered his head, avoiding the beastman’s look and showing subservience. He looked very careful and even smiled pleasantly. In a low voice, he said. “My xiongdi and I are just passing by and don’t want to cause trouble.”

After he said this, in order to express his sincerity, he bent down and gently pulled his clothes from the woman’s hand. Facing her increasingly desperate eyes, he sighed and looked at her with complex eyes. “Woman, this is your life. You can’t blame others.”

The girl let out a short, desperate cry.

Chang An frowned. His palm was on the handle of his saber hidden in the baggage.

But before he had time to move, Hua Yi had reached the side of the giant beast with his head bowed. As he walked, he said, “We are foreigners who are unfamiliar with this place. We broke in and didn’t mean it.”

The giant beast gave him a dismissive look, then turned sideways proudly, letting the man, who claimed to be only passing by, pass. As they brushed past him, he heard this big cowardly man endlessly muttering: “Fighting everyday ai… you Northerners ah, ke you’re truly…”

The moment the three words “ke, you’re truly” came out, Hua Yi leaned sideways, looking like he was extremely afraid of bumping into the other party. At that moment, his hand, which was hidden on his side, suddenly pulled out without any foreboding. Even Chang An couldn’t see him moving his shoulders as he accurately put his nine-inch knife into the beast’s throat.

“… Savage.” Hua Yi held the handle of the pocketknife and touched the warm blood gushing out of the beastman’s neck as he said this word with a straight face.

The color of his knife was very dark that you couldn’t see an inkling of it in the darkness of the night. Cutting into the flesh felt as smooth as cutting a melon. Hua Yi’s hand gently moved down, and the giant beast’s throat was cut apart along with its large blood vessels. Without a word, the giant beast fell down.

Hua Yi leisurely reached out to catch the giant body of this beast. He caught such a big guy that was almost as tall as him when he landed on all four limbs, yet it looked effortless. Then he bent down, wiped the blood on his hands and knife on the giant animal’s fur, and gently put the body on the ground.

All these happened in the blink of an eye. Hua Yi killed the person like a goose feather falling into sand. It was done so quietly that it was on a whole different level.

Then Hua Yi picked up the girl from the ground, beads of blood rolling from the center of his brow down the straight bridge of his nose. He casually wiped it, grabbed a handful of dried meat from the food he carried with him and gave it to her, saying, “Run.”

The girl gave him a deep look, took the dried meat and plunged into the thick forest.

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