Bestial Blade Chapter 20.2: Escort

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Chang An acted on his words. The next day, he followed Hua Yi with his saber on his back. 

He didn’t talk much, but it wasn’t boring. He had a kind of curiosity peculiar to people of his age.

This savage child who grew up in the mountains was extraordinarily ignorant. He’d shake his head in answer to all questions. He didn’t even know that the sea and land were divided into two parts: North and South.

Chang An was fascinated about the stories of distant places. When they got nothing else to do while roasting meat, he’d constantly urge Hua Yi to talk more. Hua Yi would get so excited that the words would flow out unceasingly and he’d show off. But he soon found out that this brat was just taking these new things as stories to pass the time. Not only did Chang An had no idea about “city states,” he also didn’t know of the commonly used “betas” in the two continents.

“Then, do you know of ‘pearl stone’?”

This time Chang An showed an expression that he understood. “Is it money? I know this. I saw Zhe Yan use it for trading when I was young.”

“What on earth did you eat growing up?” Hua Yi asked as he felt for the beta coin in his arms. It looked like a shell, but it had a lustrous gleam.

It was said that this kind of thing first grew on the seafloor. The creatures on the seafloor offended the gods, so the sea water was drained by their wrath. The continent floated up, and countless sea creatures dried up in the sun and the air and became the ancient dead. The animals inside died, and the dried shells became “betas.” They looked very uniform, as if measured by a ruler. Not one was bigger or smaller than the other. The surface was harder than steel and very wear-resistant. It was also lightweight and easy to carry.

It was said that people use gold and silver in the South, but after all, gold and silver were too heavy. In the north, people would only accept betas.

“Like pearl stones, betas are also money. One beta is equal to sixteen pearl stones,” Hua Yi explained.

Chang An tried to calculate it in his head, figuring out what it was like to have a beta that equalled sixteen pearl stones. But not for long, he gave up. He took over the “big money” and played it in his hands for a while. After some time, he got bored. It was hard, and he could neither eat nor drink it, so he threw it back to Hua Yi with no hesitation.

Zhe Yan had a few pearl stones, and Bei Shi didn’t even have any money, yet weren’t they still able to live well? Therefore, this thing was useless.

Chang An carefully listened to Hua Yi’s description of the “mercenaries.” He heard that these mercenaries risked being hunted down by many people as they worked for their employer just to steal such useless things. He looked at Hua Yi with pity in his eyes–Chang An thought he was a bit silly.

This young man was a total outlier, letting Hua Yi have the illusion that Chang An wasn’t really a person. He was an animal who knew human language and was in human skin.

The two of them went all the way to the East. Along the way, they encountered dozens of bandits hunting them down. Although Chang An was an escort, most of the time he’d just watch from the sidelines, never doing anything until the situation turned dangerous.

He had such amazing swordsmanship and was only seventeen or eighteen. Hua Yi thought he would be very aggressive. However, after more than half a month, he found that, although Chang An acted strangely, he had his reasons.

If no one came to provoke him, he wouldn’t provoke others. He even proposed to walk around the surrounding tribes to avoid any trouble.

He could even coexist peacefully with the animals. While on the road, they once stopped to rest. Chang An sat on the ground and drank some water with his back against a big tree. Hua Yi saw with his own eyes a young horned deer that was out of its mind, and it dared jump over Chang An. Unexpectedly, the young man was only slightly stunned. He didn’t even care enough to lift his head.

He hunt as much as he ate, and he’d never kill indiscriminately.

In this way, Hua Yi’s vigilance towards him was put down after strangely getting along with him day after day.

After getting used to his peculiar travelling companion, Hua Yi even thought that his weirdness was very cute. He lived cleanly and hid nothing… except, of course, if he was dealing with their pursuers. This “lovely” xiao xiongdi would be even better if he wouldn’t just sit on the branch and chew pine cones while he watched the fun as Hua Yi dealt with his enemies.

On this day, the two passed through a forest belonging to a certain tribe, and they planned to find a guest house where they could rest for a while. However, when they had just approached the house, the two of them stopped at the same time.

“A fishy smell.” Chang An turned to Hua Yi and said, “There is blood here.”

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