Bestial Blade Chapter 20.1: Escort

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For the mercenaries, the night had always been long. Sleep was a luxurious thing, yet danger lurked everywhere and there was nothing they could do about it.

Hua Yi could hardly remember the last time he slept in the dark. Even when he closed his eyes, there were always some nerves all over his body that would stay awake.

Especially when he was on his own.

It wasn’t easy making a living, and fighting had become instinctual–from the moment he opened his eyes in the morning until late at night.

Hua Yi would sometimes think about what it was he wanted to do while he was living like this. It seemed like he wasn’t interested in anything. There was more pain than happiness. The scars on his body numbered more than the sugar in his mouth. If he wanted happiness, he’d have to dig out his heart and lungs to find some fun for himself.

He had no family. He had some friends, but most of them were like him. He also dared not expect to have a wife.

Talking about it was useless, because maybe he’d die within a day or two. He had to run around every day in order to complete the missions assigned to him by his employers. And when he’d get more money and capital, he’d have to find Jing Chu of the Snow Wolf Tribe to exact his revenge. And what came after revenge? He had no idea. He couldn’t think of it, and he had no expectations for anything.

Yet he didn’t want to live like this; he didn’t want to die–he desperately did not want to die.

One time, an enemy cut his stomach open, but he just shoved the intestines flowing out back into his body as he crawled and waited for his companion to arrive. On the other hand, Hua Yi would do his work as if he were half-dead. He lived like a desperate man who had no regard for his life. Yet, he had a kind of fierce persistence for this word “life.”

As if he was determined, as if it was merely indignation…

He didn’t know why he was so contradictory.

There was only one person around and he was sleeping. No one would see him smile, so he stopped smiling. The dancing flames were reflected in his eyes that one couldn’t clearly see his eyes. Only shadows could be seen.

After a while, Hua Yi turned to look at Chang An. He watched him for some time before arriving at a simple conclusion.

Like the doings of ghosts and gods, Hua Yi moved closer to Chang An and tentatively waved his hands in front of him. But the young man didn’t move, his breathing still gentle. His sleeping face was as calm as a child’s. Hua Yi sat in the same place for a while, and he was so idle that it hurt. So he move forward again, and now he was about a foot away from Chang An’s face. He waved his palm like a fan, forming a small breeze that it lifted a strand of hair from Chang An’s bangs.

Chang An remained unresponsive.

Could anyone in this world sleep like the dead in such a dangerous forest? Hua Yi couldn’t believe it–unless he was born with copper skin and iron bones, he would’ve died long ago no matter how skillful he was.

At this time, Hua Yi’s hand had inadvertently extended an inch or two forward, but who knew that the distance had closed to only half a finger away. Chang An, who had slept on his bag since this morning, suddenly opened his eyes. Cold light was reflected in his sharp eyes, showing the piercing killing intent of the young man who had just been dreaming of times long ago.

It was like… a kind of divine blade that had vanished from the legends and was molded by the ancient gods. It could make people shiver the moment it was unsheathed.

“What are you doing?” When Chang An asked this question, his voice was hoarse, but his eyes were clear and bright as if he had never slept.

Hua Yi realized that his behavior seemed like he was looking for trouble, so he curled back his hands. He ran his hands through his hair as he asked with a dry smile, “You didn’t sleep?”

“I was sleeping,” said Chang An. “I won’t wake up unless you come within a foot of me.”

Hua Yi asked, “Why is that?”

Chang An was sleeping well but was woken up by him for no reason. He couldn’t wait to smash the hilt of his sabre on his face. He was extremely impatient. However, this was his “benefactor,” after all. Thinking of this, Chang An finally held back. With a straight face, he didn’t look like he had wanted to hit someone. He was like this with Zhe Yan and A’Yan.

Zhe Yan was unreasonable, and A’Yan was always crying. In fact, there were some things about them that were really hard to bear. However, Chang An had always been extremely tolerant.

While Zhe Yan scolded him, he’d be as mute as a fish. While A’Yan cried for no reason, he’d go out to collect dew flowers for her.

Right now, Chang An was staring at the forest’s damp ground and was silent for a moment. He forced back the anger in his heart and politely answered the other person.

Hua Yi only heard the young man say in a very soft and even modest tone: “Because there is nothing beyond one foot that could hurt me, so I don’t need to wake up.”

Hua Yi: “…”

He had never seen a person so savage who could actually be this calm and unperturbed.

“Do you have any other questions?” Chang An asked patiently.

Hua Yi was silent for a while, then he set the fire and asked, “Did you live in the Vulture tribe before? Have I seen you there?”

He was thinking about how to find out the boy’s mysterious origins, but before he could formulate a strategy, the young boy himself spoke succinctly and comprehensively: “When I was a child, I lived with Zhe Yan in the Vulture tribe. I met you there. You washed my face and bathe me in the river. I couldn’t pay you back, so i just gave you a flower.”

Chang An spoke in such a manner-of-factly tone that Hua Yi couldn’t tell whether he was speaking the truth or complaining about how clumsy he was in handling the child in the river.

“Later, Zhe Yan died. After A’yan took care of me for a few months, I went to Yufeng Mountain and grew up with my Shifu there.”

Hua Yi was taken aback. Yufeng Mountain had two contrasting sides: One side was the Vulture tribe, and the other side was the Snow Wolf tribe. He grew up listening to the story of the hillside that neither the spirits above nor the demons below knew anything about. He looked at Chang An again. For some reason, if others had said this to Hua Yi, he would think that they were joking. But when Chang An said this, he believed it.

Look at this young man’s appearance. Wasn’t he just a little monster raised in the monster’s pit?

Hua Yi was so awed that he couldn’t speak for a moment. Then, he asked, “Where are you going now?”

Chang An paused, glanced up at Hua Yi, and stretched his hands and feet near the fire to warm them up. Bei Shi, his Shifu, was a good-for-nothing. He’d been treating him for ten years, but he still couldn’t cure him. Still, Chang An thought he was lucky to have his hands and feet feel cold even when it was summer.

Chang An was silent for a while before saying, “Isn’t someone going to kill you? I can escort you.”

Hua Yi choked, and for a moment he felt delicate.

The silver-striped beastmen were born with divine power. At the age of seven or eight, Hua Yi was already able to hunt alone, which was no worse than an older hunter. However, after so many years of bluffing and swindling, he did not expect that a young sub-beast would appear and offer to escort him.

Of course, Hua Yi would never be so stupid as to reject the benefits being delivered to his door.

After Chang An finished speaking, he clenched his hands into fists and felt his palms were finally warm. Then he went back to lying down contentedly. After he lied down, he whispered to Hua Yi: “If you need anything, just call me. Don’t lean over quietly and suddenly wave your hands in front of me. If I mistook you for a snake, I might hurt you.”

Hua Yi: “…”

For the first time in his life, he was so vexed by this bizarre person that he didn’t know what to say.

Hua Yi looked down at his arm. Though it was riddled with scars, it was still muscular. He glanced at Chang An who was lying on one side and silently measured the distance of one foot. Then, he stretched out his arm and compared it with Chang An’s waist. With a very biased look, he concluded that his arm was thicker than the other person’s waist. He thought: “Little brat, I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

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