Bestial Blade Chapter 19.1: Demon Saber

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For a moment, everyone felt like they were dreaming.

They didn’t need to open his hand and check carefully. At a glance, people could see that the young man was merely a sub-beast. The beastmen couldn’t make sense of him.

Such a sub-beast with little flesh and light bones was able to chop down a beastman in one fell swoop. Even the rescued Hua Yi had the same idea with other people at that moment: Was this boy human? What kind of monster was he?

Chang An unhurriedly shook off the bloodstains on the blade. The bamboo hat on his head was a little askew, covering one of his eyes. It looked a little funny. He shook his head, but the hat wouldn’t stay in place, so he finally took it off and impatiently threw it on Hua Yi.

Then he looked up at the enemies who were still in disbelief and asked, “Are you still fighting?”

As soon as he took off the bamboo hat, the whole person was exposed to everyone’s eyes. Maybe because he had just exerted himself, but it was rare for a teenager to have a small blush on his cheeks. His dark hair was dripping wet and clinging to his face, and its ends were black and white. His expression and tone of voice were not very vicious. And when he was asking other people’s opinions, he was gentle and polite.

No one made a sound, so the young man stabbed the heavy saber into the ground with a “bang.” The nearest bird beast couldn’t help but flutter his wings and jump to a branch that was a little further away. They listened to the young man’s sincere advice for everyone: “No enmity, no hatred. Don’t you think it’s dumb to fight?”

After he said this, it seemed he was convinced that others would accept his opinion. He leaned down slightly with his saber, held out a hand to Hua Yi, and asked, “Am I holding you up or are you standing up?”

Hua Yi once again saw the young man who called himself Chang An. His mood was complicated, so complicated that he had nothing more to say, so he just laughed. He grabbed the young man’s hand, wobbled, and stood up, then immediately released it.

He pretended to be silly and said with a smile, “Look, I just said that there were no beauties, so here comes one. Alas, these guys with crooked melons and split dates1Ugly and repulsive had to let me undress. Of course, I wasn’t willing. If you had come a little earlier, I can’t be sure that I’ve already taken them off. There’s no need for everyone to make such a fuss…”

“Wait, stop!” Someone finally came back to his senses. The winged beastman on the tree shuashed his wings and became a gloomy little-head man who fell to the ground. His little triangular eyes swept over Chang An coldly. His eyes were like poisonous snakes. He said in the peculiar accent of the birdbeasts, “You killed one of ours and you want to leave?”

Chang An, who was carrying a saber, turned around, frowned at him, and asked, “What do you want?”

The winged beastmen looked at each other and pointed to Hua Yi and said, “Leave him.”

“No way.” Before Hua Yi could make a sound, Chang An had opened his mouth on his own initiative. He seemed to be the person presiding over the situation. Unfortunately, the person presiding over the situation had a peculiar way of dealing with the problem. Chang An couldn’t let Hua Yi die here, but he also couldn’t think of any other solution. So he glanced at Hua Yi, thought for a moment, and suggested, “I think you’d better take off your clothes. Take off your clothes and show them a lot of meat.”

Hua Yi’s signature smirk almost cracked: “…”

Chang An looked so serious that he didn’t seem to be joking.

It was a pity that the pursuers didn’t see such a wise mediation. They were obviously enraged and thought they were being ridiculed. The winged beastman took the lead and transformed into a bird and flew into mid air. Several other pursuers also turned into giant beasts on the spot. In a moment, they surrounded the two human beings in the middle.

Hua Yi’s expression calmed down. He leaned on the tree and tried to keep his balance as much as possible. He put one hand on Chang An’s shoulder and pushed him gently. He said, “Xiao xiongdi, this is none of your business, so you’d better step back.”

“Oh,” Chang An was stunned, but then looked at him indifferently and asked, “If I step back, can you beat them?”

Hua Yi laughed when he heard the words, but didn’t think he was wrong. “What else can I do but fight? Although I haven’t been able to fulfill my wish, it’s not disgraceful that I can fight hard here for ten years and die in the hands of my enemies. At least, it’s much better than the flat-haired animals who show their tails but hide their heads2藏头露尾 -To tell only part of the truth and not all of it and stab people in the dark.”

His voice faded, and he suddenly pushed Chang An to the side. Then, a green-tipped arrow was nailed to the place where Chang An was just standing. These winged beastmen were simply dogs that couldn’t eat shit. They were shit incarnate. They could even hide mechanisms in their beaks.

Chang An frowned. He looked at the arrow that almost hit his head, then picked up the saber that he had stabbed into the ground. He raised his blade slightly, looked at the bird beastman and asked calmly, “Are you looking for death?”

The winged beastman in the air suddenly felt his hair standing on end. At that moment, he instinctively whistled and flew the sky. At the same time, a giant beast slammed into Chang An.

But the young man was like a ghost, and in a flash he disappeared from where he was standing. The giant beast who came at him felt a strong wind rushing towards him; it was so fast that he could hardly see the blade.

For the first time, the beastman felt that his animal form was too heavy. He couldn’t avoid the strike. The heavy blade slammed into the back of his head and he rolled forward. Chang An stepped on the beast’s huge body, rose up in the air with his strength, and slid his hands to the bottom of the handle of the saber. In this way, he swept out the thunderous force from his thin wrists and caught up with the winged beastmen who had already flown into the air.

The chill soaked in their bones caused the feathers of the winged beastmen to explode. A beastman turned around in a hurry and wanted to shoot the second arrow he hid in his mouth at this monster who came from who knows where, but he was shocked to find that he had no strength to open his mouth.

The winged beastman didn’t know how he fell to the ground. In short, when he reacted, he found that his lower body had fallen a few feet away and had separated from himself.

How can there be such a blade in the world?

How can there be such a person in the world?

Chang An’s head didn’t even lift when his saber fell. He didn’t waste his energy in getting it. His body went along with the inertia while his saber swept down in a half-circle. The blood dripping down from it drew a terrifying arc on the ground.

Who knew when the rain had stopped. The morning sun came out from behind the clouds. The young man stood there as the light fell on the side of his face, making him look soft and beautiful. A beast near him suddenly took a dozen steps back and changed back into his human form, crying, “Monster!”

Then he went into the forest and ran away.

Half of the pursuers were dealt by Hua Yi, and they said that the strange young man who came out of nowhere had almost killed them. The rest of them were scared and ran away.

“You’re the monster.” Chang An’s face was a little bad. He murmured, then turned to Hua Yi, “Hey, you…”

Hua Yi didn’t say a word. He fell down in front of him. He was paralyzed by the bird poison and had been holding on for so long that he had reached his limit.

Chang An stared at him for a while, then sighed, clamped his saber under his arm, dragged Hua Yi with great difficulty, threw him over his shoulder, and walked forward unsteadily.

He felt that this big man was really heavy. He was heavier than his saber. His body was not suitable for lifting. He was unable to lift it and was tired to death.

Translator Mini Theatre
Everyone to Chang An: MONSTER!!!
Chang An:
Chang An: You’re the monster

Mom Liz: *hugs Chang An, smooths his hair, and squishes his cheeks* That’s right baby, they’re the monsters. Their whole family are monsters.

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