Bestial Blade Chapter 18.1: Blood Blade

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This was the method of killing beastmen: Two or three of them would transform into their beast forms. They would pounce on and bite the hunted, forcing them to turn into their animal shapes, and cut off their way of retreat.

During this time, the other beastmen would only half-transform–one hand would turn into a claw, while the other hand would hold a weapon. Their legs would also turn into half-beast legs; while remaining upright, they can have the explosive power of a beast. Then, the beastmen will use their sharp swords and their claws to end the lives of those in siege while their companions entangle the hunted.

Hua Yi was very aware of this process. He had experienced thousands of such killings in his long life as a fugitive and a mercenary.

He was skilled and very experienced in dealing with such matters.

Hua Yi knew that, as long as he was keen enough in maintaining his own speed, it would be hard for the half-beasts to keep up with a fully-transformed beast. It was very easy for the killing team to be divided into two groups. As long as he seized that opportunity, he could rely on the restricted space of the dense forest to deal with his enemies one by one.

Although Hua Yi had been exhausted from the endless pestering of such small fry for days, it was nothing to him. The other mercenaries would exchange his life for a reward. Hua Yi still had the strength to run and shake off the pursuers. If he didn’t die, it would show that this task was not so dangerous.

But Hua Yi was determined to get it, because the reward of this task was really important to him–he needed help from that person. Hua Yi had already squeezed his patience to the limit, waiting to tear his good er-ge’s1The second eldest brother neck and taste revenge.

This was just the first step in his revenge.

Hua Yi easily got rid of the three or four beasts that engaged with him and ran deep into the forest. The giant beasts instinctively catch up with each other, but in a short time, the whole team was divided into two distinct groups. Hua Yi leaped sharply and stepped on a tree trunk. The snow-white giant beast made a sharp turn in the air, seizing the neck of the beastman running in the front. The man couldn’t even say a word, and there were already two blood holes on his neck. When they landed, the beastman in Hua Yi’s mouth was no more.

Hua Yi’s face was stained with a string of blood beads. He shook it indifferently and rushed to the second beastman.

However, the man turned around and ran without hesitation. After Hua Yi stepped forward, he immediately realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.

A sharp arrow came out of the sky with a piercing cry. Hua Yi rolled away on the spot. He felt the arrow brush his back as it landed on the ground. He looked back in a hurry and his heart sank.

On the tip of the arrow, there was a very peculiar shade of green.

“How could those bird beasts2鸟人 – Literally, “bird man.” Usually refers to bird watchers, but it’s also used as a curse word. But since the story does have bird beastmen, I thought I should just translate it as bird beasts. interfere? What a drag!” Hua Yi cursed inwardly but did not dare hesitate. He turned around and ran.

When beastmen transform, they had similar appearance. Generally, the adult beastmen were like giant lions but bigger than the real ones. From head to toe, they could be as long as a foot. When their limbs touched the ground, they were basically the same height as their human forms. There were many kinds of lions in terms of appearance. A few of them were tiger-like and had sharp claws and teeth. The bravest beastmen warriors in a clan would usually have tusks a foot long, and they can crush an animal’s skull in the blink of an eye.

In the swamp of the far north, there was a very special kind of beastman. Their bodies were like birds, with wings on their backs, and they were not good at fighting. They were very mysterious. Outsiders could rarely find the tribes they lived in. And the most troublesome thing was that these winged beastmen could fly. Although their claws were second-class to other beastmen, they were very good at making poison and shooting arrows from the dark, making it impossible to guard against them.

Hua Yi had only seen the green on the arrow tip once, but he knew that it was a very aggressive venom. If he touched it a little, he will be paralyzed within ten steps. The toxicity will only subside overnight. But if the dose of poison was higher, the person would be strangled alive because they couldn’t breathe

Hua Yi wasn’t sure if they intended to suffocate him or capture him alive.

The sound of flapping wings came. Hua Yi quickly dodged when the big bird lunged at him in the air. Then, he leaped three zhangs forward and dodged a row of poisonous arrows. He swatted away the bold winged beastman with one claw and let out a growl of warning.

But the beast was unmoved, as if he was courting death, and continued to flap the stinking feathers at Hua Yi. The footsteps in the forest were getting closer and closer.

If the situation wasn’t urgent, Hua Yi wouldn’t want to have a head-on conflict with these imperceptible winged beastmen who didn’t know the whole story. But at the moment, conflict was inevitable.

He jumped up abruptly, and the big bird was startled, as if he did not expect that this terrestrial beastman could jump so high. His wings fluttered. He probably wanted to fly to the sky. The next moment, there was a sharp stabbing pain on the bird’s neck, and his head was separated from his body before he knew it.

Hua Yi killed the winged beastman with one bite, but immediately knew that he had made a mistake.

He spit out the bird’s head aside with a “bah” sound, and a sense of unspeakable numbness came from his mouth, and then spread slowly across his entire body.

This damned chicken feather man had poison in his blood!

Hua Yi clearly felt that his heartbeat was getting slower and slower, and that he was losing control of his body. Although he remained calm, there was nothing he could do.

The next moment, the snow-white behemoth, who was panting and gasping, disappeared. A man appeared in its place. His forehead was covered with cold sweat. When he stood up, his knees softened, and he almost fell. He could barely support himself. His chest heaved violently. He leaned against a big tree, with a leisurely smile on his face.

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