Bestial Blade Chapter 17.3: Mercenaries

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The footsteps of a beastman were not something a sub-beast could catch up with. Hua Yi regarded the chance encounter [1] with the young man as a novel thing. He thought that if he could live to the end of his life, one day he could get rid of all his enmities and be lucky to have a home of his own. When he’d be surrounded by a group of little guys with runny noses who didn’t know anything as he had in those days, he would be able to tell them the adventures of this heavy rainy night and about the strange young man with petal-like eyes.

The young man looked like a spirit or an immortal from an ancient legend, yet he spoke with a straight face, with a silly bit of strength, which was very interesting.

He bypassed a tribe and didn’t stop for a rest all night. Just before dawn, Hua Yi heard a rustle behind him.

He suddenly turned around and found that the young man from the guest house had followed him, and he was carrying a baggage, which Hua Yi suspected was a large beam.

Hua Yi was stunned. He didn’t expect that the boy had some talent to be able to keep up with him.

However, he knew that the road ahead was very difficult. If he told this young man who knew nothing of the immensity of heaven and earth to keep up with him, it would surely hurt him.

When Hua Yi thought of this point, he suddenly transformed into a beast. The silver beast was majestic as he magically shook the hair on his body. Then, he ran in the heavy rain to shake off the young man.

Every time Hua Yi turned into a beast, he’d wonder why beastmen had to keep their human form, why they had to keep such a weak side. The body, bones and muscles of the beast were much stronger than those of human beings. Only when he turned into a giant beast could he feel the joy brought by running.

Hua Yi couldn’t understand. If they could be beasts, why should they form a tribe with those sub-beasts and women and usually appear in human form… What was so good about people?

He didn’t know how long he had run; he had even passed by several guest houses. This time, Hua Yi didn’t stop.

The first glimmer of dawn broke out. The rain was much lighter, but the ground was muddier. When Hua Yi felt that he was about to exit the forest, he heard a low roar.

Hua Yi’s steps kept on, but he made a decisive leap to the right in front of him, just avoiding the giant beast that flew out from the side. The beast bit into air and roared again. This time, seven or eight adult beastmen emerged from the bushes. Of course, they had been waiting for him.

Avoiding a fight seemed impossible.

Hua Yi sighed inwardly, He stopped, stepped on the ground with his two front paws, leaving a deep impression, and then exposed his sharp fangs.

Translator’s Notes

1 萍水相逢 – Literally: “Meet by chance like patches of drifting duckweed.” Return ▲

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