Bestial Blade Chapter 17.2: Mercenaries

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After who knew how long, Hua Yi was finally able to breathe softly. Suddenly, he vaguely recalled something. While on his way to a trial, he did seem to have met an armless sub-beast with a baby. After that, he was even given the name, “Silly Big Man.”

Hua Yi turned his head and glanced at Chang An, who was quietly sitting at the side. His voice softened a little and he asked, “That person you’re talking about… Was his arm broken?”

Chang An nodded. “That’s Zhe Yan.”

Hua Yi coughed in a low voice, and it took him a long time to calm down. He asked in a hoarse voice, “So… that Zhe Yan, how is he now?”

Chang An lowered his eyes, fiddled with the fire in the kitchen pit, and replied, “Oh, he coughed like you first, and then died.”

Hua Yi: “…”

He found this strange boy was a bit indifferent.

Hua Yi looked at Chang An from head to toe–both the man and the baby were from too long ago for him, and their faces were blurry in his memory. He only remembered that the child was like a small ball. You could grasp him with one hand and his cry was very weak.

It looked like he was all grown up now, but he was still not powerful. It seemed that his body was not very well. The night made his face look even paler. It reminded Hua Yi of the kind of porcelain that was found in the South which was made through extremely high temperatures. It was gorgeous, but it would shatter at a touch.

“What’s your wish?” Chang An asked him again when he saw him stay.

Hua Yi smiled, shook his head, took a roll of white bandage from the package, and casually said, “Then, can you wrap my wounds.”

Chang An took the bandage and knelt beside him on one knee. He was very skillful in stopping the bleeding and bandaging the wound. This was a bit of a surprise to Hua Yi. Generally speaking, the sub-beasts did not need to hunt. They were not likely to leave their tribe, and they rarely suffered serious injuries. Some people had never even seen blood in their lives.

Hua Yi turned his head to look at the young sub-beast who had his head down and had a meticulous expression on his face as if he was doing something remarkable. With Chang An’s head lowered, a little red rope was exposed at the neck, and a bone token seemed to be hanging from it.

Hua Yi couldn’t help asking: “Are you a doctor?”

Chang An shook his head.

Hua Yi wanted to ask more, but Chang An’s hand suddenly tightened. Hua Yi didn’t expect that this young sub-beast would have so much strength that he suddenly couldn’t breathe, his expression distorted. Chang An had already tied the knot, saying, “This is a quick way to stop the bleeding.”

Hua Yi was speechless for a while. He determined that this guy was definitely not a doctor. Otherwise, eight out of ten patients would be killed by him alive.

Chang An didn’t realize that he had inherited Bei Shi’s quack doctor skills who could kill people without spilling blood. He asked earnestly, “What else do you want to cure?”

Hua Yi hurriedly waved his hand and dared not let him work for him.

But Chang An insisted: “This is not enough to pay for a life. Is there anything else you want?”

Hua Yi took a long time to breathe a sigh of relief. In cold sweat, he looked at the strange boy sitting on the side. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “I have a wish. The question is, can you do it?”

Chang An boasted shamelessly, “Just say whatever. I always have a way.”

Hua Yi said softly, “Can you kill someone?”

Hearing this, Chang An sat upright, as if he had received some kind of formal entrustment. He leaned forward and asked seriously, “Who should be killed?”

Hua Yi stared at him for a while, and suddenly burst into laughter. He peeled a piece of budding sugar that he had with him and put it in his hand with a straight and gentle expression. He said to Chang An, “It’s better to eat sugar, young summer child [1]. It’s okay, you don’t have to do anything. What would killing do?”

Chang An put the sugar in his mouth, but his eyes seemed to pierce through the man’s ever-changing face, all the way to his heart. Hua Yi could not help but avoid his sight for a moment.

Chang An felt that, when Hua Yi said the word “kill,” his eyes clearly contained the intention of killing. Chang An, who was as tight as a string, was familiar with killing. He knew that… there was really a person Hua Yi wanted to kill.

Hua Yi packed the parcels on the ground, put on the coir raincoat and the bamboo hat, then walked out, saying, “Okay, I have something urgent to do. I can’t take you with me. Take care of yourself. We will meet again in the future.”

After he finished speaking, he strode into the rain without looking back.

Translator’s Notes

1 It actually says young light child, but it sounds awkward in English, so I changed light to summer. I’m assuming Hua Yi is describing Chang An as an innocent child. Return ▲

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