Bestial Blade Chapter 17.1: Mercenaries

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Hua Yi knew that running through the dense forest in the past few days had caused his wounds to fester. The wound on his chest, which had been clawed out by a beast that one could almost see the bones, was also torn in the scuffle. It looked like it will be fine for a while though. He could only bear with it until he met his people.

This situation was not the most dangerous one he had encountered. Hua Yi was not flustered; everything was still under control. He took a deep breath and waited for the pain to pass.

Ten years ago, after struggling to get rid of the hunters from the tribe he was born in, Hua Yi didn’t hide. He chose to become a “mercenary.” [1]

Every day, in this continent full of endless danger, many brave young men would want to join the “mercenaries” team. They would undergo the most rigorous training and venture into the most dangerous places. They did what others dared not do and stole the money that others dared not steal. If they manage to break through this thin line between life and death, they would become rich and unparalleled.

As long as one had the money, one could buy anything through the mercenaries’ hands. [2]

However, these daring young people usually died very quickly. Mercenaries don’t get to live as they please–pulling chestnuts out of the fire [3], they have a slim chance of surviving.

Unless they force themselves to become stronger, they wouldn’t see tomorrow’s sun. Most of them wouldn’t survive beyond the first task.

This was the path that Hua Yi chose for himself. The teenager who was once simple and easygoing gradually learned to lie low, doubt, be cautious, and, in seemingly hopeless situations, to never give up on searching for the lease of life.

A mercenary who could survive for ten years would become a legend in this world bordering between life and death.

The mercenary Silver Fang, whose shadow was found over the entire northern continent, had never failed even once ever since his name was known. However, most people didn’t know that he was once called Hua Yi. He was the youngest and kindest son of the previous leader of the Snow Wolf tribe at the foot of Yufeng mountain.

The young sub-beast who was sitting in the corner finally moved. Like a cat, his footsteps made no sound. In a blink of an eye, he was right in front of Hua Yi. The boy stopped five steps away from him. Seeing the blue veins on the back of Hua Yi’s hand that was holding the dagger, he knew that the other party was still wary of him.

The young man spread his hands out and presented them in front of him to show that he had no malicious intent. Then, he crouched down and looked straight into Hua Yi’s bloodshot eyes.

He didn’t appear to be afraid or nervous of the beastman’s corpse nearby, nor did he try to get closer with a smile. The young man seemed to simply regard Hua Yi as a wounded wolf. He slowly adjusted his long and shallow breath and looked at him motionless with clear and firm eyes.

For a moment, the killing intent in Hua Yi’s eyes gradually subsided. Maybe he felt that it was a little silly to stare at such a young sub-beast. He returned to his simple yet crafty smile and asked in a voice that was empty but not weak: “Why, what do you want to tell me? Rest assured, I don’t think a sub-beast like you is worth taken advantage of…”

The teenager ignored his words and said, “More than ten years ago, when you were traveling outside, you saw a man holding a child. You saved his life and gave him a horned deer, remember?”

Hua Yi was stunned.

The boy then said, “That kid was me. I am called Chang An. Zhe Yan told me that I must remember to repay you. Do you have any wishes now?”

Hua Yi’s wounds hurt too much that he couldn’t help but shudder. What the other person said was so strange that he couldn’t help but blurt out and ask, “Zhe Yan? What Zhe Yan?”

After Chang An parted ways with his teacher, he went to see A’Yan. He gave her a lot of food, flowers, and a large piece of boa skin. It was not easy to kill a python of that size, making the skin very valuable. She accepted it, and since she could trade it for a lot of things with others, it was enough to make her live a good life for a long time. Then, Chang An left again.

He couldn’t figure out what Bei Shi asked him to look for at the foot of the mountain. The foot of the mountain was full of people. Even the wild animals there were much weaker than those on Yufeng mountain. Where could he temper himself?

Chang An couldn’t find it, so he wandered around all the time. He didn’t have any desire to communicate with others, and didn’t know what he could do. He hunted and trained with the blade in the forest like a savage. He lived the same life he had in Yufeng mountain. He couldn’t understand why his teacher wanted him to mingle with the crowd.

Nonetheless, Chang An still thought of his “savior.” When he was seven years old, he went to Yufeng mountain. He could count all the people he knew in these past years. He had killed all his enemies, but he was never able to return the grace of his savior.

“Find a man named Hua Yi who has silver-colored beast marks n his hand, and repay him for saving your life.” These were the words Zhe Yan told Chang An when he was still alive. He hadn’t been able to do it, so he had always felt restless.

However, the mainland was too vast. It was too difficult to find someone.

This deeply vexed Chang An, but who knew that, after a year of idling around, he ran into the person he was looking for in a small guest house in the wilderness.

Hua Yi’s mind went blank for a while, but when Chang An bluntly asked him what he wanted, he couldn’t help but laugh. The pain was too much and his wound felt slightly numb. He leaned against the wall and smiled casually. “Well, how about you pay me back with your body?”

Chang An’s expression was light. His temper had long been tempered by Bei Shi, so he didn’t get mad at Hua Yi’s rudeness. He pointed to his wound and asked, “Do you want me to help?”

When Hua Yi heard the words, he looked at him again and was faced with the young sub-beast’s calm face. He suddenly felt a little bored. After a moment’s silence, he said, “Many thanks, xiao xiongdi. If it’s not too much trouble… could you light a fire for me?”

Chang An silently ignited the fire in the hearth. Hua Yi then roasted his knife on the fire for a while. Then, he cut out the festering skin on the wound. His cheek twitched and the cold sweat on his forehead fell into the hearth pit. However, he held back, never saying a word, and then sprinkled some medicine on the wound.

Hua Yi clenched his teeth so tightly that his lips turned white.

In the small guest house, it was very quiet. Only the faint suppressed sound of a man’s groans and the crackling of the fire could be heard.

Translator’s Notes

1 亡客 (Wáng kè) – Literally means “to die for customer.” Not the actual term for “mercenary (佣兵),” but I couldn’t find anything better. Return ▲

2 只要有钱,付得起代价,便可以经由亡客的手,买到任何东西。

Translation unsure. Feel free to check. Return ▲

3 Idiom which means “to gain profit in risk.” Return ▲

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