Chapter 16: Silver Fang

This man’s voice had just fallen when another voice intervened. A slightly older beastman came in with loud steps. Half of his hair was gray, but his back was still straight, and he had one eye.

The one-eyed man glanced around the cramped guest house. There was a surprised look on his face when he noticed the young sub-beast who seemed as if he shouldn’t have been there. Then finally, his eyes landed on the man at the side who had also been on the trail, apparently coming in with the same purpose as him. He said, “Wanting to hog it all in front of so many friends. Young man, you have a good hand1 It’s like saying “you’re really something” or “you have skill”.” 

The shirtless man looked at the one-eyed old man with a smile. He showed his beast claws, and said simply and crudely, “I can have two hands.”

Meanwhile, Hua Yi’s mind was turning over a lot of things in a row, yet he simply rubbed his eyes and turned back to reveal a seemingly ignorant and stupefied look as he exclaimed, “Good gracious… were you talking to me just now? Are you… are you all looking for me?”

He had long since let go of the teenage sub-beast and stepped back a few steps, cowering and shrinking to the corner of the wall. Staring at them with his eyes wide open, he said fearfully, “There’s a beauty in this room, but you all turn a blind eye to him and come to me. What is wrong with you guys?”

The beastmen had always regarded bravery as their virtue. Even those odd men out, who were not very brave by nature, would try their best to act tough and assume a dignified look. It was really rare for them to curl into a ball and be ready to put on a scared look at any time.

For a moment, the one-eyed old beastman thought that the information sent was wrong. “That thing” couldn’t be in the hands of this man. He had lived for so many years, and he had never seen such a man who would sully his own honor.

However, the shirtless man on the other side didn’t waver the slightest. It seemed that even if Hua Yi were to take off his pants to show everyone that he didn’t have that thing they were looking for, the shirtless man would continue to believe in his source. He took another step forward, and his beast claws, in the light of the fire, gave out a terrible cold light in the darkness. He lowered his voice and said word by word: “Cut the crap, I know that you have that thing. I also know that you’re ‘Silver Fang,’ so what’s the point pretending?!”

Hua Yi widened his eyes and bared his teeth. “What gold fang and silver fang? My teeth came from my parents2  – The character for “fang” can also mean “tooth.”! Bah, if laozi3An arrogant way of referring to oneself was a big shot, I wouldn’t need to sleep in a guest house in the wild in the middle of the night and even let you act like a daye4大爷 – literally, “big grandfather.” It’s slang for referring to a self-centered show-off. I would have long slapped you to death.”

When the shirtless man heard his words, his beast claws abruptly retracted, the hard nails issuing a sound that made people’s teeth ache. As if frightened, Hua Yi rolled and crawled towards a corner of the room. He felt for a cloth bag in his sleeves, then grabbed something from inside it and pointed it towards the shirtless man. “You! Don’t you come over! If you come over, I won’t be polite. I will poison you, poison you to death, understand?”

The beastmen at the entrance looked at each other.

Sitting on the side, the teenage sub-beast, who had been looking a bit dull and very out of shape, finally spoke slowly after yawning. He pointed out: “That’s a steamed bun.”

Hua Yi said “oops” and hurriedly put the ridiculous steamed bun back into the bag. “I got the wrong one out… But I’m telling you guys, I really will poison you. Really, do you guys not believe me…”

The shirtless man lost his patience and was about to stride forward to grab Hua Yi when the one-eyed beastman stopped him one hand. The old beastman’s eye, which uniquely dominated his face, was terrifyingly bright, almost like a bloodthirsty beast as it shone with a grim light.

The one-eyed beastman smiled ruefully at the competitor he was about to kill. He said softly, “Xiongdi, you’re too dismissive of this old fool.”

The shirtless man didn’t say a word. He raised his beast claws and struck at the old man, and the two of them started fighting on the spot inside the small wooden house.

Hua Yi held his head in his arms and yelled, “A fight! A fight! Someone’s gonna get killed. Help!”

He caught a glimpse of the teenage sub-beast, who was still firmly sitting amidst the glints and flashes of cold steel. It was as if his butt was glued to the ground. He couldn’t help but wring his own wrist5 扼腕 – to hold one’s own wrist (in disappointment or excitement); to swearWas this sub-beast actually just a fool that looked good on the outside but was useless inside?

Just then, the young man happened to look at him. Hua Yi quickly signalled with his eyes to tell him to stay away. Who would’ve thought that his eyes would be almost squeezed cramp, but that goods still couldn’t understand him. He still sat there peacefully. Several times, he was almost caught up in the fight between the two beastmen. He also didn’t have the least bit of sense of crisis. He was very curious about Hua Yi’s winking, and he actually concentrated on studying the varying expressions on Hua Yi’s face.

Finally unable to bear acting like a frightened rat, Hua Yi rolled his eyes. 

“Stop fighting! Stop fighting!” Hua Yi stood up and shouted.

At the same time, the shirtless man’s beast claws pierced into the shoulder of the old one-eyed beastman. The old beastman’s shoulder quickly turned into coarse animal skin, but the expression on his face still twisted a little. With a loud cry, he lifted the longsword vigorously in his old age and swung it down.

Hua Yi smiled wryly. The beastmen by the entrance were peeking inside and wondering if they should intervene or continue waiting for the orders of their respective leaders when Hua Yi said, “Aiya, you quickly stop fighting. I can let you guys search me. What could I possibly have…”

As he said this, he really took out a small parcel and slowly unfolded it. The two men who were engaged in fighting didn’t notice this, but those standing by the entrance became eager. They looked at each other, and then squeezed into the narrow door at the same time. As a result, they collided with each other. Then, as if by agreement, they suddenly turned into giant beasts at the same time and tumbled out, biting each other.

When the shirtless beastman saw Hua Yi opening the parcel, he was distracted for a while, and his insidious and experienced enemy seized this moment to chop off his beast claw with a sword. The beast claw, which was bigger than a human head, flew out dripping with warm blood, accompanied by a miserable scream. In a bloody mess, it landed in front of the teenage sub-beast, almost hitting into his calf.

The young man calmly and unhurriedly moved his legs away to prevent getting blood on them. When he glanced at Hua Yi, it was just in time to see the man trying to hide a strange smile on his face. He concluded that this person was very capable, and that he was in no danger at all. Hence, he yawned again, closed his eyes, and leaned against the stone wall. He could actually sleep in this situation!

Fortunately, all the people there were very busy. Nobody noticed this strange teenage sub-beast.

The leader on one side called for his men and commanded them to cut off the claws of the beast. The beastmen outside immediately moved to get inside; however, this small wooden house was too small after all for such a chaotic group fight. Both sides were soon in an all-out battle, quickly forgetting about Hua Yi.

Hua Yi, wanting to stir up more chaos, pointed to the beastman’s “cut off arm” and cried, “All my stuff is here. Why are you guys so strange? What the hell do you want me to hand over! Which thief stole something and planted the blame on me? Oh… right, I remember! The one who stole your wife’s clothes that day was the blind pockmarked man. God, I was damn wronged! You said that your woman could kill a donkey when she sits on her ass. Aside from that bald, old man who’s blind in one eye, who could think about fighting her!”

Hearing this, a little smile appeared on the face of the teenager who had his eyes closed. He continued to listen to Hua Yi spouting nonsense: “Just because of that stinky bitch’s torn skirt, you had people chase after me for such a long time in the heavy rain. What are you trying to do? Are you jealous that I’m more handsome and outstanding than you? It wasn’t my choice that I was born and raised by my Die and Niang6(diē) – Ancient Chinese way of addressing one’s father; (niáng) – mother!”

At this time, the old beastman finally got out of the scuffle. His pale hand turned into a claw and viciously grabbed Hua Yi’s chest. “Give me less bullshit, will you…”

Before he could finish his words Hua Yi abruptly raised his hand, and a large amount of white smoke flew in the old man’s eye.

The old beastman cried “Ah!”, but then hurriedly closed his breathing as his vision blurred.

Hua Yi’s somewhat playful voice came through the white smoke as he said, “I warned you not to come over. I’m the best at poisoning.”

The old beastman would’ve thrown all caution to the wind, but this time, he had to go outside in surrender. However, as his luck would have it, he bumped into the men fighting in the guest house. The old beastman stumbled, and before he could stand still, he felt a chill at his throat. A low male voice sounded in his ears. The man seemed to be laughing sinisterly, but as for what came after the laugh, the one-eyed old beastman wasn’t able to hear it anymore.

Dead people hear nothing.

It was unknown what the white smoke in the house was made of, but it was apparently not poisonous. It just didn’t disperse for a long time.

Only screams and miserable cries could be heard inside the smoke, making the scene even more chaotic. The no less than twenty beastmen inside and outside of the wooden house practically scrammed away. They couldn’t differentiate the enemy from their comrades. Some of them wanted to go in, some wanted to go out, and some of them bumped into each other at the door and fell on their butts.

After a while, the smoke dispersed, and the people who were still alive got a good look at the situation inside the house.

There were corpses on the ground. That man, who had been cowering in the corner earlier, now stood in the middle, holding a nine-inch saber in his hand. One hand was turned into a beast claw, and blood dripped down from between its fingers. He lowered his head and leisurely licked the blood on his claws. His eyes swept over the dumbfounded faces of the people outside the house and laughed. “I have nothing left in my bag, just a few pieces of malt candies. Anybody wanna rob them?”

It was unknown who first said “Silver Fang” in a low voice. After that, the beastman who was at the entrance and already one foot inside the guest house suddenly stumbled back a few steps, looking at the bright silver beast marks on Hua Yi’s beast claws like it was some kind of ghost.

When they were incited by their self-proclaimed brave leader to chase after “Silver Fang” together in the rainy night, they were not afraid and even had a thirst for blood. However, after helplessly watching both leaders die in the face of this man, the legendary silver beast marks became a nightmare.

These “valiant” beastmen, who were good at group fights, looked at the field of corpses before them. Finally unable to cover their scared guts, they scattered and fled.

It was not until the chaos inside the guest house once again returned to silence that Hua Yi groaned and stumbled, falling onto one knee. His beast claws transformed back to a human hand and grasped his chest, where a light layer of blood was slowly seeping out his clothes.

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