Bestial Blade Chapter 15: Reunion

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The man was tall, but broad-shouldered and narrow-waisted. He was strong, but not stupid. He wore a coir raincoat and a bamboo hat as he dashed through the thick woods in the heavy rain in this dark night.

Despite the rain gear, his heart felt cold. There was a splatter of blood on his chest. He seemed to be hurt, but he didn’t care at all. He waved away the thick shrubs in front of him. The plants with spikes couldn’t do him any harm; they were like soft willows in his hands.

The lower part of this man’s palm was covered with strips of cloth, and it was impossible to tell if he had a beast mark. However, looking at the shape of his body and the speed at which he ran, he was, undoubtedly, a beastman, and also a very powerful one.

His face looked very young, but at the age of twenty-five or six, he already had deep facial features and beautiful eyes. However, maybe because of the heavy rain, his whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of gloom. His eyes were as dark as a bottomless pool, adding a bit of coldness to the man’s expressionless face.

In the depths of the woods, there was a small house built with large stones and grass. The roof was a simple hut, and a straw mat served as the door. When the man saw the house, he hesitated although he was in a hurry. While he was on the road, he didn’t feel his strength running out, but now he did.

This small shed, which was built alone in the forest, was generally called the “guest house.” A clover sign was hung at the door to distinguish it from ordinary dwellings. It had no owner, but it indicated that there was a beastman tribe nearby.

In the northern continent, the environment was harsh and the population was sparse. There were no city-states like those in the south, only a few tribes scattered in various places.

Most of these small sheds were prepared for merchants or wandering beastmen to shelter themselves from the wind and rain. They also showed that the tribe was hospitable, and on the other hand, they warn these distant visitors that they had arrived at the tribe’s territory. If they did not have any good intentions, then they should stay away.

Approaching the guest house, the man saw a faint light of fire in the shed–obviously, he was not the only one who wanted to find a place to hide from the heavy rain in this night.

He hesitated for a moment. The guest house didn’t even have a door. It was empty and there was only one kitchen pit. People in the north had a kitchen pit. They’d dig a hole in the interior of the room and built it with stones. It could be used to fill firewood, cook, and give warmth, making it a good thing to have during the winter.

However, the kitchen pit of the guest house was too simple. It was a pit with no cover.

Standing at the door, the man looked at the place next to the pit and saw a person dozing off. This person wore a large bamboo hat that covered his face, revealing only a pale and sharp chin.

The slightly raised Adam’s apple showed that the person was a man. He had long slender limbs and seemed a little weak. His arms were hanging limply by his side. The front of his hand was facing the hearth as if seeking for warmth, while the back was facing the house’s entrance. At a glance, one could clearly tell that he had no beast marks. He was a sub beast.

The man standing at the door was somewhat hesitant. He had always been cautious. However, the exhaustion of the road had finally overwhelmed his reluctance. Besides, the young and thin sub-beast inside the house barely caused one to raise their vigilance.

Finally, the man coughed lightly, adjusted his facial expression, and showed a sincere and honest smile, which made the deep-rooted chill on his face disappear in a moment, and his temperament changed greatly, almost becoming like a different person in a blink of an eye.

He asked very politely and with a little cautiousness: “This xiao xiongdi [1], can I borrow a roof to hide from the rain?”

The young man was startled. He peeked a bit under his bamboo hat, revealing a part of his face while the rest was still covered in shadows. He swept a glance over the man and didn’t say anything. He just made a “please” gesture and made room for him by the fire. He seemed like he wasn’t expecting strangers. Unable to stay awake, he soon curled into himself and fell into a deep sleep.

At last, the man pulled off his drenched coir raincoat. The thin clothes under it clung to him, outlining a strong figure. It was sticky and uncomfortable and he wanted to take it off, but he couldn’t since he was sharing a room with an outsider. He sat down and threw a handful of firewood into the kitchen pit, stirring it up, which made the dying fire blaze again.

He kindled the fire and breathed out comfortably. Then, he shifted his focus to the stranger next to him.

Men were very confusing. Generally speaking, unless they were born in a leader or in an elder’s house, sub-beasts held a relatively low position in the tribe. Most of them were craftsmen or laborers. Some of them were especially smart. They will be respected if they can become doctors, but no matter what their status, they rarely run around without their own tribe.

It was a little strange for a happy and contented young man to appear in the wild.

The man guessed that he might be from the tribe that built the guest house, or he might have been upset with his family, so he ran out in the middle of the night to cause a ruckus.

The fire was burning more vigorously. The teenager seemed to feel warmer than before. He couldn’t help but turn over and move closer to the kitchen pit. He was dangerously lying right on the edge of the pit, yet he slept very soundly without a care in the world. However, he looked like he was about to fall into the fire, and it really made one frightened.

The man didn’t want to disturb him much, but seeing this scene, he finally reached out and pushed him. He said softly, “Look out, xiao xiongdi, you are going to fall into the kitchen pit.”

The young man was pushed to one side, and the hat on his face fell off completely, rolling into the hearth. However, the sleepy young man suddenly woke up and reached for it. He moved so fast that one couldn’t clearly see it. He successfully retrieved the hat before it caught fire, and a face that was still in a daze from sleep appeared.

After he did this series of actions, he still seemed to be half-asleep. He looked at the person who woke him up with a dull look.

There were a pair of petal like eyes on the boy’s less bloody face. The edge of the eyes was a little red because of the thin skin. The color looked like the finishing touches of a painting. Under the mild glow of the fire, it appeared a little intimate. It was quite opposite to the heavy rain and  the thatched cottage.

The man on the opposite side was shocked, and stared at him for a while, then felt a little rude, so he smiled at him, bent his head to play with the firewood in the kitchen pit, but his eyes swept the young man’s hands as if they were nothing.

The opposite man was taken aback and stared at him for a moment. Then he felt a little rude, so he smiled awkwardly and bowed his head to play with the firewood in the kitchen pit. However,  his eyes still swept over the young man’s hands.

The young boy yawned lazily and ran a hand through his hair, which was in a mess. The man could only see the back of his hand and cannot find any clue.

The man’s eyes flickered, and he wondered in his heart: What did this young sub-beast do? How could he have a hand that fast?

However, this unknown young sub-beast had no desire to talk. After glancing at the person who woke him up, he dragged his baggage over, put it on his pillow and went to sleep. The man didn’t know what was in the bag. It was bulging and seemed to be quite heavy.

A man wouldn’t go out with a beam on his back, right?

He couldn’t help but look at him a few more times when he thought about it. It didn’t mean anything, just that there was nothing else to look at. And whenever he saw a good-looking person, he couldn’t help looking at him more.

Looking at him, he couldn’t help but reminisce of many years ago, when he was a silly boy himself. He followed his father to the tribe at the other end of the mountain and saw a little boy.

As soon as the man closed his eyes, he could remember the little guy putting a flower in his hand, then looked at him with clear eyes and smiled at him. It seemed that… He looked like the young sub-beast in front of him. If the kid was still alive, he would be as big as him, wouldn’t he?

This man was the Hua Yi who had fled for ten years after the snow wolf tribe incident.

He thought about it, and then shook his head. This place is hundreds of miles away from Yufeng mountain. Unless the tribe was scattered, which sub-beast could run so far? However, when he looked at the young man, he felt an inexplicable familiarity in his heart.

But his thoughts and sighs were only for a moment, and soon he withdrew the smile that he had not made for many years. He cautiously leaned on the other side, closed his eyes, and seized the time to recover his strength. He retracted his hand back to his arms and pressed down a knife hidden there.

For ten years, he had been living like this, and it had become an instinct.

In the middle of the night, there was a disordered sound of footsteps coming from afar, mixed with the sound of colliding steel and the roar of a giant beast transformed from a beastman. The beastman’s eyes and ears were very sensitive, and Huayi opened his eyes almost immediately. His pupils shrank in a flash, which made his eyes darker than others, like two deep wells, where a glimmer of light couldn’t be seen. It was cold and frightening.

One hand was still hidden in his clothes, while the other hand turned into a claw. He looked up and found that the young sub-beast had woken up and was staring at him thoughtfully.

Hua Yi kicked into the kitchen pit, turned over the soil and put out the fire, and whispered, “Sorry, little brother, I’m afraid someone’s come after me. You better find a place to hide”

The teenager didn’t answer as he studied Hua Yi’s face with a serious expression. The footsteps of the people outside were getting closer and closer, and there was a lot of noise. Seeing that the young man did not respond, Hua Yi grabbed him by the shoulder with his spare hand, lifted him up from the ground, pushed him back, and said quickly, “Don’t be dazed, or hide if you don’t want to die!”

However, the young man’s eyes fell on Hua Yi’s claws. Under the snow-white hair, he saw a silver beast mark. He suddenly raised his head and seemed to have a bit of untimely joy, and said, “It’s you! Your name is Hua Yi.”

Hua Yi’s identity was suddenly revealed. His heart was tight and his instinct was to kill.

However, at this time, a group of beastmen surrounded the small guest house. 

A man with a skinned red and bare upper body strode in. He didn’t look at the young sub-beast. His eyes were like nails, nailing Hua Yi, as if he wanted to pluck out a piece of meat from him.

He stretched out his hand and said coldly to Hua Yi, “Hand over your things and we’ll keep you alive.”

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1 It means “little brother,” and calling someone with it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re blood-related. Return ▲

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