Bestial Blade Chapter 14: Delicate Flower

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After such a harsh winter, Chang An finally cut off his very first branch when the Qiongjiang tree grew new buds.

Finally, he could taste the sweet liquid inside it. Chang An thought that his must be much sweeter than Bei Shi’s.

Bei Shi saw the child squatting on the ground like a small animal, holding the branch in his hands, ignoring his ashen face. He first sniffed it carefully, then took a big mouthful like a greedy cat. His face suddenly changed from white to red, then from red to blue. Finally, he burst out and coughed.

Bei Shi saw the long-awaited scene and couldn’t help but laugh.

Chang An looked back at him with tears in his eyes and with grief and indignation. He finally understood that he had been fooled by Bei Shi, that big bastard. The syrup flowing through the Qiongjiang tree was not good to drink at all! It was clearly hot and spicy.

“You little whelp, you’re recklessly wasting the goods. You can’t tell good from bad.” As Bei Shi spoke, he walked under the Qiongjiang tree. His long hand suddenly turned into a claw; he easily cut off a branch with it and drank all the sap at once.The man breathed out and started venting, “The natural Qiongjiang liquor is many times better than using rice to brew wine. The fragrance can be passed on for hundreds of generations. One cup can make people forget their worries; two cups can make people happy; three cups and five cups can make them drunk for thousands of years. That’s what makes it legendary. Have you ever had such a happy time?”

After saying this, Bei Shi lowered his head to look at Chang An. Chang An’s face seemed to have many moods flashing across it. Chang An looked up at his teacher who liked to trick people. He didn’t understand what he meant at all.

He seemed to be saying that this sap was a good thing, but the tone was totally different.

Chang An frowned, thought for a long time, and finally decided to let the facts speak. He wanted to taste what it was.

This time, he was more careful and only tasted a little bit. He held it in his mouth for a while, trying to make out other flavors other than the hot and spicy taste. However, after a long time of torture, he finally wrinkled his face and swallowed it hard. All the way from his mouth to his stomach, he felt his whole body burning.

The trees in front of him seemed to be swaying. Chang An didn’t understand what was going on. He walked staggeredly before falling flat into the ground. He was drunk and unconscious.

Since then, Chang An had understood–Bei Shi was a big freak.

Gradually, Chang An got used to living in the mountains, living on the roof, and his body had gotten accustomed to braving the wind and dew. He made a rule–once his back and arms start to feel numb, he would immediately put down the knife. He would drink a bowl of herbal medicine and then go back to the roof to lie down for a while. When he was fully rested, he would practice again.

By doing this, he was able to maximize his time. When he could seize enough time to sleep, he can get up later at night and continue to practice the knife without delay.

In the beginning, Bei Shi would study his body and find new herbs for him to drink. But the new herbs didn’t always work. Once, Chang An drank one of his new formulas and had a tummy ache for three days. Since then, he would never believe Bei Shi again.

Chang An guessed that Bei Shi lived alone on the mountain so he can hide from his enemies. He must had been a doctor at the foot of the mountain and used his profession to kill people.

He did not hesitate to say this disrespectful speculation to his master. As a result, Bei Shi chased him with a stick in the woods for a whole afternoon.

In the autumn of this year, when it was time to harvest the wheat sprouts, Chang An finally had his own cabin. His fourth knife had also been thoroughly worn, and Chang An naturally thought that this was because Bei Shi had a bad technique in casting knives.

He also drank all the herbal medicine that Bei Shi hid during spring. Bei Shi did not expect to have picked up such a bastard. He regretted it so much.

Anyhow, Chang An had finally been able to hold a two-feet long blade.

In the third year, the blade in Chang An’s hand grew another foot longer. Bei Shi had also allowed him outside his courtyard and into the forest, letting him plague the entire Yufeng mountain.

In the beginning, Bei Shi would follow him. After Chang An killed a bone-winged roc on his own, Bei Shi would no longer accompany him. Bei Shi’s daily hunting task was now left to Chang An. He could eat meat and practice the blade.

Later on, Chang An recalled his childhood where he’d train with the knife everyday. He found out that, during this whole process, training was often accompanied with the words “eat and drink.”

It had been said that, in order for the young eagle to learn how to fly, its mother eagle would push it down a cliff. However, Chang An would never wait for a big eagle. He would always jump down, unfettered and happy, on his initiative while the eagle was still asleep

Bei Shi’s herbal medicines still couldn’t save lives or cure diseases. Chang An had grown to fourteen or fifteen years of age and was beginning to look like a teenager. His facial features were gradually developing. Although he looked pale, he had a beautiful face that reminded people of the words, “finely crafted.” [1]

Bei Shi thought that, when Chang An sat by the water without speaking or moving, he looked like a delicate flower.

This delicate flower was quietly watching the water for a long time and then, suddenly, his eyes flashed. He jumped up and drew out a saber with a length that was nearly twice his height. This heavy weapon didn’t look heavy at all in his hand.

At the same time, there was a huge shadow moving underneath the water. It was a double-headed snake and it opened its big bloody mouth to the little guy who dared challenge it.

Chang An leisurely took a step back. In a flash of light, his saber accurately passed through the gap between the snake’s fangs, piercing its mouth. The snake raised its head in pain. Chang An landed on the tip of his toe on top of the snake’s body and, with a twist of his hand,the saber mercilessly smashed straight through one of the snake’s brains.

The head of the other snake became furious under the sharp pain and tried to hit him. Chang An jumped up and stepped on the saber’s handle that was stuck in the other head. With moves that were more flexible than a monkey’s, he climbed along the black iron handle. The snake slammed into nothing but air, so it turned to bite the handle of the saber.

Chang An jumped down and grabbed the hilt with both hands. With the pressure coming down from above, the blade stuck in the snake’s head tears the skin and bones apart. Blood was splattered everywhere, dying the river red. Chang An suddenly turned his blade and, at that moment, he pierced into the snake’s other head.

The sounds of two beings splashing into the water resounded–one was Chang An; the other, the snake head.

After a while, this “delicate flower” emerged from the water, carrying his big saber and leaving behind the body of the double-headed snakes and its smashed up brains. He squeezed out the water from his clothes at random while he familiarly ran barefoot through the woods. Entering Bei Shi’s courtyard, he yelled, “Master, I cut a snake!”

Bei Shi was sharpening his knife. He didn’t even lift his head when he heard the words. He just glanced at the blade and said, “What’s new about you cutting a snake?”

Chang An thought about it, but found nothing novel about it. He said, “I can’t drag it on my own. Master, let’s pick it up. Shall we stew snake soup?”

Bei Shi followed him out of the room, wanting to meet this snake that the wolf pup can’t move… As a result, he saw a double-headed snake by the river, which was bigger than the wooden house where Chang An lived.

He looked at the giant for a while, and then looked back at the ferocious flower he had raised himself. Finally, he sighed and pressed hard on Chang An’s head, swearing: “Brutish nature.”

Chang An blinked stupidly, not understanding.

“Why does he pretend to be human when he’s more like a wolf?” With a sigh, Bei Shi dismembered the body of the double-headed snake. He dragged the meat of the body and took it home. He wasn’t afraid of the dripping blood attracting other beasts. No one would dare covet the two-headed snake… except for the bold little wolf pup.

Bei Shi wondered–such a talented child yet he’d only been under him for seven to eight years. In the years to come, will he become even more outrageous?

However, after pondering for a long time, Bei Shi really couldn’t think of any problems with his training. In the end, he dismissed it all to “nature”–Chan An, a boy who was born to be a beastman but couldn’t turn into a beast.

Chang An followed up and asked him with a puzzled face, “Master, what is the human taste?”

When Bei Shi heard this question, he didn’t know how to answer–What is human taste? People know how to be afraid, how to bully others, and how to hide daggers in a smile. However, they are not much better than animals. When they transform into beasts, they are no different from ordinary beasts. They become driven by food and lust.

Thinking of it in this way, human taste… it’s really not good at all.

In the evening, Chang An took a large piece of snake meat that could not be eaten, wrapped it in preserved yellow leaf fur, and went down the mountain.

Since Chang An was able to pick up the black iron saber, Bei Shi no longer set restrictions on him. Wherever he went, he would go crazy. From then on, Chang An would go down the mountain every ten and a half days to send the processed hides and meat to anyone down the mountain. Sometimes he would bring the most brilliant flowers.

When Chang An went up the mountain, he was only seven or eight years old. Seven or eight years later, he still remembered the people who had taken care of him for only a few months. Only then did Bei Shi feel that Chang An was a good child. At least he knew how to repay kindness, which was much better than most people in the world.

One day, when Chang An was seventeen years old, he came back from the foot of the mountain and saw Bei Shi sitting at the gate of the yard, holding a bowl of wine from the Qiongjiang tree, but he wasn’t drinking it. He didn’t know how long Bei Shi had been holding the bowl of wine in his hand; the man didn’t even notice the leaf falling on top of it.

Chang An had a vague feeling that something had happened.

Sure enough, Bei Shi looked at the young man, sighed, and said, “You’ve been studying the blade with me for ten years, little boy. Tomorrow, you can clean up and go down the mountain.”

Chang An didn’t expect Bei Shi to say such a thing. He was caught off guard and stood still in place.

Bei Shi said softly: “On Yufeng mountain, there are only animals who don’t understand anything. You even killed the double headed snake, and now there’s nothing else left to hone you. But, in this world, there are some things that are much stronger than animals. You can’t go through life without seeing them…”

Chang An squatted down and suddenly interrupted him. “Master, what can I do for you?”

Bei Shi raised his hand and touched his head‒Chang An was not stupid, clever even. But he’d been living with him on this barren mountain all the time and never learned how to be a man. After a while, he said frankly, “I have to go too. If fate allows us, we’ll see each other again. If…”

His voice came to an abrupt end. Bei Shi stood up, glanced at the dirty wine, and poured it outside the gate. Once again, he ruffled his apprentice’s hair and turned it into a bird’s nest.

“There is no feast that doesn’t end. You’ll get used to it.” He looked at Chang An and smiled. “I don’t know why, but I hate to part with you little boy.”

Translator’s Notes

1 精雕细琢 – (jīng diāo xì zhuó) Refers to the meticulous work of a sculptor done with care and precision. Return ▲

Lizonka: We now say goodbye to Bei Shi uwaaaaah… He was really fun to read and translate. I’m gonna miss him! But hey, we’re finally seeing the ML again soon, so stay tuned~

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