Bestial Blade Chapter 13.1: The First Blade (Part Two)

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After the quarrel between Chang An and Bei Shi, they felt much better. It was like a weight was lifted off their chests.

This was the first time in his life that Chang An had quarreled with someone. He had always scorned the kids back in the Vulture Tribe [1] who jabbered too much and couldn’t even take a hit. He couldn’t be bothered to argue with them.

And he could never get mad at his late guardian, Zhe Yan. When Zhe Yan got angry, he’d be unable to sleep at night. The next day, he’d start coughing so hard that he’d have difficulty breathing. When the wind blew, he’d shiver.

Chang An can’t bring himself to argue with A’Yan either. He had never known his own mother, and the only way he learned about women was through A’Yan. She was so warm, and her voice was so soft that people listening to her would fall asleep. She was also very delicate and emotional. Whenever she was sad, she’d cry buckets of tears. Chang An was always afraid that she’d lose all the water in her body if she continued crying. How could he dare provoke her?

And umm, there was the carpenter… But let’s not mention it.

And Bei Shi? Well, at first glance, Chang An could already tell he was very strong. He didn’t have to worry about him dying.

Chang An knew how powerful Bei Shi was. However, as to how strong exactly, it was beyond his imagination. He had discovered early on that all the unusual monsters on the whole mountain would run away from Bei Shi. Yet somehow, perhaps out of instinct, Chang An did not fear him. He trusted Bei Shi strongly.

He just knew that this man would never harm him.

Chang An encountered the first setback, but did not give up.

He took a deep breath, picked up his knife, and dived back to his endless training.  This time, he made less strikes. After every swing, he’d reexamine himself and try to adjust accordingly. No move was done half-heartedly, as if the knife was an extension of his body. He was so absorbed in the way of the knife that nothing around him could shake him up. It had reached the point where he’d forget to even eat and sleep.

It was not until it was very late that Bei Shi came to drag him away, telling him to make a fire. Chang An made a soft sound of surprise. He was knocked out of the zone to find that the tender skin on his palms had been worn down from holding the handle of the knife for too long. 

He didn’t care, so he paid it no further attention. He grinned to himself, and then wiped off the blood dripping from his nose. Then he ran off with a spring in his step to light a fire.

Bei Shi had wanted to ask Chang An if he felt any pain, but the words got stuck in his throat at the sight of the boy happily walking away with blood dripping all around.

The man was stunned for a long time before letting out a laugh. “Brat.”

This brat was persistent in training everyday, never stopping for one moment. At night, he’d climb up the roof and sleep there. Bei Shi said he was only joking when he told him to sleep there, but Chang An took it seriously.

Bei Shi’s daily life consisted of hunting and gathering medicine. He’d take care of the plants in his garden and sometimes cast new knives. The casting would depend on his mood. Sometimes he won’t cast for ten and a half days. Other times, he’d be so busy that he wouldn’t resurface for three to five days.

In addition, he was very bored. When he was free, he’d squat beside Chang An, give him some advice and just poke around annoyingly.

In the beginning, Chang An would get so angry by the teasing that he’d want to bite someone. As time went by, however, he got used to it, and eventually stopped showing any reactions on his face. It was like he was wearing a mask, preventing anyone from seeing his emotions. 

Chang An was already a prodigy when it came to sword arts, and after receiving guidance from Bei Shi, his understanding on the blade deepened. One time, he was able to successfully demonstrate a certain move that Bei Shi taught him. Yet, this unrelenting young man had improved by… ah, not quite a thousand miles. [2]

Chang An could only keep practicing. He understood that he still can’t wield the knife fast enough to catch up with the moving veins on the Qiongjiang tree.

Translator’s Notes

1 秃鹰部落 – Vulture or Eagle tribe… Tbh, I’m not really sure with this coz it has never been mentioned in previous chapters. And if it was, I have forgotten all about it XD

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2 一日千里

Pronounced as “yī rì qiān lǐ,” which literally means “one day, a thousand miles,” and is an idiom for rapid progress (source). My editor, Ney, explains that the sentence is basically the author making a joke on Chang An’s progress. Ney says, “The joke is basically that the previous sentences were saying ‘he’s a prodigy, he improved so much,’ but the punchline (last sentence) is basically like: ‘yeah, you’ve made a lot of progress but you’re not so good that you’ve progressed 1000 li.’”

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